The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 8:15AM on Wednesday

Wednesday at 8:15AM
Session Title Session ID
Roundtable: Potpourri I Session 5: SP1
Roundtable: Potpourri II Session 6: SP2
Roundtable: Potpourri III Session 7: SP3
Roundtable: Potpourri IV Session 8: SP4
Alcohol Use and Crime: Assessments and Interventions Session 9: AL1
Wrongful Convictions and the Death Penalty Session 10: CA1
Roundtable: CO Table Session 1 Session 11: CO1
Roundtable: CO Table Session 2 Session 12: CO2
International and Historical Perspectives of Corrections Session 13: CR1
Punishment and Society: The New Punitive City Session 14: CR2
Roundtable: CR Table Session 1 Session 15: CR3
Family and School Aspects on Crime Prevention Session 16: CP1
Pedagogical Issues Session 17: CJ1
Critical Criminology: Assessing the Past and Visualizing a Future Session 18: CC1
Drug Testing: Issues in Research, Policy and Planning Session 19: DR1
Drug Policy and Inherent Contradictions Session 20: DR2
Roundtable: DR Table Session 1 Session 21: DR3
The Canadian Police Approach to the Behavioural Sciences Session 22: EC1
Field Experiments in Policing: Confronting the Challenges Session 23: ED1
Roundtable: GL Table Session 1 Session 24: GL1
Suicide and Homicide Session 25: HO1
Early Childhood Through Adolescence Session 26: LC1
Cross-Cultural Dialogue Among Police Practitioners and Researchers and Between Police and Other Disciplines Session 27: PO1
Citizen Aggression Against Police Session 28: PO2
Roundtable: PO Table Session 1 Session 29: PO3
Roundtable: PO Table Session 2 Session 30: PO4
Collaborative and Restorative Approaches to Justice Session 31: RP1
Addressing and Receiving Justice: Young People's Understandings of Penal Culture Session 32: SL1
Construing "Crime" in a Heterogeneous Society Session 33: SL2
Outlaw Identities and Brave New Communities: The Role of Law, Media and Citizen Groups in Constructing and Managing Difference Session 34: SL3
Situational Analysis of Violence: In Search of a Dependent Variable Session 35: VI1
Predicting Violence Session 36: VI2
Roundtable: VI Table Session 2 Session 37: VI3
Modelling Community Responses to Domestic Violence Session 38: VW1
Urbanisation, Social Exclusion and Streetcrime Session 39: YO1

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