The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter U

Paper Title Session ID
U.K.'s Illegal Firearms Market Session 366: GU11
The U.N. Detention Unit and the Future International Criminal Court Corrections Program Session 13: CR1
The U.S. Supreme Court and Criminal Justice at the Dawn of a New Century: Symbolism and Substance in the High Court's Contemporary Role Session 285: SL11
Unbundling Program Outcomes: Assessing the Value of Risk and Type Session 477: JJ21
Unconditional Love" or "Tough Love"?: Perceptions of Social Support Among Imprisoned Women Session 12: CO2
Uncovering the Relationship Between Personality and Crime: A Follow-Up Study Session 533: PS10
Underage Prostitution in Britain Session 378: VC3
Undergraduate Students' Perceptions of Crime Session 505: MP11
Understanding and Explaining Crime and Criminality: Theories of Offending, Victimization, and Context Are Necessary Session 12: CO2
Understanding Judges' Views About Canada's New 'Intermediate' Sanction: The Conditional Sentence of Imprisonment Session 100: IS1
Understanding Men's and Women's Responses to Domestic Violence: An Interactionist Perspective Session 80: VW4
Understanding the Treatment Needs of Prostitutes: A Preliminary Analysis Session 120: CR7
Understanding the Treatment Needs of Prostitutues: A Preliminary Analysis Session 247: EF3
Understanding Women Prison Subcultures Using the Case Study Approach Session 270: CR12
Unpacking the American Crime Boom: Regional, Economic and Political Effects on Post-World War II Race-Specific Crime Trends Session 536: SL12
Updating Police Ethnography: Fragmentation and Competition Among the Subcultures of Urban Policing Session 196: PO14
Urban Cowboys?: An Analysis of Weapon Use During Gang Activity Session 95: GA2
Urban Drug Courts: A New Alternative or "More of the Same" Session 356: CT8
Urban-Rural Differences in the Effects of Alcohol and Drug Use on Violence in a Sample of Incarcerated Offenders Session 362: DR13
Urbanization, the Political Economy and Penitentiary Admissions in the New South Session 428: SE7
The Use and Threats of Firearms: The Ontario Rurual Woman Abuse Study Session 421: GU13
The Use of Civil Law to Control Criminal Behavior: An Examination of the Issues Session 34: SL3
Use of Offshore Centres for Fraud Session 266: OC6
The Use of Protective Factors in Aiding and Abetting Gang Desistance Session 477: JJ21
Using Attention/Encoding Abilities to Map Out Antisocial Behavior During Early Child Development Session 313: PS3
Using Content Analysis of Advertisements as a Measure of Private Sector Involvement in Criminal Justice Session 455: QM3
Using General Strain Theory to Understand the Race-Violence Relationship Session 345: SA3
Using GIS for Identifying Hazardous Spaces for Patrol Officers Session 363: EC3
Using Performance Indicators in the National Evaluation of OJJDP's SafeFutures Program Session 448: JJ20
Using Police Gang Databases as a Data Source in Salt Lake City Session 430: VI9
The Utility of Routine Activity Theory in Explaining Rural Victimization Session 410: CO9
The Utilization of an Interview-Based Classification Instrument for Parole Board Decision-Making Session 151: CR8

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