Session 292: CR28 -> Prison, Punishment, and the Community
Time: 2:40PM to 4:10 PM on Thursday, November 16
Place: H-Belevedere
Session Chair: L. Edward Wells, Illinois State University
The Effect of Increasing Imprisonment on Crime Rates: 1971-1998--A New Look at an Old Question
by: Thomas M. Arvanites, Villanova University (Corresponding)
Robert H. Defina, Villanova University
The Denial of Justice and Its Restoration: A Theoretical Excursion Into Alternatives to the Mainstream Justice System
by: Lisa Rubin, Simon Fraser University (Corresponding)
Lara Condello, Simon Fraser University
The Impact of Florida's Prison Population Growth on Crime Rates: A Multiple Time Series Analysis
by: Tomislav V. Kovandzic, University of Alabama at Birmingham (Corresponding)
M.R. Bodapati, University of Alabama - Birmingham
More Harm Than Good? An Empirical Analysis of the Consequences of Restricting the Rights of Ex-Offenders
by: Marika F.X. Litras, Bureau of Justice Statistics (Corresponding)
Carla D. Punch, D.C. Pre - Trial Services Agency

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Updated 05/20/2006