The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
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Policing Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Cross-Cultural Dialogue Among Police Practitioners and Researchers and Between Police and Other Disciplines Session 27: PO1 Wednesday at 8:15AM
Citizen Aggression Against Police Session 28: PO2 Wednesday at 8:15AM
Roundtable: PO Table Session 1 Session 29: PO3 Wednesday at 8:15AM
Roundtable: PO Table Session 2 Session 30: PO4 Wednesday at 8:15AM
Policing, Democracy and Globalization: Research on Policing for the 21st Century Session 64: PO5 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Police Attitudes Toward Community Policing Session 65: PO6 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Policing Small Towns Session 104: PO7 Wednesday at 1:10PM
The Impact of Community Policing Session 105: PO8 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Citizen-Police Encounters and Criminal Justice Theory Session 134: PO9 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Issues and Findings in Community Policing Session 135: PO10 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Police Misconduct in Context: Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Law Session 161: PO11 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Policing Offenders and Offenses Session 162: PO12 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Women in Police Careers Session 195: PO13 Thursday at 8:15AM
Police Contexts and Subcultures Session 196: PO14 Thursday at 8:15AM
Gender, Race and Change in Policing Session 229: PO15 Thursday at 10:00AM
Policing Problems and Problematic Policing Session 256: PO16 Thursday at 1:10PM
Evaluation of the Police Corps Program Session 257: PO17 Thursday at 1:10PM
Community Policing in Chicago and Washington, DC: Organizational Change in Large Departments Session 283: PO18 Thursday at 2:50PM
Patterns of Community Policing Session 311: PO19 Thursday at 4:30PM
Policing Domestic Violence Session 312: PO20 Thursday at 4:30PM
Authors-Meet-Critics Session 339: PO21 Friday at 8:15AM
Measuring Police-Community Interaction Session 340: PO22 Friday at 8:15AM
Policing Drugs as Violent Crime Declines Session 341: PO23 Friday at 8:15AM
Race and Policing: Lessons and Challenges of the Amadou Diallo Case Session 371: PO24 Friday at 10:00AM
Exploring Police Integrity Session 372: PO25 Friday at 10:00AM
Police Leadership and Management Session 373: PO26 Friday at 10:00AM
Controlling Police Violence Session 398: PO27 Friday at 1:10PM
The Life-Course of Police Organizations Session 399: PO28 Friday at 1:10PM
Varieties of Police Popularity: Community and National Differences in Public Satisfaction Session 400: PO29 Friday at 1:10PM
Policing, Security and Governance Session 424: PO30 Friday at 2:50PM
Restorative Community Policing Session 425: PO31 Friday at 2:50PM
Police Stress: Organizational and Individual Sources Session 426: PO32 Friday at 2:50PM
Community Policing and Institutional Change Session 452: PO33 Friday at 4:30PM
The Police We Hire: Does it Matter? Session 453: PO34 Friday at 4:30PM
Danger and the Police: Managing Symbols and Risks Session 454: PO35 Friday at 4:30PM
Comparative Community Policing Session 479: PO36 Saturday at 8:00AM
Violence and Force in Citizen-Police Encounters Session 480: PO37 Saturday at 8:00AM
Precarious Policing: Cultural Id-entities and Police Legitimacy Session 506: PO38 Saturday at 9:40AM
Global Connections in the Future of Policing Session 507: PO39 Saturday at 9:40AM
Public and Private Policing: Visions of the Future Session 531: PO40 Saturday at 11:20AM
Police and Other Institutions Session 532: PO41 Saturday at 11:20AM

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