The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20
Track Chronological Session Index
Courts Track

Session Title Session IDTime
Court Processing of Domestic Violence Session 152: CT1 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Evaluation of Recent Court Reforms Session 184: CT2 Thursday at 8:15AM
Gender and Race/Ethnicity in the Courts Session 216: CT3 Thursday at 10:00AM
Community Courts and Court Communities Session 272: CT4 Thursday at 2:50PM
Historical and Comparative Perspectives on Courts Session 298: CT5 Thursday at 4:30PM
Criminal Court Actors and Decision-Making Processes Session 327: CT6 Friday at 8:15AM
Contemporary Research on Juries Session 328: CT7 Friday at 8:15AM
Drug Courts Session 356: CT8 Friday at 10:00AM
Therapeutic Jurisprudence Preventive Law and Restorative Justice: Theory and Practice I Session 385: CT9 Friday at 1:10PM
Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Preventive Law, and Restorative Justice: Theory and Practice II Session 492: CT10 Saturday at 9:40AM

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