The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 8:15AM on Friday

Friday at 8:15AM
Session Title Session ID
Spatial Characteristics and Crime Session 325: CO6
Facing the Growing Prison Crisis Session 326: CR14
Criminal Court Actors and Decision-Making Processes Session 327: CT6
Contemporary Research on Juries Session 328: CT7
Peacemaking Dialogues Session 329: CC14
Who Killed the School of Criminology at Berkeley? A Multimedia Presentation, Part II Session 330: CC15
Seriousness of Crime, Drinking, Impact of Delinquency Session 331: DE4
Drug Treatment and the Criminal Offender Session 332: DR12
Systemic Obstacles to the Implementation of Effective Correctional Practice Session 333: EF6
The Epidemiology of Street Gangs Session 334: GA8
Crime and Criminal Justice Trends in Globalization Session 335: GL2
Firearm Mortality and Injury Session 336: GU10
Emerging Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Juvenile Crime Session 337: JJ13
Immigration, Crime and Fear of Crime Session 338: MC2
Authors-Meet-Critics Session 339: PO21
Measuring Police-Community Interaction Session 340: PO22
Policing Drugs as Violent Crime Declines Session 341: PO23
Psychology and Crime Symposium - II Session 342: PS4
Sentencing Practices: International Focus Session 343: SE3
Sentencing Disparity in Federal Courts Session 344: SE4
Race, Ethnicity and Strain Session 345: SA3
Terrorism and Hate Crimes: Contemporary Issues Session 346: TM4
Crimes Against Children Session 347: VC1
Asking About Rape: Discussions of Methodologies Session 348: VW9
International Perspectives on Violence Against Women Session 349: VW10
Delinquency, Street Life, and Community Environments Session 350: YO13

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