The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 2:50PM on Friday

Friday at 2:50PM
Session Title Session ID
Rural and Urban Crime Session 410: CO9
Probation and Imprisonment--Offender and Staff Experiences Session 411: CR16
Saving Private Information: The War Against Techno-Thieves Session 412: CE1
Perspectives on Pedagogy and Faculty Productivity Session 413: CJ11
'Petit Apartheid' and Criminal Justice: Part II (Co-Sponsored by Division on People of Color and Crime and Division on Critical Criminology) Session 414: CC21
Approaches to the Measurement of Crime and Its Correlates Session 415: DM1
Ethnography Session 416: DE6
Crime and Place Session 417: EC5
Family- and Community-Based Prevention: Attrition and Implementation Quality Session 418: ER4
Criminology, Women and Resistance Session 419: GC11
Comparative Perspectives on Crime, Justice, and Intervention Session 420: GL5
Domestic Violence and Firearms: A Canadian Perspective Session 421: GU13
Juvenile Probation and Corrections Data: The Future is Sooner Than You Think Session 422: JJ19
Media Impacts on Policymaking and Policing Session 423: MP8
Policing, Security and Governance Session 424: PO30
Restorative Community Policing Session 425: PO31
Police Stress: Organizational and Individual Sources Session 426: PO32
Qualitative Research in Criminal Justice Settings Session 427: QM2
Imprisonment Decisions Over Time and Place Session 428: SE7
Pathways to Crime: Shaming, Identity, and Illegal Earnings Session 429: SI3
Monitoring Violence and Substance Use by Communities Session 430: VI9
Homicide Session 431: VI10
Missing Victims: Research on Family Abduction of Children Session 432: VC5
Domestic Violence: Attitudes and Violence Session 433: VW15
Correlates and Consequences of Violence in Families and Communities Session 434: VW16

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