The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Sessions, Meetings and Events Beginning at 10:00AM on Wednesday

Wednesday at 10:00AM
Session Title Session ID
NIJ Career Opportunities Center EV10
Division on People of Color and Crime Program Committee Meeting (Meeting) Session 41: MT6
Presidents' Panel Session 42: SP5
Explaining the Alcohol Violence Nexus Session 43: AL2
Alcohol and Youth Session 44: AL3
Self-Control Theory I: New Issues Session 45: CS1
Roundtable: CS Table Session 1 Session 46: CS2
Roundtable: CR Table Session 2 Session 47: CR4
Roundtable: Building Public Housing Partnerships Session 48: CP2
Roundtable: CO Table Session 2 Session 49: CP3
How to Teach About Crime, Law and Justice Through Web Technology Session 50: CJ2
Roundtable: Roundtable: Developing Curriculum in Community and Restorative Justice Session 51: CJ3
Professional Educational Opportunties at the NIJ Session 52: CJ4
Roundtable: CJ Table Session 1 Session 53: CJ5
Constructing Images of Crime, Justice and Criminals Session 54: CC2
Innovative Approaches to Studying Drugs and Crime Session 55: DR4
Social Policies: Perceptions of Drug Use(rs) Session 56: DR5
Risk and Protective Factors for Gang Involvement Session 57: GA1
Roundtable: Guns, Homicide and Democide--Are We Asking the Right Questions? Session 58: GU1
Firearms Violence: Research on Illegal Gun Markets Session 59: GU2
Firearms and Homicide Session 60: HO2
Innovative Approaches to Homicide Session 61: HO3
Race, Gender, and Juvenile Justice Session 62: JJ1
Fear of Crime and Perceptions of Risk Session 63: MP1
Policing, Democracy and Globalization: Research on Policing for the 21st Century Session 64: PO5
Police Attitudes Toward Community Policing Session 65: PO6
Roundtable: PS Table Session 1 Session 66: PS1
Issues of Race/Ethnicity Within Specific Populations Session 67: RE1
Roundtable: RE Table Session 1 Session 68: RE2
Issues in Privacy, Confidentiality and Technology Session 69: RP2
Roundtable: Action-Oriented Research Initiatives: Promoting Improved Criminal Justice Responses to Sexual Assault Session 70: RP3
Punishment and Society: From Social State to Penal State Session 71: SL4
The Legal Construction and Interpretation of Sex, Gender and Family Violence Session 72: SL5
Roundtable: SM Table Session 1 Session 73: SM1
Roundtable: VM Table Session 1 Session 74: VM1
Roundtable: VM Table Session 2 Session 75: VM2
Issues in Measuring Violence Session 76: VI4
Roundtable: VI Table Session 3 Session 77: VI5
Roundtable: Asking Better Questions: Modeling Domestic Violence as a Dynamic Process Session 78: VW2
Roundtable: Can a Feminist Support a Restorative Justice Approach to Battering? Session 79: VW3
Roundtable: VW Table Session 1 Session 80: VW4
White-Collar Crime: International Issues and Perspectives Session 81: WC1
Programming Innovations, Evaluation Findings, and National Trends in Juvenile Intensive Aftercare Session 82: YO2

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