The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Session Index for the Letter N

Session Title Session IDTime
Narratives of Violence I Session 93: DE1 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Narratives of Violence II Session 245: DE2 Thursday at 1:10PM
Networks, Neighborhoods, and Social Organization Session 200: SI1 Thursday at 8:15AM
New Directions in Criminological Theory Session 511: SI7 Saturday at 9:40AM
New Perspectives on Criminal Justice Education and Training Session 121: CJ7 Wednesday at 2:50PM
New Technology in Criminal Justice Education Session 185: CJ9 Thursday at 8:15AM
New Tests of Social Learning, Social Structure, and Social Control Session 458: SI4 Friday at 4:30PM
News About Violence By and Against Women: Gender and Racial/Ethnic Influences Session 364: GC9 Friday at 10:00AM
No Free Ride: The Policing of Hoboes on the Railroad Session 476: HM1 Saturday at 8:00AM
Non Traditional Statistical Methods Session 138: SM3 Wednesday at 2:50PM

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