The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter Y

Paper Title Session ID
Young Adults, Self-Control, Deviance, and Victimization Session 150: CS6
Young Guns: Contrasting North American Perspectives Session 394: GU12
Youth Courts in America: Findings From a National Survey Session 280: JJ9
"Youth Discounts" and Sentencing Equity in New York State Session 253: JJ7
Youth Gang Drug Trafficking: Results From the 1996 NYGS Session 155: GA4
Youth Internet Safety: A Conceptual Framework Session 347: VC1
Youth Justice in Canada Session 306: JJ10
Youth Violence in the Media: Examining the Emergence of "Wilding" as an Invention of Print Journalism Session 133: MP3
Youth Violence in Troubled Neighborhoods Session 537: VI13
Youth Violence: A Global Perspective Session 420: GL5
Youth, Crime Race and Ethnic Conflict: Beyond a Race Relations Model? Session 537: VI13
Youth, Social Exclusion and Crime in Northeast England Session 319: YO12
Youth/Teen Courts: "I'm Not About To Let Those Jerks Make Me Do 100 Hours of Community Service" Session 280: JJ9
Youthful Offenders From Different Ethnic Backgrounds Session 350: YO13

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