Session 513: HO10 -> Homicide Victimization Risk From Place to Place
Time: 4:20PM to 5:50 PM on Friday, November 17
Place: W-Mayfair
Session Chair: Ineke Haen Marshall, University of Nebraska at Omaha
The Effect of Deindustrialization on Homicide in Three American Cities
by: Lisa Kort Butler, North Carolina State University (Corresponding)
Margaret A. Zahn, North Carolina State University
A Spatial Analysis of Seattle and Buffalo Homicide, 1986-1990
by: Elizabeth Anne Griffiths, University of Toronto (Corresponding)
Robert D. Baller, University of Iowa
Rosemary Gartner, University of Toronto
Homicide Victimization: A Cross-National Review From an Age and Gender Perspective
by: Sanjay Marwah, George Mason University (Corresponding)
Sarah Maxwell, George Mason University
Social Structure and Homicide in Post-Soviet Russia
by: William Alex Pridemore, University of Oklahoma (Corresponding)
Ineke Haen Marshall, University of Nebraska at Omaha

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Updated 05/20/2006