The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter N

Paper Title Session ID
Narrative Teaching and the Development of "Dear Habermas" as a Highly Interactive Teaching/Learning Website Session 185: CJ9
Narratives of Work Session 416: DE6
Narrowing the Causes of Criminal and Analogous Behaviors From Self-Control to Risk-Seeking Session 45: CS1
"Nasty As They Wanna Be?" Citizen and Police Behavior in Face-to-Face Encounters Session 28: PO2
National Evaluation of OJP's Safe Kids/Safe Streets Session 126: ER3
National Evaluation of the Partnerships to Reduce Juvenile Gun Violence Program Session 337: JJ13
National Evaluations of OJJDP's Title V Prevention and Comprehensive Stragtegy for Serious, Chronic and Violent Juvenile Offenders Session 126: ER3
National Juvenile Probation Censuses and Surveys: The Case for Extensive Pre-Testing Session 422: JJ19
Native American Victims of Ethnoviolence Session 346: TM4
The Nature, Extent and Response to Domestic Violence in Kyrgyzston Session 349: VW10
NCR Workshop Report on Education and Delinquency Session 230: RP8
The NCVS and Rape: They Asked But Now Will They Tell? Session 348: VW9
A Negotiated Identity: African-American Policewomen's Dual Marginalization Session 229: PO15
Negotiating Communication Between the Inside and the Outside: A Symbolic Interaction Perspective of Inmate Mail Culture Session 510: SI6
The Neighborhood a Hotbed? The Influence of Environment on Juvenile Delinquency Session 39: YO1
Neighborhood Context and Victimization: A Test of Sampson and Groves' Theory of Social Disorganization Session 297: CO5
Neighborhood Effects on Children's Behavior Problems in Montreal and Toronto Session 481: PS8
Neighborhood Effects on the Nature of Violent Incidents Session 111: VI6
Neighborhood Violence and Adolescent Survival Expectations Session 77: VI5
Neighborhood Vulnerability: Crime and the Streets Session 325: CO6
Neighborhoods and Crime: Individual and Neighborhood Effects on the Risk of Victimization Session 297: CO5
Neighborhoods, Networks, and Delinquency Session 200: SI1
Neuropsychological Function, Drug Abuse and Violence: A Conceptual Framework Session 147: BI3
A New Approach to Collecting Rape Data: What Participants Have to Say About the Process Session 348: VW9
New Directions in Treatment Service Delivery Models Within Institutions: The Effectiveness of a Coherent Cognitive Behavioral Treatment Program for Provincial Offenders Session 247: EF3
The New England Consortium Experiment: Operational, Organizational and Logistical Challenges Session 23: ED1
New Institutionalism and Community Policing: An Indianapolis Case Study Session 452: PO33
New Labour - New Youth Justice? Reprimands, Warnings and Evidenced Based Practice in England and Wales Session 306: JJ10
New Meta-Analytic Tests of the Principles of Human Service, Risk, Need and General Responsivity Session 221: EF2
The New School of Convict Criminology Session 219: CC8
A New Theoretical View Applied to Homicides in Homosexual Battering Relationships Session 304: GC8
New York City's Declining Homicide Rates: Examining Variations Across Neighborhoods Session 191: HO8
The Newest White-Collar Crime: U.S. vs. O'Hagan and Outsider Trading Session 264: WC7
News Coverage of Corporate Crime in Canada Session 204: WC5
News Coverage of Police-Community Interactions Session 340: PO22
Nighttime Incarceration as an Intermediate Sanction: The Oklahoma Experience Session 131: IS2
"No Next Time:: An Initiative Lead by the Boston Police Department to Reduce Repeat Domestic Violence Incidents Session 289: VW7
No Noble Recourse: An Intersecting Analysis of Race, Class, Crime, and Gender in "Set It Off" and "Thelma and Louise" Session 68: RE2
The Norwegian Securities and Exchange Commission (Kredittilsynet) and the Control of White-Collar Crime at the Stock Exchange Session 8: SP4
"Not Ordinarily Relevant": Considering the Gendered Nature of Family Responsibilities Departures in Federal Sentencing Decisions Session 344: SE4
Nuclear Materials Session 236: OC4
Nuclear Waste Shipments and Terrorism: Should the Military Ship These Cargoes? Session 346: TM4
Nuggets of Gold and Rivers of Numbers: Data Requirements for Chaos and Complexity Research Session 138: SM3
The Nuts, Bolts and Potential Pitfalls of Developing an Interdisciplinary and Multi-Cultural Criminal Justice Course Session 217: CJ10
The NYPD's Post-Revolution Blues Session 373: PO26

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