Bringing the Crime Victim Into Community Policing: Findings From a National Survey of Police Departments and Victim Service Organizations

Justin T. Ready, Police Foundation
Graham Farrell, Police Foundation
David L. Weisburd, Hebrew University and Police Foundation
Susan Herman, National Center for Victims of Crime

Policing Services to examine current policies and practices involving crime victims and victim service organizations (VSOs) in community policing. What are the standard approaches that police departments take for dealing with crime victims? Do victim service organizations consider collaborative partnerships with the police an important part of their mandate? Do police departments that take a community-oriented approach utilize crime victims as partners in problem solving? In order to answer these and other questions relating to police-VSO partnerships, the Police Foundation and the National Center for Victims of Crime conducted a survey with a national probability sample of 500 This paper presents findings from a project funded by the Office of Community Oriented police departments, and 321 victim service organizations with whom they work. This project was designed to establish baseline data on victim service organizations, identify promising community policing partnerships, and develop interview instruments for controlling the problem of repeat victimization

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Updated 05/20/2006