The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Participant Index for the Letter O
O'Brien, Kate, University of Northumbria - Newcastle
O'Brien, Mallory, Medical College of Wisconsin
O'Brien, Robert M., University of Oregon
O'Connell, Daniel, University of Delaware
O'Connell, Paul, York University
O'Connor, Thomas P., Center for Social Research
O'Grady, Bill, University of Guelph
O'Grady, Kevin E., Friends Research Institute, Inc.
O'Hara, Tami-Lyn, Buffalo State College
O'Hearn, Timothy J., Jones Day, Intellectual Property Practice
O'Kane, James B., Ernst & Young, LLP
O'Keefe, Maureen L., Colorado Department of Corrections
O'Leary, Melissa, Department of Justice Canada
O'Malley, Patrick G., NRA Institute for Legislative Action
O'Neill, Brian F., West Chester University
O'Neill, Megan, University of Aberdeen
Obergfell-Fuchs, Joachim, Max-Planck-Institute
Oberweis, Trish, American Justice Institute
Odgers, Candice, Simon Fraser University
Odo, Jonathan C., Rochester Institute of Technology
Offord, Dan, Chedoke McMasters Hospital
Offord, David, McMaster University
Ogle, Robbin S., University of Nebraska at Omaha
Ohba, Eri, Kanagawa University
Okazawa, H., McGill University
Okereafoezeke, Nonso, Western Carolina University
Olaeta, Hernan, Direccion Nacional De Politica Criminal
Olander, Steve, Uppsala University
Olds, David, Kempe Prevention Research Center for
Olezene, Gail, O. J. J. D. P.
Olivares, Kathleen, Hudson Institute
Olivero, J. Michael, Central Washington University
Olligschlaeger, Andreas M., Carnegie Mellon University
Olson, Joseph, Hamline University
Riley Laurell Olstead
Onwudiwe, Ihekwoaba D., University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Onyeozili, Emmanuel C., University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Opolot, Ejakait James S.E., Texas Southern University
Orchowsky, Stan, Justice Research and Statistics Assn.
Oren, Amanda A., Tiffin University
Ormrod, Richard K., University of New Hampshire
Ortmann, Rudiger, Max-Planck-Institute
Osgood, D. Wayne, Pennsylvania State University
Ostrom, Brian J., National Center for State Courts
Ouimet, Marc, University of Montreal
Ousey, Graham, University of Kentucky
Outlaw, Maureen, The Pennsylvania State University
Overman, Kimberly, North Carolina Department of Correction
Owen, Barbara, California State University - Fresno
Owens, Charles E., Northeast Florida Center for
Oyster, Carol K., University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Ozonoff, Victoria Vespe, Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health

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