The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter W

Paper Title Session ID
Was That a Threat or a Warning? Interpreting Narratives of Violence Across a Worldview Divide Session 93: DE1
Weapon Carrying Among Young Urban Females Session 97: GU3
Weapon Use and the Structure of Homicide Situations: An Examination of Unique and Common Elements of Gun and Non-Gun Homicides Session 60: HO2
Web-Based Course Preparation and Delivery: Promises and Pitfalls Session 185: CJ9
What About Recidivism and Drug Use at Eighteen Months? Post-Release Outcomes for Residential Drug Treatment Programs in the Federal Bureau of Prisons Session 302: DR11
What About the Learning Disability Juvenile Delinquency Link Session 463: SP20
What Correctional Treatment Has to Teach Criminological Theory Session 511: SI7
What Do We Need to Learn? Assessing Rape Myths at a County Fair Session 317: VW8
What do Young People do to Prevent Crime? Session 517: CP6
What Drug Dealers Tell Us About Gun Possession and Use (or Non-Use) Session 97: GU3
What Happened to Deterrence Theory? Session 388: DI2
What is the Effect of Showing Less Crime on Local TV News? An Assessment of Fear, Perceived Risk and Punitive Attitudes for Viewers of Channels With Different Crime Content Session 63: MP1
What Might Have Happened and What Persists Session 299: CC12
What Nazi Skinheads Have Learned From Militias and Anti-Racist Activists Session 262: TM1
What You Don't Know Could Get You Hurt: Using Television to Educate the Public About How to Interact With the Police Session 423: MP8
What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like this? Reflections on Gender and Research in Prison Session 427: QM2
What's So Great About G.R.E.A.T.? Session 188: GA5
What's Up at NIJ: New Directions, Programs and Funding Opportunities Session 323: SP17
What's Work Got to Do With It? A Comparison of University Faculty's Curricular Goals With Criminal Justice Employers' Expectations of Recent Graduates' Skills and Knowledge Session 121: CJ7
When Children are Executed: An Historical Overview of the Capital Punishment of Youthful Offenders Session 181: CA4
When Criminals Rule: Corruption and Politics Session 234: WC6
When Does Crime Pay? Capital, Competence and Criminal Success Session 511: SI7
When Push Comes to Shove: A Case Study of the Effects of College Alcohol Policy Changes on Student Attitudes and Student Drinking Session 20: DR2
When the Law Gets in the Way: The Adverse Effects of Medical Malpractice Litigation Session 385: CT9
When Their Motive is Men: Using the Evolutionary Paradigm for Understanding Female Aggression Session 87: BI1
When Weather Matters: The Cumulative Effects of Temperature on Violent Crime Session 523: EC8
White House Crime and Scandal. From Washington to Clinton Session 234: WC6
White Out: Recasting and Obscuring Clients' Actions by Elite Bankruptcy Attorneys Session 264: WC7
White Supremacist Behavior: Toward an Integrated Social Psychological Model Session 346: TM4
White, Black and Hispanic Homicide Rates: Why the Difference? Session 106: RE3
Who Killed the School of Criminology? Round Up the Usual Suspects! Session 299: CC12
Who's In, Who's Out, and Who's Back: Follow-up Data on 59 Juvenile Murderers Incarcerated in the Early 1980s Session 528: HO9
Whose Ordinance is it, Anyway? Chicago's Gang Loitering Law, Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS), and the Media Session 133: MP3
Whose Reality? Religious Cults in the Mass Media Session 478: MP10
Why Can't We Do That?: Unresolved Problems in Comparative Research on Firearms Abuse and Gun Control Session 475: GU15
Why Can't We Have Diversity? Classification Theory and Practice in Women's Prisons Session 446: GC13
Why I Study Prisons: My Twenty Year Personal and Professional Odessy Session 360: CC18
Why Men Commit Crime (and Why They Desist) Session 87: BI1
Why Should Handguns be Made Less Reliable? Session 224: GU7
The "Whys" and "Why Nots" of Reporting Domestic and Other Assaults to the Police Session 534: RC2
Willing Conformity as the Foundation for Peacemaking Session 467: CC23
The Windy City vs. Space City: Trends in Female Homicide Offending in Chicago and Houston Session 98: HO4
Women and Commercial Sex Work in Sri Lanka Session 278: GC7
Women and Criminal Justice in England and Wales: Politics and Practice Session 156: GC3
Women and Drug Courts: Prevention or Punishment Session 216: CT3
Women and Guns: The Role of Women's Organizations and Gender Issues in the Discourse and Development of Canadian Firearms Legislation (1989-1999) Session 421: GU13
Women and Homicide Session 98: HO4
Women Behaving 'Badly' Session 473: GC14
Women Leadership in Justice Education, Policy and the Profession: New Age Strategies (Sponsored by the Division on Women and Crime) (Panel) Session 86: SP7
Women Political Activists and Human Rights Discourse in South East Asia Session 278: GC7
Women Terrorists in Germany and Peru Session 404: TM5
Women's Experiences With Mandatory Charging for Wife Assault in Ontario, Canada: A Case Against Prosecution Session 379: VW11
Women, Economic Marginalization, and Crime Session 511: SI7
Women, HIV, and AIDS: Multiple Epidemics? Session 223: GC5
Women, Men and Imprisonment: Some Reflections on 'Mixed' Prisons Session 515: CR21
Women, Policing and Resistance in Northern Ireland Session 419: GC11
Working With Girls: Theoretical Issues and Empirical Issues Session 128: GC2
The World Justice Information Network as a Tool for Sharing Criminal Justice/Criminology Information World Wide Session 519: CJ12
Wrong Side of the Tracks: Exploring the Role of Newspaper Coverage of Homicide in Socially Constructing Dangerous Places Session 193: MP5
Wrongs Without Remedy: Institutional Resistance to Recognizing Wrongful Convictions Session 10: CA1

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