The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter S

Paper Title Session ID
SafeFutures Milestones and Mid-Course Corrections: Reflections on Evaluating Comprehensive Community-Based Initiatives Session 126: ER3
Safety and Civility: Reconfiguring Childhood and Commodifying Youth Leisure Session 8: SP4
Same-Sex Battering: An Analysis of Incident Reporting and Risk of Victimization Session 512: VI12
San Diego CHOICE Program -- Juvenile Session 252: IS4
San Diego CHOICE Program -- Parent (Guardian) Session 183: CR9
The San Francisco Criminal Justice NETWORK for Women: Preliminary Results Session 123: DR6
Sapping Days: Hoboes, Tramps, and Policing the Railroads Session 476: HM1
Satisfaction With Youth Court Proceedings: A Follow-Up Analysis of the Colonie (NY) Youth Court Session 280: JJ9
Scandals of "Jusens" and Social Structure of Corporate Liability Session 81: WC1
School Associated Deaths: Recent Trends and the Public Health Impact Session 240: SP14
School Capacity for Guardianship and Student Problem Behavior: An Evaluation of a 5-Year Intervention Program Session 94: ER1
School Contextual Effects: The Role of the Single Parent Family Session 438: CO10
School Experiences as a Catalyst to Gang Membership: An Analysis of the Role of School Attachment and Performance Among Female Gang Members Session 524: GC16
School Failure and the Intergenerational Transmission of Deviance Session 232: SI2
School-Level Correlates of Strength of School-Based Prevention Programs Session 125: ER2
Screen Portrayals of Consensual and Coerced Sex Session 193: MP5
Second Responders Program: Evaluation of a Coordinated Police/Social Service Approach to Domestic Violence ` The Session 312: PO20
SECURE: An Experiment in Reducing Crime in Affordable Housing in Chicago Session 391: EC4
Seeking a Different World: Restorative Justice and the Search for Social Alternatives Session 492: CT10
Segregation and Crime Rates: A Longitudinal Examination of the Relationship Session 68: RE2
Selecting Police Work as a Career: The Importance of Aptitude, Interest, Sex Roles, and Social Support Session 195: PO13
Selectivity in Policing, Prosecuting, and Convicting Security Market Crimes Session 81: WC1
Self Control and Youthful Auto Theft Session 88: CS3
Self Control Theory and the Social Contract: Measuring Institutional Ties Symbolically Session 46: CS2
Self Control, Risky Lifestyles, and Situation: The Role of Opportunity and Context in the General Theory Session 150: CS6
Self Reported Alcohol Use by ADAM Arrestees Session 116: AL4
Self-Concept and Violence in African-American Adolescent Males: Issues in Prevention Session 68: RE2
Self-Disclosure, Studying Down, Finding the Truth: Fieldwork Dilemmas From Qualitative Research With Girls in Trouble Session 427: QM2
A Self-Report Survey of Delinquency in Metro Manila Session 142: YO4
Self-Reported Road Rage in a Representative National Sample: Incidence and Demographic Predictors Session 76: VI4
Sentence Severity: A Comparative Survey Session 343: SE3
Sentencing Disparities Between American Indians and Whites in Alaska: Does a Private Attorney Matter? Session 403: SE6
Sentencing Disparity and the Race of Offender: Examining the Influence of the Background Characteristics of the Sentencing Judge Session 403: SE6
Sentencing Environmental Law Violators in Federal Court Session 344: SE4
Sentencing in the Context of Domestic Violence: A Comparative Analysis Between Dispositions in "Intimate" Versus "Non-Intimate" Assault Cases Session 457: SE8
Sentencing of Immigration Cases Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines: The Effect of Departures and Offender Characteristics Session 259: SE1
The Sentencing of Sex Offenders in Minnesota (1981-1996): A Multi-Theoretical Focus Session 457: SE8
Sentencing Options and Recidivism Rates Among Drug Offenders in Jackson County, Missouri Session 403: SE6
Sentencing the Violent Offender in Pennsylvania Session 376: SE5
Serial Killers: An Emergent Phenomenon in Brazil Session 99: HO5
Serotonergic Mechanisms of Behavioral Disinhibition in Patients With Impulsive Aggressive Personality Disorders Session 147: BI3
Service Barriers for Battered Women With Male Partners in Batterer Programs Session 513: VW20
Service Learning and Juvenile Delinquency Session 153: CJ8
Service Providers' Perceptions of Violence and Its Effects on Children and Adolescents Session 533: PS10
Sex Offender Community Notification: Analyzing the Role of the Media Session 423: MP8
Sex Offender Legislation and the Antitherapeutic Effects on Victims Session 492: CT10
Sex Offender Treatment: A Post-Release Follow-Up Session 120: CR7
Sex Offender Treatment: A Post-Release Follow-Up Session 303: EF5
Sex Offenders Notification Laws: Process and Procedure Session 518: CP7
Sex Tourism in Sri Lanka Session 378: VC3
Sex Work and Public Policy: The Implications of Municipal Licensing Session 107: RP4
Sexual Assault in the City of Memphis: Intervening on Behalf of Adolescent Females at Risk Session 317: VW8
Sexual Homicide and Rape: Two Separate Crimes or a Continuum of Violence? Session 99: HO5
Sexuality, Gender, and the Criminal Law: An Integrative Approach Session 225: IC1
Sexually Aggressive Inmates on Correctional Officers Session 411: CR16
Shame and Crime: The Unfolding Debate Session 511: SI7
Shaming in Two Culturally Different Societies: An Empirical Test of Reintegrative Shaming Theory in China and America Session 429: SI3
Shifting Constructions of Drug Treatment in Print Media Coverage Session 21: DR3
Shifting the Steering in Policing Session 424: PO30
A Short Time of Trial and Tribulations: Eschatology, Little Traditions, and Political Violence Session 262: TM1
Should There be an International Criminal Tribunal for the Prosecution of Crimes of State-Sponsored Violence in Latin America? Session 24: GL1
Sicilian Cultures of Violence: The Interconnections Between Organized Crime and Local Society Session 228: OC3
"Sister Sam" North of the 49th: The Demise of Bill C-220 Session 165: SL7
The Situation of Juvenile Pre-Trial Detention in Eastern Germany After the Reunification Session 183: CR9
Situational Determinants of Avoided Versus Actual Violence Session 35: VI1
Situational Factors in Violent Crime Session 484: VI11
Small Town Cop Session 104: PO7
The Smoking Gun: Municipal Lawsuits Against Gun Manufacturers Session 129: GU4
Social and Organizational Contexts of Policing Session 196: PO14
Social Bonds as Opportunity (or Lack Thereof): A Reconciliation of Social Control and Self-Control Theories Session 88: CS3
Social Comparison Processes and Deviant Adaptations Session 508: PS9
Social Construction of Crime and Criminal Justice in the Mass Media in Japan Session 160: MP4
The Social Construction of Law: A Moot Court That Fosters Both Discipline and On Your Feet Risk-Taking Session 285: SL11
The Social Construction of Rape: A Theoretical Model Session 72: SL5
The Social Construction of Road Rage Session 478: MP10
The Social Construction of Wife Abuse as a Crime: 19th Century Lessons for 20th Century Activists Session 233: VW5
A Social Control Explanation of the 'Broken Homes' Hypothesis Session 46: CS2
The Social Control of Women Within the 'Semi-penal' Institution Session 270: CR12
Social Control, Drug Interdiction and the Response of Drug Traders Session 275: DR10
Social Disorganization and Crime in Australia: An Ecological Analysis of Crime Rates in Urban Areas Session 383: CO7
Social Disorganization and Partner Violence: Does it Matter Where You Live? Session 383: CO7
Social Disorganization and Rural Violent Crime: A Spatial Analysis Session 410: CO9
Social Disorganization, Social Capital, and Adolescent Alcoholism: An Assessment of Contextual Effects Session 44: AL3
The Social Embeddedness of Organized Crime Session 310: OC8
Social Function of an Epidemic: "Crack" in a Durkheimian Context Session 370: MP6
Social Learning and Deviance: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach Session 442: DM2
Social Learning and Social Structure in Adolescent Delinquency and Substance Use Session 458: SI4
Social Problem Solving Mechanisms: Considering the Dimensions and Impact of the Incarceration Model in American Society Session 186: CC6
Social Reaction to Crime in Three European Countries Session 292: YO11
Social Sanctions and Patterns of Drunk Driving Among College Students Session 388: DI2
The Social Structure of Violence: A Test of Black's Theory of Self-Help Session 158: HO7
Social Structure-Social Learning Theory: A Test and Extension Session 458: SI4
Social Support Networks, Strain, and Gender: An Empirical Examination Session 261: SA1
Social Support, Social Control, and Delinquency: Hirschi's Causes of Delinquency Revisited Session 251: IC2
Social Theory, Sacred Text and Sing-Sing Prison: A Sociology of Community-Basede Reconciliation Session 390: EF7
Social Threat and Benign Neglect as an Explanation of the Relationship Between Race and Crime Session 136: RE4
The Socialization of Youth Court Volunteers: Understanding the Impact of the Youth Court Experience on Young Volunteers Session 280: JJ9
Socio-Cultural Dimensions of "Crime" in 21st Century U.S.A. Session 33: SL2
A Socio-Legal Analysis if the 'War on Drugs' and Women's Imprisonment Session 249: GC6
Socio-Spatial Polarisation, the Geography of Education and Youth Delinquency: A Brussels Case-Study Session 39: YO1
Sociology and Hermeneutics of Religion and Rehabilitation in a Prison Setting Session 390: EF7
Some Origins of Support for the Violent Offender Incarceration/Truth-in-Sentencing Movement Session 279: IS5
Some Preliminary Findings From the Evaluation of Communities in Schools of San Fernando Valley/Valley Unit Peace Treaty Gang Prevention and Intervention Strategies Session 222: GA6
Someone is Always Outside the Boundary: A Parole Board Tribute(?) to Emile Durkheim Session 439: CR17
Sorokin and Altruism: Implications for Peacemaking Criminology Session 329: CC14
Sources of Gun Acquisition Among Young Urban Males Session 129: GU4
The South Australian Juvenile Justice System Session 159: JJ4
The Span of Collective Efficacy: Extending Social Disorganization Theory to Violence in Intimate Relationships Session 200: SI1
Spatial Analyses of Crime Using a Japanese Version of "SCAS" Session 5: SP1
A Spatial Analysis for Calls for Police Service: Pubs, Clubs and Cabarets in Vancouver, B.C. Session 417: EC5
A Spatial Analytic Model of Assaults on Police Session 212: SP12
The Spatial and Temporal Distribution of "Hot Spots" of Crime and Fear of Victimization: Identifying and Explaining Overlap and Independence Session 417: EC5
Spatial and Temporal Variation of Homicide Rates in Russia Session 61: HO3
Spatial Aspects of Illegal Drug Markets in Wilmington, Delaware Session 363: EC3
Spatial Relationships Between Unemployment and Crime Session 440: CE2
Special Issues in Collecting Domestic Violence Data on the Border Session 430: VI9
Spies, Dickie and Prison Security: A Short History of Security Categorisation in the English Prison System Session 13: CR1
The Spread of Fraud Among Investors Session 514: WC9
Squashing the Beef: Situational Factors and Strategies Averting Youth Violence Session 35: VI1
Stage of Change and Attrition From Batterer Treatment Session 276: EF4
Stake in Conformity as a Predictor of Success for Domestic Assault Probationers Session 491: CR20
Stalking by Intimates Among Domestic Incidents Reported to the Police in Selected Jurisdictions of New York State Session 140: VP1
The State and Restorative Justice: The Case of AFIKPO-Nigeria Customary Court Session 31: RP1
State Child Protection Agencies and Local Criminal Court Officials: The Challenge of Cooperation and Coordination Session 168: VP2
State Crime, Human Rights and the Limits of Criminology Session 278: GC7
State Response to Organized Crime: Canadian Perspectives Session 228: OC3
State Variations in Capital Sentencing Session 49: CP3
The State, Sexuality, and the Market: The Regulation of Prostitution in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden Session 91: CC3
States' Progress in Implementing the Federal Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grants Program Session 337: JJ13
A Statewide Evaluation of Ohio's Drug Courts: Characteristics and Outcomes? Session 356: CT8
Statistics as Narrative Session 358: CC16
Status of Stalking Laws and Litigation Session 263: VW6
Steaming: A Kind of Youth Violence Session 77: VI5
Steaming: A Kind of Youth Violence Session 77: VI5
Stranger Homicides and Missing Data Session 415: DM1
Strategies and Techniques for Enhancing Mail Research Design in Criminal Justice Session 468: DM3
Strategies for Self-Actualization of Female Minority Officers in Urban Police Departments Session 195: PO13
Strategies to Reduce Antisocial Behavior in Elementary School-Aged Children Session 102: LC2
Street and Brothel Prostitution in a Small Midwestern City, 1885-1945 Session 527: HM2
Street Gangs as Revealed by Immersion in the Hood Session 96: GA3
Street Gangs as Revealed by Longitudinal Research Session 96: GA3
Street Gangs as Revealed by Police Data Session 96: GA3
Street Gangs as Revealed by School Surveys Session 96: GA3
Street Prostitution is a Drug Issue Session 56: DR5
Street-Level Drug Law Enforcement and Its Impact on Entry Into Methadone Treatment Session 55: DR4
Stress and the Female Police Officer Session 195: PO13
Structural Contradictions and the United States Sentencing Commission: The Development of Federal Organizational Sentencing Guidelines Session 112: WC2
Structural Effects on Juvenile Court Intake: The Status of Women and Treatment of Female Offenders Session 62: JJ1
Structure and Procedures of Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Units in U.S. Police Organizations Session 29: PO3
Structure Verus Process in Adolescent Risk-Taking Behavior: Examining Data From Canada and the U.S. Session 26: LC1
Structured Decision Making and Overrepresentation in the Juvenile Justice System Session 101: JJ2
Student Attitudes Towards School Discipline and the Impact of Gangs, Student Victimization and Disorder Session 205: YO6
Student Learning Styles Session 17: CJ1
Student Perception of School Disorder: How Different is Public From Private? Session 202: VI7
Student-Teacher Relationships and an Outcome of Juvenile Delinquency for African-American Males Session 449: LC3
Students' Perception of a Criminal Justice Program Session 413: CJ11
A Study of the Behavior of Law and Civil Restraining Orders Session 434: VW16
Substance Abuse Diversion Program for Women Offenders: A Benefit Cost Analysis of Programmatic Aspects Session 184: CT2
Substance Abuse Treatment and Recidivism: An Assessment of Predictive Factors From a Residential Program Session 389: DR14
Suicide and Gambling: A Geographic Analysis of Suicide Rates and Gaming Areas Session 212: SP12
Suicide and the Availability of Firearms Via the Retail Market: A National Analysis Session 501: GU16
The Sun Never Sets on Electronic Monitoring: A Comparison of 'Tagging' in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Commonwealth Nations Session 252: IS4
Supermax: The Last in the Line, the Present and the Future Session 326: CR14
Supervisory Determination of Juveniles on Probation Session 308: JJ12
Supply and Demand: Crime Policy and the Influence of Public Opinion Session 535: RP11
Support for the Death Penalty: A Gender Specific Model Session 267: CA7
Surrender Narratives: Boundary Matters in Social Conflicts Session 93: DE1
Surveillance, Guidance, Autonomy and the Criminal Justice System: A Philosophical Approach to the Use of New Technologies and Their Implications for Privacy and Punishment Session 69: RP2
Survey of Self-Reported Violent Behavior and Risk and Protective Factors Among 277 Adolescents Session 318: VP4
A Survey of State Reporting Statutes for Gunshot Wounds Session 305: GU9
Surviving "Governor Hitman": Needle Exchange as a Social Movement Session 370: MP6
Sustaining Community Policing Through Collaborative Strategies Session 135: PO10
A Symbolic Interactionist Perspective on "Desistance": Toward a Theory of Cognitive Transformation Session 429: SI3
Symbolic Politics: America's War Against the Working-Class Session 219: CC8
The Symbolism of the Murder Investigation Session 454: PO35
A Systemic Evaluation of a School-based Anti-bullying Program Session 203: VP3

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