The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
Track Chronological Session Index
Youth Offending Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Urbanisation, Social Exclusion and Streetcrime Session 39: YO1 Wednesday at 8:15AM
Programming Innovations, Evaluation Findings, and National Trends in Juvenile Intensive Aftercare Session 82: YO2 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Delinquency Prevention and Treatment Session 113: YO3 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Variations in Delinquency Session 142: YO4 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Delinquent Peers and Patterns of Offending Session 170: YO5 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Delinquency, School Issues, and Athletics Session 205: YO6 Thursday at 8:15AM
Trends in Juvenile Justice Processing Session 235: YO7 Thursday at 10:00AM
Juvenile Sexual Offending and Sex Offender Treatment Session 265: YO8 Thursday at 1:10PM
Early Onset Offending: Development Links to Adult Crime: Results From the Seattle Social Development Project Session 290: YO9 Thursday at 2:50PM
Correlates of Delinquency Session 291: YO10 Thursday at 2:50PM
Juvenile Delinquency Among Young People in the Western World: Final Results of the International Self-Report Delinquency Project Session 292: YO11 Thursday at 2:50PM
Youth Crime and Disorder in Britain: Findings From Four Ethnographic Studies Session 319: YO12 Thursday at 4:30PM
Delinquency, Street Life, and Community Environments Session 350: YO13 Friday at 8:15AM

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