The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 1:10PM on Friday

Friday at 1:10PM
Session Title Session ID
Social Disorganization and Crime Session 383: CO7
Community and Crime Theory Session 384: CO8
Therapeutic Jurisprudence Preventive Law and Restorative Justice: Theory and Practice I Session 385: CT9
'Petit Apartheid' and Criminal Justice: Part I (Co-Sponsored by Division on People of Color and Crime and Division on Critical Criminology) Session 386: CC19
The Penal System: Linchpin of the Corporate System Session 387: CC20
Deterrence and Incapacitation Session 388: DI2
Predicting Treatment Success Session 389: DR14
Religion, Crime, and Rehabilitation Session 390: EF7
Mapping Crime in Federally Assisted Housing Session 391: EC4
Regulating Women Through Science and Law Session 392: GC10
International Perspectiveson Policing and Democracy Session 393: GL4
International Firearms: A Comparative Perspective Session 394: GU12
Juveniles in Adult Court: New Research From the States Session 395: JJ17
Transfer of Adolescents to Criminal Court: Trends and Issues Session 396: JJ18
Crime, Justice, and the Media in 1999 Session 397: MP7
Controlling Police Violence Session 398: PO27
The Life-Course of Police Organizations Session 399: PO28
Varieties of Police Popularity: Community and National Differences in Public Satisfaction Session 400: PO29
Qualitative Research With Difficult to Study Populations Session 401: QM1
Life Course, Rational Choice, and Crime Session 402: RC1
State-Level Sentencing Practices Session 403: SE6
Empirical Studies of Hate Crime: Events, Offenders, and Victims Session 404: TM5
Collective Efficacy and Crime: Canadian and Caribbean Perspectives Session 405: VI8
Child Homicide Session 406: VC4
Violence, Gender and Substance Abuse Session 407: VW13
A Feminist Analysis of Systemic Responses to Woman Battering Session 408: VW14

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