Session 89: GU3 -> Community Responses to Gun Violence
Time: 1:00PM to 2:30 PM on Wednesday, November 15
Place: H-Potrero
Session Chair: Lois Felson Mock, National Institute of Justice
Reducing Gun Violence in East Los Angeles
by: K. Jack Riley, RAND (Corresponding)
George Tita, University of California, Irvine
Peter W. Greenwood, RAND
Strategic Approaches to Reducing Fireajms Violence--The Indianapolis Violence
by: Edmund F. McGarrell, Indiana University (Corresponding)
Steven Chermak, Indiana University
Responding to Gun Violence: Implementing Consent to Search in St. Louis
by: Scott H. Decker, University of Missouri - St. Louis (Corresponding)
Problem Solving for Homicide Prevention in Baltimore
by: David M. Kennedy, Harvard University (Corresponding)
Anthony A. Braga, Harvard University

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Updated 05/20/2006