Studying Police Integrity in Sweden

Marie Torstensson, University of Lund
Borje Ekenwall, Swedish National Police Academy

A questionnaire on police integrity was sent in 1999 to 2,100 randomly chosen Swedish police officers of all ranks (13 percent of the whole force). The results show that the highest levels of intolerance are shown with respect to stealing and being offered kickbacks for not reporting speeding offences. Medium levels of intolerance are shown against corrupt behaviour in the absence of any service being provided. The lowest levels of intolerance were recorded with respect to working on the side selling security advice and also concerning the use of a police car for private purposes and changing the service roster without permission. There are also rather obvious signs of ego-defense and the Code of Silence since the respondents look more seriously at these issues than they believe their colleagues do and are not as willing to report as they are to indicate tolerance.

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Updated 05/20/2006