The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 10:00AM on Friday

Friday at 10:00AM
Session Title Session ID
NIJ Career Opportunities Center EV55
Division on People of Color and Crime Business Meeting II (Meeting) Session 352: MT32
Colloquium on Youth Justice--Policy Issues (Sponsored by the Department of Justice Canada) (Meeting) Session 353: MT33
Rethinking Homicide Research: Typologies, Explanations and Methodologies (Sponsored by the Division on International Criminology) Session 354: SP18
Health Issues in Prison Settings Session 355: CR15
Drug Courts Session 356: CT8
Situational Aspects of Crime Prevention Session 357: CP4
Contestations of the Modern: Revelational Waves in Postmodern Theorizing Session 358: CC16
Crime and Culture: Critical Directions Session 359: CC17
Convict Criminology: An Introduction to the Movement, Theory and Research - Part II (Sponsored by the Division on Critical Criminology) Session 360: CC18
Deviance in its Cultural Context Session 361: DE5
"Stressors" and Their Impact on Drug Use Session 362: DR13
Spatial Methodologies and Techniques for Studying Crime Session 363: EC3
News About Violence By and Against Women: Gender and Racial/Ethnic Influences Session 364: GC9
Crime and Justice in Changing Societies Session 365: GL3
International Firearm Issues Session 366: GU11
Preventing Delinquency Through Positive Child Development Session 367: JJ14
Delinquency and Diagnosis: Mental Disorder in At-Risk and Delinquent Juveniles Session 368: JJ15
Juvenile Transfers to Criminal Court: Results From OJJDP's Research Studies Session 369: JJ16
Media Constructions of Drugs Session 370: MP6
Race and Policing: Lessons and Challenges of the Amadou Diallo Case Session 371: PO24
Exploring Police Integrity Session 372: PO25
Police Leadership and Management Session 373: PO26
Developmental Ecological Criminology Findings From the Chicago Youth Development Study Session 374: PS5
Medellin: A Case Study in Violence Prevention Efforts Session 375: PS6
Reform Policies and Sentencing Consequences Session 376: SE5
Child Maltreatment, Crime and Delinquency Session 377: VC2
Violence Against Children: International Perspectives Session 378: VC3
Advocacy and Protection for Abused Women: Intersections of Law, Prosecution and Advocacy Session 379: VW11
Domestic Violence and Social Exclusion Session 380: VW12

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