The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 4:30PM on Thursday

Thursday at 4:30PM
Session Title Session ID
Gangs, Crime and Post-Industrial Discourses: From the Marginalization of Politics to the Politics of Marginalization Session 294: SP15
Genetic and Congenital Sources of Antisocial Behavior and Their Social and Legal Implications Session 295: BI4
Shaping Local and International Death-Penalty Opinion Session 296: CA8
Community Context of Victimization Session 297: CO5
Historical and Comparative Perspectives on Courts Session 298: CT5
Who Killed the School of Criminololgy at Berkeley? A Multi Media Presentation, Part I Session 299: CC12
Redirecting Critical Theory and Policy Session 300: CC13
Deviance and Religion Session 301: DE3
Treatment Works! (For Prisoners and Probationers Too!) Session 302: DR11
Some Rehabilitation Outcome Studies Session 303: EF5
Violence and Intimate Relationships Session 304: GC8
Strategies for the Prevention of Gun Misuse Session 305: GU9
International Developments in Juvenile Justice Session 306: JJ10
Risk Factors and Developmental Pathways in Three Cities Session 307: JJ11
Supervising Juvenile Offenders in the Community Session 308: JJ12
U.S. Immigration Policy: Critical Perspectives Session 309: MC1
Social Forces and Organized Crime Session 310: OC8
Patterns of Community Policing Session 311: PO19
Policing Domestic Violence Session 312: PO20
Psychology and Crime Symposium - III Session 313: PS3
Legal Representation for Federal and State Defendants Session 314: SE2
Strain in Specific Populations Session 315: SA2
Hate Crimes: Legal and Related Issues Session 316: TM3
Sexual Assault: Knowledge, Myths and Interventions Session 317: VW8
Violence Prevention: Targeting Youth Session 318: VP4
Youth Crime and Disorder in Britain: Findings From Four Ethnographic Studies Session 319: YO12

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