The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
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Guns Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Roundtable: Guns, Homicide and Democide--Are We Asking the Right Questions? Session 58: GU1 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Firearms Violence: Research on Illegal Gun Markets Session 59: GU2 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Ownership and Carrying of Guns Session 97: GU3 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Gun Control: Data, Politics, Litigation Session 129: GU4 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Author-Meets-Critics: More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws (University of Chicago Press, 1998) Session 157: GU5 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Author-Meets-Critics: Making a Killing: The Business of Guns in America (New Press, 1999) Session 190: GU6 Thursday at 8:15AM
Gun Control in the United States: Does it Threaten Civil Liberty? Session 224: GU7 Thursday at 10:00AM
Gun Control in Canada: Is There Trouble in Paradise? Session 250: GU8 Thursday at 1:10PM
Strategies for the Prevention of Gun Misuse Session 305: GU9 Thursday at 4:30PM
Firearm Mortality and Injury Session 336: GU10 Friday at 8:15AM
International Firearm Issues Session 366: GU11 Friday at 10:00AM
International Firearms: A Comparative Perspective Session 394: GU12 Friday at 1:10PM
Domestic Violence and Firearms: A Canadian Perspective Session 421: GU13 Friday at 2:50PM
A Public Health Perspective on Firearms Session 447: GU14 Friday at 4:30PM
Firearm Statistics, Research and Evaluation in Canada Session 475: GU15 Saturday at 8:00AM
The Effects of Guns on Violence Session 501: GU16 Saturday at 9:40AM
Availability of Data on the Use and Misuse of Firearms Session 502: GU17 Saturday at 9:40AM
The Impact of Gun Laws on Violence Session 526: GU18 Saturday at 11:20AM

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