The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Session Index for the Letter E

Session Title Session IDTime
Early Childhood Through Adolescence Session 26: LC1 Wednesday at 8:15AM
Early Onset Offending: Development Links to Adult Crime: Results From the Seattle Social Development Project Session 290: YO9 Thursday at 2:50PM
The Economics of Drug Markets Session 469: DI4 Saturday at 8:00AM
Educational and Juvenile Justice Collaborations: Joint Programming Strategies and Outcomes Session 529: JJ23 Saturday at 11:20AM
The Effect of Victim and Offender Characteristics on Sentencing Outcomes Session 457: SE8 Friday at 4:30PM
The Effects of Guns on Violence Session 501: GU16 Saturday at 9:40AM
Elders, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System: Policy Implications Session 198: RP7 Thursday at 8:15AM
Emerging Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Juvenile Crime Session 337: JJ13 Friday at 8:15AM
Empirical and Theoretical Applications in Critical Criminology Session 186: CC6 Thursday at 8:15AM
Empirical Issues and the Death Penalty: Cost, Deterrence, and Executions Session 436: CA9 Friday at 4:30PM
Empirical Studies of Hate Crime: Events, Offenders, and Victims Session 404: TM5 Friday at 1:10PM
Environmental Constraints on Crime Patterns Session 523: EC8 Saturday at 11:20AM
The Epidemiology of Street Gangs Session 334: GA8 Friday at 8:15AM
Ethnic and Cross-Cultural Variations in Delinquency Session 142: YO4 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Ethnography Session 416: DE6 Friday at 2:50PM
Eurogangs :Roundtable Discussion (Panel) Session 248: GA7 Thursday at 1:10PM
European Perspectives on Capital Punishment and Human Rights Session 148: CA2 Wednesday at 4:30PM
Evaluating Comprehensive Community-Based Initiatives: Lessons Learned and Emerging Challenges Session 126: ER3 Wednesday at 2:50PM
Evaluating Gang Programs: Problems and Prospects Session 188: GA5 Thursday at 8:15AM
Evaluation of Recent Court Reforms Session 184: CT2 Thursday at 8:15AM
Evaluation of the Police Corps Program Session 257: PO17 Thursday at 1:10PM
Evaluations of Programs for Offender Populations Session 472: ER6 Saturday at 8:00AM
The Evolution of Drug Courts Session 246: DR9 Thursday at 1:10PM
Examining Serial Homicide Session 99: HO5 Wednesday at 1:10PM
Explaining the Alcohol Violence Nexus Session 43: AL2 Wednesday at 10:00AM
Explaining the Deviance Process: Findings From a Multigenerational Panel Study Session 232: SI2 Thursday at 10:00AM
Exploring Police Integrity Session 372: PO25 Friday at 10:00AM

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