The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 11:20AM on Saturday

Saturday at 11:20AM
Session Title Session ID
The Role of Gender in Correctional Control Session 515: CR21
Laying the Basis for Effective Corrections Session 516: CR22
Community Aspects on Crime Prevention Session 517: CP6
Prevention and Control Session 518: CP7
Criminal Justice Distance Learning on the Web Session 519: CJ12
Communicating Crime: Perspectives on Constructing, Controlling and Disseminating Crime Information Session 520: CC25
Defining Criminality and Dangerousness Session 521: DI6
Juvenile Justice Treatment Networks for Substance-Abusing Juvenile Offenders Session 522: DR17
Environmental Constraints on Crime Patterns Session 523: EC8
Adolescent Female Offending: Theories and Research Session 524: GC16
Sovereignty, Criminal Justice, and International Coordination Session 525: GL7
The Impact of Gun Laws on Violence Session 526: GU18
Historical Perspectives on the Study of Crime, Criminology, and Justice Session 527: HM2
Youth and Homicide Session 528: HO9
Educational and Juvenile Justice Collaborations: Joint Programming Strategies and Outcomes Session 529: JJ23
Developmental Factors Session 530: LC6
Public and Private Policing: Visions of the Future Session 531: PO40
Police and Other Institutions Session 532: PO41
Psychology and Crime Symposium - IV Session 533: PS10
The Current State of Rational Choice Theory: Reflection and Future Directions Session 534: RC2
Crime and Public Perception Session 535: RP11
The Political, Cultural and Economic Contexts of Crime and Punishment Session 536: SL12
Youth Violence in Troubled Neighborhoods Session 537: VI13
Theoretical Issues in Violence Research Session 538: VI14
Policing and Domestic Violence Session 539: VW21

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