The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 9:40AM on Saturday

Saturday at 9:40AM
Session Title Session ID
CyberTerror Session 488: SP22
Roundtable on Research Support at NSF Session 489: SP23
Bridging the Gap Between Scholarship and Practice: A Matter of Serious Consequences Session 490: CR19
Understanding and Managing Special Groups of Offenders Session 491: CR20
Therapeutic Jurisprudence, Preventive Law, and Restorative Justice: Theory and Practice II Session 492: CT10
Local Crime Prevention, Problems and Prospects Session 493: CP5
Critical Reflections on Social Control Session 494: CC24
Sentencing Decisions Session 495: DI5
Compulsive Consumption/Expenditure Norms Among Drug Users Session 496: DR16
Theory, Measurement and Planning Practice in Environmental Criminology Session 497: EC7
MPDC Problem Solving Partnership and Drug Market Initiative Session 498: ER7
Can Criminology Replicate? Session 499: ED2
Adolescence, Gender and Crime Session 500: GC15
The Effects of Guns on Violence Session 501: GU16
Availability of Data on the Use and Misuse of Firearms Session 502: GU17
Alternative Juvenile Crime Strategies Session 503: JJ22
Family Structure and Delinquency Session 504: LC5
Public Attitudes, Punitiveness, and Fear of Crime Session 505: MP11
Precarious Policing: Cultural Id-entities and Police Legitimacy Session 506: PO38
Global Connections in the Future of Policing Session 507: PO39
Psychology and Crime Symposium - I Session 508: PS9
Racism, Positivism and Criminology Session 509: RE5
Qualitative Studies of Culture and Symbolic Interaction Session 510: SI6
New Directions in Criminological Theory Session 511: SI7
Violence in Special Populations Session 512: VI12
Abused Women: Dilemmas of Community Responses Session 513: VW20
White-Collar Crime: Fraud and Its Victims Session 514: WC9

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