The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter R

Paper Title Session ID
R-E-S-P-E-C-T--Find Out What It Means to Me: Female Gang Members and the Code of the Street Session 95: GA2
Race and American Drug Wars Session 386: CC19
Race and Drug Trials Session 216: CT3
Race and Gender Comparisons of Self-Reported Behavioral and Emotional Problems Session 124: DR7
Race and Gender Differences in Violence Risk Across Communities Session 111: VI6
Race and Policing: Lessons and Challenges of the Amadou Diallo Case Session 371: PO24
Race and Sentencing Outcome in Maryland: A Contextual Analysis Session 428: SE7
Race and the Case for the Prosecution Session 343: SE3
Race and the Use of the Death Penalty in Ohio Session 267: CA7
Race, Economic Competition, and Increasing Imprisonment Rates Session 536: SL12
Race, Expectations, and Evaluations of the Police: An Empirical Assessment Session 423: MP8
Race, Experience, Neighborhood Perceptions and Context: A Hierarchial Analysis of Satisfaction With Police Session 400: PO29
Race, Racial Attitudes and Support for Punitive Measures Session 136: RE4
Race, Social Disadvantage, and Poor School Performance: A Developmental Perspective Session 449: LC3
Racial Composition of Rural Communities and Fear of Crime Session 63: MP1
Racial Differences in Arrest, Sentencing and Imprisonment in Pennsylvania Session 428: SE7
Racial Diversity and the Juvenile Court: The Social Context of Policy, Process and Sanction Session 62: JJ1
Racial Patterns of Aggravating and Mitigating circumstances: An Examination of Tennessee's Death Row Session 180: CA3
Racial, Ethnic and Gender Disparities in Sentencing: Evidence From the U.S. Federal Courts Session 495: DI5
Racially Disproportionate Confinement and the Organization of Sentencing in Michigan Juvenile Court Communities Session 272: CT4
Racist Laws and Capital Gains: Capitalizing on Racial Underclass Status Session 18: CC1
Rage, quarrels and Temper Tantrums: Making Sense of Official Explanations of Homicide in England and Wales Session 98: HO4
Randomization in Drug Abuse Treatment for Offenders: Perils and Pitfalls Across Sites Session 499: ED2
Rape and Sexual Aggression: A Cohort Study of 21,000 Young Men in Switzerland Session 36: VI2
Re-Assessing Models of Prison Culture: Does Gender Matter? Session 515: CR21
The Re-Emergence of Nocturnal Youth Curfews in British Columbia Session 192: JJ5
The Re-Emergence of the Sheriff in British Policing: The Case of Policing Environmental Protest Session 29: PO3
Recasting Cohen's Strain-Based Theory of Subcultural Delinquency Session 315: SA2
Recent Developments in Crime and Criminal Justice in Russia: Research Issues From the Perspective of American and Russian Scholars Session 24: GL1
Recidivism Around the World: A Comparison Between Europe and U.S.A. Session 474: GL6
Recidivism of Federal Prisoners: Effects of Sentencing Reforms on the Likelihood of Returning to Federal Prison Session 326: CR14
Recidivism Patterns Among Juvenile Transfers in Two Florida Counties Session 395: JJ17
Recidivism, Risk, and Resiliency Among North American Indian Probationers, Parolees and Former Prisoners: An Examination of the Lumbee First Nation Session 106: RE3
Reconceiving 'Empowerment': Racialized Classism, Normative Gender Relations and Women's Lawbreaking Session 223: GC5
Reconceptualization of Attachment-Extending Social Bonding Theory Session 243: CS8
Reconsidering the Broken Homes/Delinquency Relationship and Specifying Its Mediating Mechanism(s) Session 504: LC5
Reconstructing 'the Gun Problem' for South Africa Session 501: GU16
Recreational Law Enforcement: Issues and Trends Session 532: PO41
Redefinition of Crime and Deviancy in a changing Russia: Theoretical Explanations Session 365: GL3
Reducing Violence in Immigrant Detention Centers Session 309: MC1
Reducing Violent Behavior Among Chronic and Serious Juvenile Offenders: A Comparison of Two Community Treatment Programs Session 47: CR4
Reflections on Forty Years in the American Criminal Justice System Session 360: CC18
Refracted Media Claims: NRA's Reproduction of Defensive Gun Use Newspaper Stories Session 478: MP10
Registered Juvenile Crime in Brussels: A Socio Spatial Analysis Session 39: YO1
Regularity of Substance Use Among Arrestees in the Five Boroughs of New York City Session 496: DR16
Rehabilitating Criminals: It Ain't That Easy Session 360: CC18
Reincarceration as an Artifact of Limited Reliance on Imprisonment: Implications From Japan Session 13: CR1
Reintegration Potential and Prison Population Management: From Applied Research to National Implementation Session 333: EF6
Reinterpreting the Positive Correlation Between Youth Employment and Crime Session 483: SI5
The Relation of Family functioning to Patterns of Delinquency Within Types of Urban Neighborhoods Session 374: PS5
The Relationship Between Children's Threats of Violence and Violent Behavior Session 205: YO6
The Relationship Between Prison Administrative Policy and Rates of Recidivism Session 120: CR7
The Relationship Between Self Reported Brain Injury and Substance Abuse Among a Sample of Incarcerated Males Session 362: DR13
The Relationship Between Size and Structure of Police Departments: A Longitudinal Study Session 399: PO28
The Relationship Between the Theory of Law and the Enforcement of Environmental Laws Session 33: SL2
Relationship Between Victimization and the Process of Criminalization of Black Women: A Contextual and Situational Analysis of the Relationship Between Interpersonal and 'Stranger' ViolencePersonal, Cultural and Situational Factors Influencing the Experi Session 364: GC9
The Relative Importance of General Versus Offense-Specific Beliefs Session 342: PS4
Reliability and Construct Validity of the LSI for Colorado Inmates Session 516: CR22
Religion and Adjustment to Prison Session 390: EF7
Religious vs. Secular Control of Violent vs. Non-Violent Delinquency Session 149: CS5
Religiousness and Post-Release Community Adjustment Session 411: CR16
Remand Custody and Alternatives for Remand Custody Session 343: SE3
Repeat and Multiple Victimizations: The Role of Individual and Contextual Factors Session 297: CO5
Replicating Victimization Surveys in 12 Urban Jurisdictions Session 499: ED2
The Replication and Extension of the Study of Development Pathways Towards Serious and Violent Offending in Juveniles Session 307: JJ11
Reporting of Child Abuse: A Cross-Generational Logistic Regression Model Session 459: VC6
The Reporting of Crimes Against Children to Police and Other Authorities Session 347: VC1
Reporting Violence in the Workplace Session 484: VI11
Research for Reform: A Case Study From England and Wales Session 258: RP9
Research Methods in Criminal Justice: An Analysis of Issues Being Covered in Classrooms Across the Country Session 468: DM3
Research Methods: Undercover Tactics Session 464: SP21
Researching Male Attitudes to Violence Against Women Session 433: VW15
Residential Provision for Female Offenders: Issues in Effective Practice Session 226: IS3
Resiliency in Youth: Exploring the Moderating Influence of Health Beliefs and Attitudes Toward Cannabis Use Among 'At Risk' Ontario Students Session 124: DR7
Resistance and Response: Eco-Vandalism as Terrorism and as Fun Session 273: CC10
Resistance and Search for Power: Females in Gangs Session 294: SP15
Resonances of Abolition -- The United Kingdom Looks Back Session 148: CA2
Resource Capture by Large Municipal Police Departments Session 452: PO33
Responding to Drug-Abusing Female Offenders: Early Results of the Women's Network in Maricopa County, Arizona Session 123: DR6
The Response of Law Enforcement Officers to Domestic Violence: The Case of Immigrant Women and Women of Color Session 359: CC17
Responsibility and Rehabilitation: Inmate Reactions to Increased Autonomy in a Prison Setting Session 427: QM2
Responsibilizing Labour Picketing: Policing Disputes in Windsor, Canada Session 480: PO37
Responsivity and Motivation to Change in Sexual Offenders Session 276: EF4
Responsivity in Cognitive Interventions Session 187: EF1
Restitution: Practical Considerations for Prosecutors in Determining Victim Loss Session 110: VM4
Restorative and Abolitionist Approaches to Prison: Reflections on the Work of Claire Culhane Session 439: CR17
Restorative Justice and Punishment: The Views of Young People Session 32: SL1
Restorative Justice in a Northern Canadian Community: The Potential of Sentencing Circles to Address Issues Associated With Youth Crime Session 253: JJ7
Restorative Justice, Victim - Victim - Offender - Mediation in Europe Session 425: PO31
Restorative Justice: Open Justice? Session 425: PO31
Results of a Survey of State Victims of Crime Administrators Session 167: VM6
Results of the 1999 National Survey on White-Collar Crime Session 487: WC8
Retail Drugs Session 236: OC4
Rethinking Victimization Risk From a Criminal Event Perspective Session 497: EC7
The Rise and Rise of 'Community Safety': Implications for Civic Governance Session 493: CP5
Risk and Protective Factors of Juveniles' Development to Serious Delinquency Session 163: PS2
Risk Assessment and Programming for Females in the Criminal Justice System: Should Males be the Norm? Session 446: GC13
Risk Factors for Serious, Violent Offenders Session 307: JJ11
Risk, Dangerousness and the Classified Society: an Analysis of New Penology and New Institutionalist Frameworks Session 137: SL6
Risking Lives for Profit: Analyzing Corporate Risk Taking With Event Trees Among a Sample of Commercial Passenger Vessel Casualties Session 455: QM3
Risks, Needs and Effectiveness in British Probation Services Session 516: CR22
Risky Behaviors, Substance Use and Sensation Seeking by Violently Victimized Youth: An Exploratory Study Session 288: VM8
Roe v Wade and American Infanticide Session 406: VC4
The Role of "Experts" in Network Television's Presentation of Crime Session 133: MP3
The Role of Alcohol in Sexual Assaults Session 43: AL2
The Role of Community Social Control and Neighborhood Disadvantage: A Contextual Analysis of Victimization Risk Session 297: CO5
Role of Culture and Parenting Style for Overall Treatment Satisfaction With the NIDA Strengthening Washington, D.C. Families Program Session 418: ER4
The Role of Employment in the Post-Imprisonment Lives of Prisoners Session 11: CO1
The Role of Firearms in Domestic Homicide in Canada in the 1990's Session 421: GU13
The Role of Fraud in the Asian Financial Crisis: The Case of Japan Session 264: WC7
The Role of Gender in Defining Hate Crimes: Women as Categorical Targets Session 286: TM2
The Role of Impulsiveness in Aggression and Commonly Co-occurring Disorders Among Youthful Offenders Session 147: BI3
The Role of Parenting in the Development of Antisocial Behavior Session 504: LC5
The Role of Siblings in Two Separate Drug Subcultures: A Qualitative Analysis Session 55: DR4
Role of Social Developmental Processes in Facilitating or Interrupting the Link Between Early Offending and Adult Crime Session 290: YO9
Role of the Prison Chaplain in Offender Rehabilitation Session 390: EF7
The Role of the Prison Environment in the Etiology of Sexual Aggression Session 360: CC18
Role of Unrealistic Life Goals in the Development of Antisocial Behavior in Inner-City Adolescents Session 508: PS9
The Role of Victim-Offender Intimacy in the Production of Homicide Followed by Suicide Session 25: HO1
The Role Played by Drugs in Crimes Committed by a Group of Incoming Prisoners Session 220: DR8
The Roles of Practioner-based and Scholarly Professional Associations in Enhancing Public Safety Through Principled Approaches to Corrections Session 490: CR19
The Roles of Scholars, Practitioners, Politicians, and the General Public in Establishing Correctional Goals and Influencing Practice Session 490: CR19
The Roots of Criminality in the Biology of Blame Session 295: BI4
Roundtable on Research Support at NSF Session 489: SP23
Routine Activities in Social Context: A Closer Look at the role of Opportunities in Deviant Behavior Session 170: YO5
Routine Work Stress Among Police Officers and Civilians, and Stress Reactions Session 426: PO32
The Routinization of Panic: Marilyn Manson, Moral Entrepreneurship and Myth-Making Session 520: CC25
The Rural Community and Crime Session 410: CO9
Rural/urban Differences in Sexual Assault Victimization Session 139: VM5
Russian Organized Crime in the Benelux Countries Session 255: OC5
Russian Organized Crime: The Continuation of an American Tradition Session 194: OC1
Russian Roulette: Exercising Constitutional Rights in the 'Consensual' Police-Citizen Encounter Session 161: PO11
Russian-Speaking Global Financial Crime Session 255: OC5

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