The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter P

Paper Title Session ID
Paradox Within a Paradox: Eighteenth-Century English Criminal Forgery Law and the Enforcement of the "Bloody Code" Session 298: CT5
Parent and Teenager Reactions to the New Orleans Juvenile Curfew Ordinance Session 254: JJ8
Parental Substance Abuse and Child Maltreatment Session 116: AL4
Parricide and Society: The Irony of Law, Postmodernism, and Psychoanalysis Session 244: CC9
Participation in Athletics and the Use of Recreational Drugs: An Analysis Using Social Control Theory Session 243: CS8
Partnering With Youth to Prevent Violence: An Overview and Evaluation of ProjectFREE Session 274: CC11
Party Control and Crime Session 464: SP21
The Past is Present: Oppositional Histories of Policing in Northern Ireland Session 506: PO38
Past Issues and Experiences of Women in Criminal Justice Session 146: SP8
Past Practices: Transferring Children Out of Juvenile Court, 1899 to 1970 Session 396: JJ18
Paternalism in Public Housing: An Observational Study of Social Control Session 46: CS2
Pathological Gambling: A Critical Review Session 230: RP8
Pathways in the Offending Process of Sexual Murderers Session 6: SP2
Pathways Into Crime for Cocaine-Dependent Women Session 362: DR13
Pathways to Delinquency in South China Session 510: SI6
Pathways to Violence: An Analysis of the Link Between Childhood Abuse and Adolescent Female Offending Session 524: GC16
Patrol Officers' Use of Authority Toward Juvenile Suspects Session 134: PO9
Patrol Supervisors' Attitudes Toward Community Policing: Comparing Structured Survey Items and Semi-Structured Debriefing Data Session 65: PO6
Patterns in Juvenile Offending: An Optimal Matching Analysis of Criminal Careers Session 170: YO5
Patterns of Juvenile Delinquency in Post-Soviet Russia Session 142: YO4
Patterns of Juvenile Frequent and Chronic Offenders in East Germany Session 142: YO4
Peer Evaluation in Higher Education Session 17: CJ1
Peer Factors in Very Young Offending Session 102: LC2
Pennsylvania's Electronic Data Book of County-Level Indicators of Community Risk and Protective Factors Related to Delinquency Session 448: JJ20
Perceived Order and Disorder: The Determinants of Individual Attitudes Towards Law Enforcement Session 451: MP9
Perceptions and Experiences of Probation Treatment in Hong Kong Session 247: EF3
Perceptions and Reality of Discipline in the Charleston, Charlotte Mecklenburg and St. Petersburg Police Departments Session 372: PO25
Perceptions of Crime Seriousness: What Have We Learned and What Else Do We Want to Know? Session 331: DE4
Perceptions of Criminal Justice Policy in Scandinavia Session 535: RP11
Perceptions of Impact and Job Satisfaction Among Officers Assigned to Traditional and Community Policing Roles Session 65: PO6
Perceptions of Local Courts: A Comparison of White, African-American, and Hispanic Viewpoints Session 451: MP9
Perceptions of Procedural Justice by Felony Offenders in Drug Treatment Session 56: DR5
Perceptions of Violence, Violent Experiences, Drinking Patterns and Views on Alcohol Control Policies: Results From a Survey of Ontario Adults Session 116: AL4
Persistence, Intensity and Areal Extent of Violence Against Women: Baltimore City, 1992-95 Session 363: EC3
Personality Characteristics and Modus Operandi in Rapists Session 317: VW8
Personality Characteristics, High-Risk Situations and Coping Strategies in Sexual Aggressors Session 533: PS10
Personality Traits of Incarcerated Juveniles Session 117: BI2
Perspectives on Crime Causation in Nigeria Session 402: RC1
Perspectives on Offending Among Girls Session 128: GC2
'Petit Apartheid': An Exploratory Study of Post-Garner Police Behavior Session 386: CC19
'Petit Apartheid': The Reality of the Africa American Experience Session 386: CC19
Pharmacists and Pharmaceutical Use: Applying Institutional Anomie Theory to a Specific Cultural Milieu Session 315: SA2
The Phoenix Project: Predictors of Suspect Use of Force Session 28: PO2
Physical Abuse Around the Time of Pregnancy: Findings From the Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System Session 486: VW19
A Pilot Evaluation of a Gender-Specific Programme for Girls Who Engage in Disruptive Behaviours Session 203: VP3
A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place: Municipal Regulation of Sex Work in Canadian Cities Session 107: RP4
The Place of Replication in Alternative Methods of Research Synthesis Session 499: ED2
Planning for the Survey of Youth in Residential Placement Session 422: JJ19
Plasticity of White-Collar Crime: An Interactionist Approach Session 141: WC3
Playing the Gender Card at the Expense of Race Session 364: GC9
Plenary: Presidential Address Session 462: SP19
Plural Policing and Democratic Governance Session 424: PO30
Police Abuse of Force in Bangladesh: An Assessment Session 161: PO11
Police and Youth Interface With Interactive Technology in Researching Juvenile Crime Session 113: YO3
Police Checkpoints: Interpreting the "Balancing Test" as Social Control Session 494: CC24
Police Department and Police Officer Association Leaders' Perceptions of Community Policing Session 65: PO6
Police Discretion in a Small Town Session 104: PO7
Police Fatalities: Trends and Differences Among Three Major Sources of Data Session 212: SP12
Police Force and Citizen Resistance: Application of the Force Continuum Session 134: PO9
Police Integrity in the Netherlands Session 372: PO25
Police Legitimacy and Egalitarian Justice: A Randomized Field Experiment Session 425: PO31
Police Officer's Characteristics, Attitudes and Performance Session 453: PO34
Police Policies and Practices in the Criminal Investigation Process: Preliminary Findings From a National Survey Session 162: PO12
Police Reporting and Professional Help Seeking by Child Victims of Violent Crimes Session 347: VC1
Police Use of Force: Correlates of Effectiveness Session 480: PO37
"Policezation" and Zero Tolerance in Finland Session 494: CC24
Policies and Legislation to Combat Sex Offenders: Recent Developments in the U.K. Session 140: VP1
Policing and Market: Towards a New Political Economy of Security Session 424: PO30
Policing and the Management of Risk Session 454: PO35
Policing as a Public Good: Towards a Theory of State Policing Session 424: PO30
Policing by Consent and Partnership: A Model of Community Policing in Taiwan Session 393: GL4
Policing First Nations and First Nations Policing Session 506: PO38
Policing Fraud Against Corporations Session 204: WC5
Policing in a Community Context: An Observational Study of Rural, Small-Town and Suburban Policing Session 104: PO7
Policing in Belgium: Democracy and Development Session 393: GL4
Policing in Bermuda: A Comparative Study of Dimensions of Policing During Transition, 1950-1977 and 1978-1995 Session 30: PO4
Policing Sexual Violence: The Politics of Investigating Sexual Violence Session 359: CC17
Policing Women Abuse in the Arab Community in Israel: Police Officers' Perceptions of the Interface of Gender, Culture and Politics Session 30: PO4
Policing, Democracy and Globalization: Research on Policing for the 21st Century Session 64: PO5
Policy and Politics: Youth Justice in Canada Session 192: JJ5
Policy Change and Prison Population Forecasting: Producing and Validating Results Session 214: CR10
The Political Economy of Routine Corporate Killing Session 122: CC4
Political Piggybacking: Should State Public Defenders and Federal Defenders Collaborate to Strengthen the Right to Counsel? Session 314: SE2
Political-Criminal Strategies Against the Abuse of Those Who Are Under Age and Children's Pornography Session 378: VC3
The Politicalization of the RCMP and Some Suggestions for Fixing It Session 250: GU8
The Politics of Organized Crime: The Case of Philadelphia's "Black Mafia" Session 282: OC7
Pomp and Circumstances: Making the Life-Course Transition From Middle School to High School Session 449: LC3
Pondering the Future: Effective Control of Long Term Inmates Session 326: CR14
Portrayals of Community Policing in a Professional Journal Session 311: PO19
Possibilities for Geocriminology Session 277: EC2
Post-Soviet Organized Crime in Israel Session 255: OC5
Postmodern Images: Claims, Crime and the Hyperreal Session 478: MP10
Power and Exploitation Within Professional Relationships: The Legal Responses Session 392: GC10
The Power of Oppression: Towards Understanding the History of Criminology as a Science of Oppression Session 218: CC7
Power Under Siege: How Elites are Coming Around Organized Crime in Mexico Session 310: OC8
The Practical and Curricular Concerns of Criminal Justice Professionals Session 185: CJ9
Practical Payoffs to Evaluation in a Juvenile Correctional Setting Implementing Juvenile Boot Camp Reform Session 183: CR9
Practitioner Perspectives on Violence Against Women Session 513: VW20
'Praying to the Golden Calf': A Preliminary Conceptual Paradigm of Religious Deviance Session 301: DE3
Predators and Their Prey: How Far Will the Residential Burglar Travel to Score Session 523: EC8
Predicting Attrition From Prevention Programs: An Evaluation of the Maryland After School Community Grant Program Session 418: ER4
Predicting Change in Capital Punishment Opinion Session 180: CA3
Predicting Crime Trends in Washington, D.C., 1960-1997 Session 225: IC1
Predicting Fear of Crime in 12 Cities Session 63: MP1
Predicting Individual Risk for Recidivism Session 518: CP7
Predicting Juvenile Crime Rates: A Hazardous Business Session 133: MP3
Predicting Juvenile Recidivism in At-Risk Youth Session 6: SP2
Predicting Juvenile Violence From Early Onset of Delinquency Session 163: PS2
Predicting Levels of Abuse and Reassault Among Batterer Program Participants Session 433: VW15
Predicting Offending: The Individual in Context Session 456: RP10
Predicting Program Completion in a Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison Program: Preliminary Findings Session 389: DR14
Predicting Recidivism: What Are the Most Useful Measures? Session 151: CR8
Predicting Risk of Aggression and Violence in Children Session 318: VP4
Predicting Sex Offending From Criminal Offense History, a Collaborative Approach Session 36: VI2
Predicting Success or Failure in a Drug Testing Program Combined With Immediate Sanctions for Parolees: The Evaluation of Project S.T.O.P. Session 491: CR20
Predicting Violence Among discharged Psychiatric Patients: A Multilevel Assessment of Individual and Community Risk Factors Session 36: VI2
The Prediction of Criminal Reoffending Using the Level of Service Inventory--Ontario Revision Session 151: CR8
Predictive Models for Law Enforcement Session 108: SM2
Predictors of Death or Serious Injury in Intimate Partner Violence: The Chicago Women's Health Risk Study Session 98: HO4
Predictors of Violence: Ethnographic Interviews With Inner-City Youth Session 374: PS5
Pregnancy and Violence Against Women: An Analysis of Longitudinal Data Session 486: VW19
Preliminary Findings From a National Survey of Intensive Aftercare Innovations in State Youth Correctional Systems: A 10 Year Update Session 82: YO2
Preliminary Findings on Criminal Justice Systems Impact From the Brooklyn Treatment Court's Women's Criminal Justice/Treatment Network Session 123: DR6
Preliminary Psychometric Data for the Personal and Relationships Profile (PRP): A Multi-Scale Tool for Clinical Screening and Research on Partner Violence Session 415: DM1
Preliminary Study of Drug Courts in Kentucky Session 246: DR9
President's Panel Session 42: SP5
Presidential Plenary: Developmental Criminology Session 84: SP6
Pretrial Detention of Men Accused in Domestic Violence Affairs Session 152: CT1
The Pretrial Release Process in Baltimore City, Maryland Session 327: CT6
Preventing Domestic Violence in Spain Session 304: GC8
Preventing Motor Vehicle Theft Through Community-Oriented Policing Session 256: PO16
Preventing Vehicle Theft With Curfew Decals: Does it Work? Session 357: CP4
Preventing Violence and Health Risk Behaviors Among Adolescents: Long-Term Effects of Elementary School Teacher Training and Parent Education Session 381: PS7
Preventing Violence Through Youth Involvement: A Pilot Community Policing Partnership Program at the Yorkville High School Session 318: VP4
Prevention of Domestic Violence Against the Elderly as Seen by Seniors, Family Caregivers and Experts Session 512: VI12
Prevention of Family Abduction Through Early Identification of Risk Factors Session 432: VC5
Prevention of Violence and Vandalism in Jails: An Environmental Perspective Session 215: CR11
Prior Employment Status and Inmate Sensitivity to Penal Sanctions Session 284: SC1
Prison Inmates in New Mexico and New Zealand: A Descriptive Cross-Cultural Comparison of Prisoner Characteristics and Attitudes Session 15: CR3
Prison Misbehavior and Prison Gangs: 1990-1996 Session 215: CR11
Prison Population and the Law Enforcement System: A Model for the Netherlands Session 214: CR10
Prison Versus Alternative Confinement: Issues for Short-Term Offenders Session 100: IS1
Prisons and the Future of Penal Policy Session 15: CR3
Private Adult Prisons: What Do We Really Know and Why Don't We Know More? Session 89: CR5
Private and Public Police: Competitors or Collaborators? Session 531: PO40
Private Property and the Commons: Environmental Resistance and the Preservation of Indigenous Lifestyles Session 273: CC10
Privatization and Flexibility: Prisoner Transfers Session 89: CR5
The Privatization of Policing: Two Views (Georgetown University Press, 1999) Session 339: PO21
The Problem With Tragic Narratives: Lessons From the Los Angeles Uprisings Session 93: DE1
Problem-Oriented Policing and GIS Across Multiple Jurisdictions: The New England Consortium Experiment Session 23: ED1
Procedural Justice and Reports to Police: Does Fair Treatment by Law Enforcement Influence the Future Reporting Behavior of Domestic Violence Victims? Session 263: VW6
A Process and Outcome Study of a Prison-Based Treatment Program for substance-Abusing Women Session 470: DR15
Process or Product: Issues in Evaluating the Performance of Police Gang Units Session 188: GA5
A Professional Community Police Service (PCPS) in Canada: A Case Study and Evaluation of the Montreal PCPS (1995-1999) Session 479: PO36
Profile of a Liar: Therapeutic Community Clients Who Misrepresent Their Post-Treatment Drug Use and Criminal Activity Session 302: DR11
A Profile of Hate Crimes in Los Angeles Using GIS Session 346: TM4
A Profile of Recidivism Indicators Betwen Felons and Misdemeanant Released From Incarceration in North Carolina Session 516: CR22
Profiling Inmates in Los Angeles County Jails: Risks, Recidivism, and Release Options Session 279: IS5
Program Implementation and Treatment Integrity Session 333: EF6
Program Outcomes For First-Time Offenders: A Comparison of Juveniles Committed to In-Home Versus Out-of-Home Programs Session 227: JJ6
Program Retention and Criminal Recidivism in Different Models of Legally-Mandated Drug Treatment Session 332: DR12
Program, Population, and Provider Correlates of Strength of School-Based Prevention Programs Session 125: ER2
Projecting Prison Populations--The CSC's Use of Risk/Need and Custody Ratings Scores for Projecting Future Offender Profiles Session 214: CR10
The Propensity for Violence as a Function of Verbal Abilities and Fluency Session 313: PS3
Proportionate Ethnic Representation?: Ethnicity and Court Referrals in the First Quarter Century of the Juvenile Court Session 101: JJ2
Prosecuting Police Misconduct in Manhattan: The District Attorney's Role Session 398: PO27
Prosecutorial Discretion and Real Offense Sentencing: A Potential for Disparity Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Session 344: SE4
Prosecutorial Waiver: Lessons From the Florida Experience Session 396: JJ18
Prostitutes' Perceptions of a Misdemeanor Arraignment Court's Sanctions and Services Session 427: QM2
Protecting Research Confidentiality: Lessons From the Russell Ogden Case Session 69: RP2
Protecting Tourists in New Orleans: Crime Prevention Efforts of a Police Enhancement Unit Session 139: VM5
Protection From Violence Involvement in High-Risk Communities Session 512: VI12
Protective Factors Against Violent Offending in Adolescence: A Prospective Study of Aggressive and Hyperactive Children Session 290: YO9
Providing Prison-Based Treatment for the Substance Abusing Sex Offender Session 332: DR12
Provision of Appropriate Training and Education for Qualifying Probation Officers: Lessons From England and Wales Session 121: CJ7
Pseudofamily Groups in Female Prisons: Is It About Sex and Is Membership a Positive Experience? Session 270: CR12
Psychoanalytic Semiotics and Doing Critical Legal Analysis Session 358: CC16
Psychology, Chaos, and Anarchism: On the Future of Justice Session 358: CC16
Psychopathic Personality Disorder: An Evaluation of PCL-R Scores and APD Diagnoses as Predictive Factors of Recidivism Session 66: PS1
The Psychopathology of Incarcerated Juveniles Session 117: BI2
Public Confusion of Toy and Real Guns Session 526: GU18
Public Expectations of Probation and Parole, and the Need for Evidence-bases Practices: Where We Have Been and Where We Are Going Session 490: CR19
Public Housing and Crime: The Conditioning Effects of Design and Composition Session 268: CO4
Public Perceptions and Regulatory Assessments of Environmental Problems: A Case Study of Community Response to Quarry Blasting Session 535: RP11
Public Perceptions of the Courts: A Canadian/American Comparison Session 103: MP2
Public Perceptions Regarding Criminal Justice System Responses to Domestic Violence Session 380: VW12
Public Philosophy and Child Homicide Session 406: VC4
Public Support for Capital Punishment: "Community Standards" or "Race Coding?" Session 218: CC7
Punishing of Drug Importers by the Correctional Court in Brussels Session 343: SE3
Punishment and Social Structure: A Review and Assessment of the Research Evidence Session 274: CC11
Punishment of Juvenile Offenders: Juvenile Court Judges Perspective Session 132: JJ3
Punishment, Shame and Social Order Session 439: CR17
The Push and Pull of Community Oriented Policing and Technology: The Case of the Miami Police Department Session 452: PO33
Putting It Into Prospective: The Feasibility of Systematically Collecting Data on Firearm Deaths Session 336: GU10

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