The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter V

Paper Title Session ID
Validating Promising Practices as Best Practices in Juvenile Justice Education Session 90: CJ6
The Validity of Self-Reported Delinquency Among Adults: Results From the Evaluation of the Swiss Heroin Prescription Programs Session 56: DR5
The Value of Community Policing Case Studies in Learing About Police Community Interaction Session 340: PO22
Vancouver's Needle Exchange Clinic and the Spatial/Temporal Evolution of Crime Session 471: EC6
Variation in Case Management discharge Outcomes for Serious Delinquent Substance Abusing Juveniles as Explained by the Relationship Between Offender Presenting Problems and the Nature and Freuency of Treatment and Supervision Services Provided to Them Session 522: DR17
Vengeful Capitalism: The Role of the Culture of Capitalism and the Culture of Vengeance in Explaining the Peculiar Level of Lethal Violence in America Session 510: SI6
Victim Centered Policing: Poor Intentions, Strong Results Session 425: PO31
Victim Contact Work in the Probation Service: Issues and Dilemmas in Integrating a Victim Perspective Within Criminal Justice Session 167: VM6
Victim Empowerment: The Significance of Police Intervention for Intimate Partner Violence Session 38: VW1
The Victim's Rights Movement: A Case Study in the Social Construction of Law Session 165: SL7
The Victim's Role in Pre-Trial Decisions: Seeking Warrants and Protective Orders in Partner Violence Cases Session 152: CT1
The Victim-Offender Link for Girls in the Deep-End of the Juvenile Justice System Session 189: GC4
Victimization, Offending, and Deviant Role Exits: A Replication and Extension of Power-Control Theory Session 182: CS7
Victims of Fraud Session 514: WC9
Video Voyeurism: "Peeping" Into the World of High Tech Voyeurs and Examining Laws Designed to Protect an Individual's Privacy Session 357: CP4
A View From the Inside--Prisoners on the Death Penalty Session 213: CA5
Violence Against Animals and Serial Murder Session 358: CC16
Violence Against Immigrant Women Session 380: VW12
Violence Against Objects and Other Youth Problem Behaviors in a Three Country Study (England and Wales, The Netherlands, and Spain) Session 292: YO11
Violence Against Women by Women Session 460: VW17
Violence Among Adolescents Living in Public Housing Session 484: VI11
Violence Among So-Called Russian Germans in the Context of the Subculture of Violence Session 512: VI12
Violence and Incarceration: Black Women Caught in Systems of Private and Public Control Session 461: VW18
Violence and Juvenile Offenders: Couple and Parental Conflicts Session 291: YO10
Violence as Public Performance: School Contexts of Adolescent Violence Session 240: SP14
Violence at Work -- Who's at Risk? Session 484: VI11
Violence in School: Risk, Safety and Fear of Crime Session 202: VI7
Violence in Schools: A French and European Approach Session 77: VI5
Violent Behavior Among Youth: The Effect of Social Control and Subculture Session 205: YO6
Violent Crime and Immigration Patterns in New York City Communities, 1980-1990 Session 383: CO7
The Violent Gang and Dangerous Discourse Session 294: SP15
Violent Sexuality in the Media and Gender Inequality: A Macro Analysis of the Effects on Rape Session 460: VW17
Violent Victimization and Offending Among Mexican American Male Gang Members Session 334: GA8
Violent, Property, and White-Collar Delinquency: Can One Theory Explain Them All? Session 458: SI4
Virtually Deviant: One-Line Victimization and Related Anxiety Session 169: WC4
Visiting Fellowship Program Session 52: CJ4
Voices From the Inside: The Lives of Women Prisoners in Their Own Words Session 445: GC12
Voices of Girls: Female Youths Committed to Florida's Juvenile Justice System Session 446: GC13
Voluntary Prison After-Care in England and Wales Session 465: CR18
Volunteers and Parole Services: An Analysis of the Massachusetts Community Assistance Program for Developmentally Disabled Parolees Session 465: CR18

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