Session 109: CO3 -> Community and Ecology
Time: 2:40PM to 4:10 PM on Wednesday, November 15
Place: W-California E
Session Chair: [To Be Assigned]
Residential Segregation: A Closer Look
by: Amy L. Anderson, The Pennsylvania State University (Corresponding)
A Geographic Analysis of Illegal Drug Markets
by: George Rengert, Temple University (Corresponding)
Sanjoy Chakravorty, Temple University
Kristin Henderson, Temple University
The Ecological and Social Composition of Areas With Relatively High and Low Criminal Activity in Edmonton, Alberta 1955-1999
by: Jonathan D. Alston, University of Alberta (Corresponding)
Leslie W. Kennedy, Rutgers University
M. John Hodgson, University of Alberta
David Veitch, Edmonton Police Service
The Relative Effects of Community Level Factors on Crime and Health
by: Beth Sanders, Children's Hospital Medical Center (Corresponding)
Crime and Heavy Metal: An Analysis of the Geographic Relationship Between the Distribution of Heavy Metals and Crime in the U.S.
by: Paul Stretesky, Colorado State University (Corresponding)
Michael J. Lynch, University of South Florida

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