The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Session Index for the Letter P

Session Title Session IDTime
Panel I: Theorizing Illegal Markets Session 206: OC2 Thursday at 9:00AM
Panel II: Structure and Operation of Illegal Commodity Markets Session 236: OC4 Thursday at 11:00AM
Panel III: Structure and Operation of Illegal Financial Markets Session 266: OC6 Thursday at 2:00PM
Pathways to Crime: Shaming, Identity, and Illegal Earnings Session 429: SI3 Friday at 2:50PM
Patterns of Community Policing Session 311: PO19 Thursday at 4:30PM
Peacemaking Dialogues Session 329: CC14 Friday at 8:15AM
Pedagogical Issues Session 17: CJ1 Wednesday at 8:15AM
The Penal System: Linchpin of the Corporate System Session 387: CC20 Friday at 1:10PM
Perspectives on Pedagogy and Faculty Productivity Session 413: CJ11 Friday at 2:50PM
'Petit Apartheid' and Criminal Justice: Part I (Co-Sponsored by Division on People of Color and Crime and Division on Critical Criminology) Session 386: CC19 Friday at 1:10PM
'Petit Apartheid' and Criminal Justice: Part II (Co-Sponsored by Division on People of Color and Crime and Division on Critical Criminology) Session 414: CC21 Friday at 2:50PM
Plenary Session: Sutherland Award Address Session 174: SP9 Wednesday at 6:15PM
Plenary: Presidential Address Session 462: SP19 Friday at 6:15PM
Police and Other Institutions Session 532: PO41 Saturday at 11:20AM
Police Attitudes Toward Community Policing Session 65: PO6 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Police Contexts and Subcultures Session 196: PO14 Thursday at 8:15AM
Police Leadership and Management Session 373: PO26 Friday at 10:00AM
Police Misconduct in Context: Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Law Session 161: PO11 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Police Stress: Organizational and Individual Sources Session 426: PO32 Friday at 2:50PM
The Police We Hire: Does it Matter? Session 453: PO34 Friday at 4:30PM
Policing and Domestic Violence Session 539: VW21 Saturday at 11:20AM
Policing Domestic Violence Session 289: VW7 Thursday at 2:50PM
Policing Domestic Violence Session 312: PO20 Thursday at 4:30PM
Policing Drugs as Violent Crime Declines Session 341: PO23 Friday at 8:15AM
Policing Offenders and Offenses Session 162: PO12 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Policing Problems and Problematic Policing Session 256: PO16 Thursday at 1:10PM
Policing Small Towns Session 104: PO7 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Policing, Democracy and Globalization: Research on Policing for the 21st Century Session 64: PO5 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Policing, Security and Governance Session 424: PO30 Friday at 2:50PM
Policy and Programs in Environmental Criminology: Needs, Responses, Impacts Session 471: EC6 Saturday at 8:00AM
The Political, Cultural and Economic Contexts of Crime and Punishment Session 536: SL12 Saturday at 11:20AM
Politics, Corruption, and White-Collar Crime Session 234: WC6 Thursday at 10:00AM
Post Soviet Organized Crime Abroad Session 255: OC5 Thursday at 1:10PM
Precarious Policing: Cultural Id-entities and Police Legitimacy Session 506: PO38 Saturday at 9:40AM
Predicting Hot Spots: Advanced Crime Mapping Methodologies Session 108: SM2 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Predicting Treatment Success Session 389: DR14 Friday at 1:10PM
Predicting Violence Session 36: VI2 Wednesday at 8:15AM
Pregnancy and Violence Against Women Session 486: VW19 Saturday at 8:00AM
The Presentation of Race and Crime in the Media Session 160: MP4 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Presidential Plenary: Developmental Criminology Session 84: SP6 Wednesday at 11:45AM
Presidents' Panel Session 42: SP5 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Preventing Delinquency Through Positive Child Development Session 367: JJ14 Friday at 10:00AM
Prevention and Control Session 518: CP7 Saturday at 11:20AM
Prevention and Early Intervention for Aggression and Bullying Session 203: VP3 Thursday at 8:15AM
Prevention Programs: Evaluations and Meta-Analysis Session 94: ER1 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Privatization in Criminal Justice Session 89: CR5 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Probation and Imprisonment--Offender and Staff Experiences Session 411: CR16 Friday at 2:50PM
Professional Educational Opportunties at the NIJ Session 52: CJ4 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Programming Innovations, Evaluation Findings, and National Trends in Juvenile Intensive Aftercare Session 82: YO2 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Projecting Prison Populations, an International Perspective Session 214: CR10 Thursday at 10:00AM
Psychology and Crime Symposium - III Session 313: PS3 Thursday at 4:30PM
Psychology and Crime Symposium - II Session 342: PS4 Friday at 8:15AM
Psychology and Crime Symposium - I Session 508: PS9 Saturday at 9:40AM
Psychology and Crime Symposium - IV Session 533: PS10 Saturday at 11:20AM
Public and Private Policing: Visions of the Future Session 531: PO40 Saturday at 11:20AM
Public Attitudes of Crime and Crime Policy: Theoretical and Methodological Issues Session 103: MP2 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Public Attitudes, Punitiveness, and Fear of Crime Session 505: MP11 Saturday at 9:40AM
A Public Health Perspective on Firearms Session 447: GU14 Friday at 4:30PM
Public Perceptions of Crime and Criminal Justice Session 451: MP9 Friday at 4:30PM
Punishment and Society: From Social State to Penal State Session 71: SL4 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Punishment and Society: The New Punitive City Session 14: CR2 Wednesday at 8:15AM

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