The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter R
Rabe, Gary A., Minot State University
Raes, An, Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Rafeedie, Sonia I., Youngstown State University
Nicky Rafter
Rahav, Giora, Tel Aviv University
Rainville, Gerard, The American University
Ramirez, I. Luis, University of New Hampshire
Ramirez-Garnica, Gabriella, University of South Florida
Rand, Michael R., Bureau of Justice Statistics
Randall, Jeff, Medical University of South Carolina
Rankin, Joseph H., Eastern Michigan University
Raphael, Steven, University of California - San Diego
Rapp-Paglicci, Lisa A., University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Rasche, Christine E., University of North Florida
Rawstorne, Shirley, Liverpool John Moores University
Raynor, Peter, University of Wales
Readio, Stuart, Health Resources Consortium
Ready, Justin T., Police Foundation
Reasons, Charles E., Central Washington University
Rebellon, Cesar, Emory University
Rebok, George W., Johns Hopkins University
Rebovich, Donald J., National White Collar Crime Center
Redding, Richard E., University of Virginia
Redmond, Michael, La Salle University
Redondo, Santiago, Centre of Legal Studies of the Autonomous
Reed, David E., Northwestern University School of Law
Reed, Gary E., Boston University
Reed, Winnie, National Institute of Justice
Reedt, Lou, US Sentencing Commission
Rego, Ginny, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
Regoeczi, Wendy C., University of Toronto
Reichel, Phillip C., University of Northern Colorado
Reid, Joshua G., Buffalo State College
Reid, Lesley Williams, Tulane University
Reid, Sue Titus, Florida State University
Reisig, Michael D., Michigan State University
Reisner, Ronald, Monmouth University
Renauer, Brian C., University at Albany
Rengert, George, Temple University
Rennison, Callie, Bureau of Justice Statistics
Renzetti, Claire, St. Joseph's University
Resendiz, Rosalva, Texas Woman's University
Respress, Trinetia, Florida State University
Rettinger, L. Jill, Carleton University
Reuter, Peter H., University of Maryland
Reynolds, K. Michael, University of Central Florida
Reynolds, Marylee, Caldwell College
Reza, A., Medical College of Wisconsin
Rhodes, William, Abt Associates Inc.
Rhomberg, Wolfgang, UN Centre for International Crime Prevent
Rhynhart, Fred, Northern Kentucky University
Riccutti, K., Rideau Correctional & Treatment Centre
Rice, Kennon J., North Carolina State University
Rice, Marcia A., Rutgers University
Rice, Tamara, California State University - San Marcos
Richards, Stephen C., Northern Kentucky University
Richards-Ekeh, Kaylene, California State University - Sacramento
Richardson, Jr., Joseph B., The Vera Institute of Justice
Richie, Beth, University of Illinois at Chicago
Richman, Kimberly, University of California, Irvine
Richter, Michelle Y., Eastern Kentucky University
Rico, Delcie, University of Maryland at College Park
Riedel, Marc, Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Rienick, Cynthia, San Diego Association of Governments
Rigakos, George S., St. Mary's University College - Canada
Riley, K. Jack, National Institute of Justice
Ringwalt, Christopher L., Research Triangle Institute
Rister, Esther, Malloy College
Ritti, R. Richard, Pennsylvania State University
Rivara, Frederick P., HIPRC
Rivera, Craig, University at Albany
Rivera, E., University of Richmond
Rivera, E., Rideau Correctional & Treatment Centre
Robbers, Monica, The American University
Robbins, Cynthia A., University of Delaware
Roberson, Cliff, Washburn University
Roberts, James, Central Washington University
Roberts, Lisa M., Mercyhurst College
Robertson, L., Rideau Correctional & Treatment Centre
Robinson, Amanda L., Michigan State University
Robinson, Jennifer B., Temple University
Robinson, Matthew B., Appalachian State University
Robinson, Racquel, John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Robirds, Amanda, Tiffin University
Robson, Krista, Simon Fraser University
Roche, Declan, The Australian National University
Rocheleau, Ann Marie, BOTEC Analysis Corporation
Rock, Paul, London School of Economics
Rodeheaver, Daniel G., University of North Texas
Rodriguez, Laurie, University of California, Irvine
Rodriguez, Monica L., University at Albany
Rodriguez, Nancy, Arizona State University - West
Rodriguez, Orlando, Fordham University
Rogerson, Peter, SUNY at Buffalo
Rohde, Kristen L., University of Wyoming
Rojek, Dean G., University of Georgia
Rollie, Matthew, University of South Florida
Roman, Jeffrey C., Tiffin University
Roman, John, The Urban Institute
Romero, Nancy, Virginia Tech University
Romkens, Renee, University of Utrecht
Rondeau, Mary Beth, University of British Columbia
Rosario, Maribel, University Columbia
Rosay, Andre, University of Delaware
Roscoe, Thomas, University at Albany
Rose, Dina R., John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Roseigno, Vincent J., The Ohio State University
Rosenbaum, Dennis P., University at Albany
Rosenberg, Helen, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Rosenfeld, Richard, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Rosenmerkel, Sean P., University of Maryland
Rosoff, Stephen, University of Houston - Clear Lake
Ross, Darrell L., East Carolina University
Ross, Debra, Buffalo State College
Ross, Jeffrey Ian, University of Baltimore
Ross, Lee, University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Ross, Michelle, Indiana University
Ross, Thomas W.R., McLennan Ross, Barristers & Solicitors
Rossman, Shelli B., The Urban Institute
Rossmo, D. Kim, Vancouver Police Department
Roth, Jeffrey A., The Urban Institute
Roth, Mitchel, Sam Houston State University
Roth, Stacy E., Tiffin University
Rotolo, Thomas, Washington State University
Rottman, David B., National Center for State Courts
Rotton, James, Florida International University
Rountree, Pamela Wilcox, University of Kentucky
Rovers, Ben, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Rowe, David C., University of Arizona
Rowe, Robert C., Carleton University
Royster-Beito, Linda, University of South Alabama
Ruback, R. Barry, The Pennsylvania State University
Ruddell, Rick, University of Missouri - St. Louis
Ruefle, William, University of South Carolina
Rumgay, Judith, London School of Economics
Rumsey, Elissa, O. J. J. D. P.
Rusch, Jonathan, U. S. Department of Justice
Rush, George E., California State University - Long Beach
Rush, Robert, Wilmington College
Rushen, Mary C., US Sentencing Commission
Rushton, J. Philippe, University of Western Ontario
Russell, Ann, Metro. Police of the Dist. of Columbia
Russell, Gregory D., Washington State University
Russell, Judge Steve, University of Texas - San Antonio
Russell, Katheryn K., University of Maryland - College Park
Ruts, Rob, Ennea, Bureau for Urban Culture
Ryan, Kevin, Norwich University
Ryczek, Sarah, Buffalo State College

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