The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 4:30PM on Friday

Friday at 4:30PM
Session Title Session ID
Empirical Issues and the Death Penalty: Cost, Deterrence, and Executions Session 436: CA9
The Death Penalty in International Context: Exploring the Relationship Between Public Opinion and Legal Policies (Panel) Session 437: CA10
Community Institutions and Delinquency Session 438: CO10
Rethinking Corrections Session 439: CR17
Crime and Economics I Session 440: CE2
International Conference on Penal Abolition: Special Session, Local Activists Speak Session 441: CC22
Challenges in Conceptualization and Measuring Crime and Criminal Behavior Session 442: DM2
Crime and the Labor Market Session 443: DI3
Issues in Evaluation Research and Criminal Justice Session 444: ER5
Women in Prison Session 445: GC12
Women in Corrections Session 446: GC13
A Public Health Perspective on Firearms Session 447: GU14
Community-Based Performance Indicators for Delinquency Prevention and Control: National, State, and Local Perspectives Session 448: JJ20
Academic Performance and Delinquency Session 449: LC3
Current Research on Moffitt's Dual Taxonomic Theory of Offending Session 450: LC4
Public Perceptions of Crime and Criminal Justice Session 451: MP9
Community Policing and Institutional Change Session 452: PO33
The Police We Hire: Does it Matter? Session 453: PO34
Danger and the Police: Managing Symbols and Risks Session 454: PO35
Qualitative Research on Offenders and Offending Session 455: QM3
Offending: Its Etiology and Consequences Session 456: RP10
The Effect of Victim and Offender Characteristics on Sentencing Outcomes Session 457: SE8
New Tests of Social Learning, Social Structure, and Social Control Session 458: SI4
Child Abuse and Public Policy Issues Session 459: VC6
Gendered Violence Session 460: VW17
What Difference Does Difference Make?: Domestic Violence and the Intersection of Nationality, Culture and Politics Session 461: VW18

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