The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter T

Paper Title Session ID
Taking Up Arms in Sweden? Session 394: GU12
A Tale of Two Studies: Sources of Variation in the Effectiveness of Denial of Handgun Purchases Session 336: GU10
A Tale of Two Women: Murder, Madness and Redemption Inside the Essondale Mental Hospital, British Columbia 1944-1970 Session 392: GC10
Tarnished Image: Stigma and Tension Management Among OF ATF AGENTS Session 454: PO35
TBA Session 66: PS1
TBA Session 330: CC15
TBA Session 330: CC15
TBA Session 330: CC15
TBA Session 441: CC22
TBA Session 441: CC22
TBA Session 441: CC22
Tba Session 464: SP21
Technology Choices for Criminology/Criminal Justice Distance Learning Session 519: CJ12
Teen Courts in the United States Session 253: JJ7
Teenage Fathers and Violence Session 163: PS2
Telemarketing Fraud and Perpetrators: A Case Study Session 514: WC9
Televising Executions, Primetime 'Live'? Session 520: CC25
Television Viewing and Effects on Adolescent Violent Behavior Session 7: SP3
Ten Years After Enabling Legislation: Changing Patterns of DUI Offenders and Dispositions? Session 7: SP3
Tensions in the Barrio: Race, Class, Gender and Policing Session 106: RE3
Tenure Workshop (Workshop) Session 127: GC1
A Test of an Integrated Theory: Braithwaite's Reintegrative Shaming Theory Session 225: IC1
A Test of Anomie Theory With Cross National Data Session 345: SA3
A Test of the Divergent Validity of the Aggression Construct Session 342: PS4
Testing Control Balance Theory: Relating Control Ratio and Deviance Session 243: CS8
Testing Restorative Justice: Comparing Low and High Impact Contexts Session 492: CT10
Testing the Limits of "One Country Two Systems": Untangling Legal and Policy Issues in Cross-Border Crime Disputes Session 298: CT5
Testing the Relationship Between Incarceration, Informal Social Control and Crime Session 242: CO3
Testing Therapeutic Jurisprudence in Drug Court: The Orientation and Goals of Drug Court Officers Session 356: CT8
Themes and Images of Gang Rape in Print News Session 478: MP10
Theoretical Contributions of Interpretive Sociology to Peacemaking Criminology Session 329: CC14
Theoretical Criminology and the Differential Etiology of Violence and Stealing: The Prediction of Violence Versus Theft Session 538: VI14
Theorizing Drug Markets Session 206: OC2
Theory and Method in Homicide Research: A Critical Analysis Session 354: SP18
Theory, Law and Social Change: Domestic Violence Law in New York State Session 72: SL5
Thinking Outside the Box: Re-Imagining Criminal Justice Education for the 21st Century Session 51: CJ3
This Court is Now in Session: A Survey of New York's Youth Courts Session 280: JJ9
This is What I Want and Here's How I want It Done: Exploring the Supervision of Correctional Officers in Arkansas Session 271: CR13
Thou Shalt Blot Out the Remembrance of Amalek: The Otherization of Violence in the Jewish Tradition Session 245: DE2
Threat of Transnational Organized Crime Groups: Toward a Mechanism for Assessing Dangerousness Session 194: OC1
Three Criminal Policy Trends Into the Global Millennium Session 335: GL2
Three Year Outcomes of a Corrections-Based TC Drug Treatment Continuum, and Comparison of Components Session 302: DR11
Three-Strikes Theory: A Biosocial Theory of Serious Juvenile Delinquency Session 463: SP20
Thwarted Innovations in Canadian Prison Reform: The Interpretation of Underlying Ideological Lines Session 446: GC13
Time Interval and Offense Escalation Session 73: SM1
The Time Series Analysis of Crime Rates Session 201: SM5
Tired Cops: Testing Relationships Between Fatigue and Patrol Officer Performance, Health and Safety Session 426: PO32
"To Become a Tool in the Hands of the Public": Restructuring the Polish Police Force Session 479: PO36
To Go or Not to Go: Individual and System Level Factors Affecting Battered Women's Decisions to Appear in Court Session 408: VW14
Tolerance and Intolerance of an Alleged Criminality: Theory of Interest Interaction, Reaction or Inaction Session 464: SP21
Tools of the Trade: The Symbolic Power of Private Security Officers Session 531: PO40
Tort Reform and Physician Sanctioning Session 112: WC2
The Tourist-Victim Pattern in Street Robbery Session 139: VM5
Toward a Criminological Victimology of State Crime Session 154: CC5
Toward a Fear Theory of Crime Session 251: IC2
Toward a Population Ecology Model of Police Organizations: Ohio 1980-1999 Session 399: PO28
Toward a Redefinition of Feminist Rape Theory: The Short and Long Term Effects of Gender Inequality controlling for the Reporting Climate Session 223: GC5
Toward a Totally Administered Society: An Alternative Explanation for the Growth of the Crime Control Complex Session 494: CC24
Toward an Institutional Theory of Incarceration: Social Control, Welfare, and the Transformation of State Policy Session 71: SL4
Towards a More General Theory of Crime Session 45: CS1
Towards an Understanding of the Victimization of People With Developmental Disabilities and Mental Retardation: Achieving Equal Justice Session 74: VM1
Tracking Hung Juries Session 328: CT7
Traffic Stops and Race: Its Effect on Criminal History Session 259: SE1
Transforming Rituals: Alternative Approaches to Court Architecture and Practices Session 54: CC2
Transition From School to Work: An International Comparioson ! The Session 281: LD1
The Transition From School to Work: An International Comparison Session 525: GL7
Transnational Organized Crime Session 230: RP8
Trends in Juvenile Detention Session 235: YO7
Treting Inmates as Executives: An Evaluation of Treatment Program Designed to Increae Competency Session 303: EF5
Trial Outcomes in Spousal Homicide Cases Session 152: CT1
Trials and Error Session 468: DM3
Triangulating the Hacker: A Fiels Study of Hackers and Their Perceptions of Hacking Session 455: QM3
A Tribute to Allen E. Liska Session 322: SP16
The Truth About "Truth-inSentencing" and Impacts on Prison Populations and Crime Rates Session 279: IS5
Truth-in-Sentencing: State Response and Adaptation Session 376: SE5
Two Approaches to Observing Police-Community Meetings: A Comparison of Observation Protocols Developed by the Police-Community Interaction Project and the Chicago Community Policing Evaluation Session 340: PO22
Two Decades of Federal Sentencing: The Effects of a Changing Mix of Policies, Crimes, and Criminals Session 344: SE4
Two Decades of Research on Inequality and Homicide Session 431: VI10
Types of Violence in Violent Property Crime: An Exploration Session 77: VI5
Typification Biases in the Pretrial Release of Criminal Offenders: Effects of Uncertainty in Legal Decision-Making Session 327: CT6
Typifications and Culture: Teaching Race and Criminal Justice Session 217: CJ10
Typologies of Recovery and Their Association With Recidivism Session 246: DR9
A Typology of Delinquency Prevention Females Session 307: JJ11

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