Session 17: GC1 -> Issues in Domestic Violence
Time: 8:00AM to 9:30 AM on Wednesday, November 15
Place: W-Mayfair
Session Chair: Jana L. Jasinski, University of Central Florida
Social Constructions of Victimization and Survivor Self Talk
by: Mary E. Walker, California State University at Northridge (Corresponding)
Coping Strategies of Drug Involved Battered Women From Inner-City Neighborhoods
by: Ida Dupont, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Corresponding)
Domestic Violence Against Women: Community Justice Issue or Individual Crime?
by: Jo-Ann Della-Giustina, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Corresponding)
Domestic Violence: A Global Perspective
by: Allan M. Hoffman, Des Moines Univ. - Osteopathic Med. Ctr. (Corresponding)
Randal W. Summers, University of Phoenix
From Conflict to Violence: Linking Structural, Psychological and Behavioral Determinants of Violent Interaction
by: Ronda Copher, University of Minnesota (Corresponding)
Age Differences in Domestic Stalking and Violence
by: Stephen J. Morewitz, Stephen J. Morewitz, Ph.D. & Associates (Corresponding)

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Updated 05/20/2006