The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter J

Paper Title Session ID
Job Autonomy and Workplace Crime: A Test of Control Balance Theory Session 118: CS4
John Pickett Fellowship Programs Session 52: CJ4
The Judicial Interpretation(s) of 'Traditional' Aboriginal Resource Rights: A Preliminary Investigation Session 260: SL10
A Jurisprudence for the Ages: Identifying the Top U.S. Supreme Court Justices and Criminal Procedure Decisions of the 20th Century Session 298: CT5
Jury Consultants in Criminal Trials: An Examination Session 328: CT7
The Jury Deliberation Experience: How do Jurors' Perceptions Differ by Race? Session 451: MP9
Jury Deliberations Relating to Future Dangerousness Session 180: CA3
Just Do It? The Effect of Participation in Athletics on Delinquency Session 205: YO6
Just for the Thrill: A Grounded Theory Study of Adolescent Risk-taking Behavior Session 455: QM3
Justifications for Punishing Elder Abuse Cases: Similarities and Differences Among Police Chiefs, Nursing Home Professionals, and Students Session 112: WC2
Juvenile Corrections in the Institution Versus the Community: The Experience of a Sample of Alabama Youth Session 308: JJ12
Juvenile Corrections: The Current State of Knowledge and Preliminary Results From a Case Study Session 227: JJ6
Juvenile Court Sanctioning: The Effects of Organizational Context, Formal vs. Substantive Rationality, and Available Dispositional Options Session 132: JJ3
Juvenile Crime Victims Known to the Police: A NIBRS Reconnaissance Session 347: VC1
Juvenile Delinquents and Non-delinquents Among Vietnamese Youths: Cultural, Economic, and Social Determinants of Juvenile Delinquency Session 142: YO4
The Juvenile Domestic and Family Violence Court: A New Intervention Program for Juvenile Domestic and Family Violence Offenders Session 113: YO3
Juvenile Homicide, Juvenile Suicide and Drug Addiction: An Ecological Study on "Civicness" and Socio-Economic Factors in Italy Session 481: PS8
Juvenile Informants: The Thin Line Between Protection and Peril Session 132: JJ3
Juvenile Involvement in Occupational Delinquency Session 291: YO10
Juvenile Justice in East- and West-Germany After the Reunification Session 306: JJ10
Juvenile Justice system Processing of Very Young Offenders Session 102: LC2
The Juvenile Justice System's Response to Delinquency: Initiatives for the New Millennium Session 503: JJ22
Juvenile Sexual Offenders in State Custody Session 265: YO8
Juvenile Sexual Offenders: Identifying Research Needs for Criminal Justice Personnel Session 265: YO8
Juvenile Transfers to Circuit Court in Virginia: Part I Session 395: JJ17
Juvenile Transfers to Circuit Court in Virginia: Part II Session 395: JJ17
Juveniles and Police: Juveniles Attitudes Toward the Police Session 28: PO2

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