The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Session Index for the Letter I

Session Title Session IDTime
Images of Criminal Justice in News and Entertainment Media Session 193: MP5 Thursday at 8:15AM
Immigration, Crime and Fear of Crime Session 338: MC2 Friday at 8:15AM
The Impact of Community Policing Session 105: PO8 Wednesday at 1:10PM
The Impact of Gun Laws on Violence Session 526: GU18 Saturday at 11:20AM
Imprisonment Decisions Over Time and Place Session 428: SE7 Friday at 2:50PM
In or Out: Program Outcomes for Juvenile Offenders Session 227: JJ6 Thursday at 10:00AM
Innovations in Criminal Justice Education Session 153: CJ8 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Innovative Approaches to Homicide Session 61: HO3 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Innovative Approaches to Studying Drugs and Crime Session 55: DR4 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Innovative Responses to Crime: The Comprehensive Communities Program as a Catalyst for Creative Initiatives Session 164: RP5 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Integrative Criminology - I Session 225: IC1 Thursday at 10:00AM
Integrative Criminology - II Session 251: IC2 Thursday at 1:10PM
Intermediate Sanctions for Felony and Misdemeanant Populations Session 131: IS2 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Intermediate Sanctions: Comparative Views and Outcomes Session 100: IS1 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Intermediate Sanctions: Focus on Electronic Monitoring and Juvenile Offenders Session 252: IS4 Thursday at 1:10PM
Intermediate Sanctions: National and International Perspectives Session 226: IS3 Thursday at 10:00AM
International and Historical Perspectives of Corrections Session 13: CR1 Wednesday at 8:15AM
International Conference on Penal Abolition: Special Session, Local Activists Speak Session 441: CC22 Friday at 4:30PM
International Developments in Juvenile Justice Session 306: JJ10 Thursday at 4:30PM
International Firearm Issues Session 366: GU11 Friday at 10:00AM
International Firearms: A Comparative Perspective Session 394: GU12 Friday at 1:10PM
International Perspectives on Violence Against Women Session 349: VW10 Friday at 8:15AM
International Perspectiveson Policing and Democracy Session 393: GL4 Friday at 1:10PM
International Research on Female Delinquency Session 128: GC2 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Issues and Findings in Community Policing Session 135: PO10 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Issues in Evaluation Research and Criminal Justice Session 444: ER5 Friday at 4:30PM
Issues in Measuring Violence Session 76: VI4 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Issues in Privacy, Confidentiality and Technology Session 69: RP2 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Issues of Race/Ethnicity Within Specific Populations Session 67: RE1 Wednesday at 10:00AM

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