The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter O

Paper Title Session ID
Observing Police-Community Meetings: An Attempt to Capture Police-Community Interactions in Indianapolis Session 340: PO22
Of Rituals and Rights: The Political Dimensions of Police Violence Session 454: PO35
Off-Time Life Events and Intragenerational Deviance: Implications for Labeling, Social Learning and Social Control Approaches Session 232: SI2
Offender Employment and Community Reintegration Session 119: CR6
Offender Reintegration in Academic and Popular Discourse: Bridging the Gap Session 12: CO2
The Offender/Community Encounter: An Exploration of the Vermont Reparative Boards Session 439: CR17
Offense and Drug Use Patterns Among Male and Female Detainees Session 275: DR10
Oil Session 236: OC4
The Old New Panic: Rediscovering the Amphetamine Drugs Session 370: MP6
Older Offenders: Issues and Trends Session 198: RP7
On Behalf of Survivors: The Meaning and Practice of Advocacy and Accompaniment in Modern Rape Crisis Centers Session 379: VW11
On Digital Rule: Punishment, Control and Technology Session 14: CR2
On the American Social Construction of White-Collar Crime in Switzerland Session 81: WC1
On the Causes and Consequences of Price Variation in Retail Drug Markets Session 469: DI4
On the Gender/Racial Disproportionality of Prison Populations Session 249: GC6
On the Horns of a Dilemma: Social Class Divisions and High Rates of Criminal Victimization Among African Americans Session 386: CC19
On the Meaning and Measurement of a Police Department's Age Session 399: PO28
One County's Experience With Jail Privatization: A Case Study of Frio County, Texas Session 89: CR5
One Step Forward, Two Steps Backwards: Community Penalties in England and Wales Session 226: IS3
Onset Age of Drinking: A Trend Study Predicting Drug Use Among High School Seniors Session 331: DE4
Opening the Black Box: What Role can Program Evaluation Tools Play in Understanding What Works? Session 444: ER5
Operating Under Community Policing: An Exploration of Policies and Procedures Session 135: PO10
Operative Criminal Case Analyse/Strategical Analyse and Behavioural Science-Based Criminal Investigation Expertise in Germany and France: History and Actual Trends Session 53: CJ5
Opinions on the Death Penalty in Europe Session 148: CA2
Opportunities, Self-Control and Criminal Behavior: An Empirical Analysis of the Interaction of Person and Situation Session 150: CS6
Order Enforcement V. Community Building in Community Policing Session 341: PO23
Organization of Domestic Violence Police Units in Massachusetts ! The Session 312: PO20
Organizational Change in the Chicago Police Department Session 283: PO18
Organized and Government Crime in Peru and Columbia Session 154: CC5
Organized Crime and the Janus Face of Its Social Environment Session 310: OC8
Organized Criminals and Y2K: Will the Millennium Come in With a Bang? Session 282: OC7
Organized Terrorism is Death: Long Live Organized Terrorism Session 262: TM1
Orwell's Vindication: Modern Scandal and Techniques of Domination Session 234: WC6
Other Voices on Crime and Violence: The Theoretical Views of African American Women Session 244: CC9
Our Poor White-Collar Elite: The Wide Fringes of Economic Crime Offenders in Finland Session 81: WC1
Outside of the Box Thinking: Using Popular Media Materials to Enhance Criminal Justice Core Courses Session 121: CJ7
Outsiders on the Inside: Volunteer Experiences in a Women's Prison Session 465: CR18
Overview of the Multisystemic Approach Session 430: VI9

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