The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter I

Paper Title Session ID
I Fight the Law--White Collar Crime and Criminalization Session 122: CC4
Identifying and Describing Core Areas of Gang Activity Session 334: GA8
Identifying Children Who Are High Risk to Deviance Session 113: YO3
Identifying Crime 'Hot Spots': An Evaluation of Alternative Approaches Using GIS Session 363: EC3
Identifying Predictors of Citizen Satisfaction With Police Performance in a Medium-Sized Community Session 162: PO12
Identifying the Effect of Unemployment on Crime Session 443: DI3
Ideological Counter-Terrorism Session 262: TM1
Ideology and Dangerousness: The Case of Lisa Colleen Neve Session 54: CC2
Ideology and Discursive Constructions of Crime and Race Session 414: CC21
Ideology and the World Church of the Creator Session 316: TM3
Ignored as Weapons: Non-Powder Guns Session 366: GU11
The Illegal Entrepreneur Session 206: OC2
Illegal Gun Markets in Baltimore Session 59: GU2
Illegal Gun Markets in Boston Session 59: GU2
Illegal Gun Markets in Five Cities Session 59: GU2
Illegal Gun Markets in Multiple Cities: Cross Site Analysis Session 59: GU2
Illicit Gambling Session 266: OC6
Image and Action: Narco-Corridos and the Narcotraficante Image on the U.S.-Mexico Border Session 370: MP6
Image of Police Through the United Nations Instruments Session 400: PO29
Image, Realization and World View: Incorporating the Principles of Environmental Criminology Into the Architectural Design Process Session 497: EC7
Images of Disrepute: The Depiction of Race and Crime in the Toronto Print Media Session 136: RE4
Imitation and Domestic Violence: An investigation of Effects Over Time Session 233: VW5
The Immediate Effects of Adolescent Gang Membership Session 95: GA2
Immigration Offenses: Tracking Federal Prosecutorial and Sentencing Practices Across Districts Session 482: SE9
Impact of a Family Empowerment Intervention on Youth Recidivism: A Final Assessment Session 9: AL1
The Impact of a Therapeutic Community on Prison Management Session 332: DR12
The Impact of Changing Family Structure on Delinquency Session 504: LC5
The Impact of Delinquency and Legal Sanctions on Parents' Psychological Distress and Parenting Skills Session 331: DE4
The Impact of Drug and Alcohol Treatment on Recidivism of High-Risk Youth: The Youth Intervention Network Session 522: DR17
The Impact of Empirical Data on the Shaping of Death Penalty Views of Undergraduate Students at a Michigan University Session 213: CA5
The Impact of Florida's Right-to-Carry Concealed Firearm Law on Crime Rates Session 526: GU18
The Impact of Formal and Informal Social Controls on Criminal Careers Session 518: CP7
The Impact of Incarceration on Crime Session 326: CR14
The Impact of Information on Sentencing Outcomes Session 495: DI5
Impact of Law and Policy on Prosecutions for Domestic Violence Session 379: VW11
The Impact of Lesbian Identity on Delinquency: New Directions in Theorizing Female Delinquency Session 189: GC4
Impact of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing on Felony Case Processing Session 376: SE5
The Impact of Peer Attitudes on Adolescent Drug Use: Differences by Race and Gender Session 124: DR7
The Impact of Peers, Weapons, and Alcohol on Violence Decision Making: An Experimental Study Session 92: DI1
The Impact of Prince George's County, Maryland's Curfew on Violent Victimization Session 254: JJ8
Impact of Reintegration TAs on Release Outcome Session 119: CR6
Impact of Residential and Non-Residential Drug Treatment: An Examination of Florida Probation Outcomes Session 302: DR11
The Impact of Sentencing Guidelines on Sentencing Disparities in Federal Narcotics Cases Session 259: SE1
Impact of Skewness in Personal Crime and Arrest Rates on Deterrence and Incapacitation Session 388: DI2
The Impact of Socio-environmental Risk Factors on Subsequent Delinquency: Prior Delinquency as the Conditioning Variable Session 281: LD1
The Impact of State Sentencing Commissions on Prisons, Crime, and Disparity Session 428: SE7
The Impact of the "No Early Release Act" in New Jersey: Preliminary Findings Session 482: SE9
The Impact of the "War on Drugs": Sentencing Drug Offenders Under a Guidelines Scheme Session 376: SE5
The Impact of the Three-Strikes Law on the California Trial Courts Session 184: CT2
The Impact That a Changing Profile of Federal Female Inmates is Having on Corrections in Canada: A Woman Centered Analysis Session 446: GC13
Impacts of VOITIS on Privatization and Correctional Management Session 279: IS5
Impediments and Successes in Implementing a Testable Program Model for the High Risk Youth Education and Public Safety Program Session 529: JJ23
Implementation and Impact of Violent Offender and Truth-in-Sentencing Legislation: How Localities Respond to the Challenge Session 279: IS5
Implementation Issues in the Strengthening Families Program Session 418: ER4
Implementation of a Risk/Need Assessment Tool (LSI-OR) Throughout a Provincial Correctional Agency Session 151: CR8
Implementation of HotSpot Communities in Urban, Suburban, and Ex-Urban Communities: Preliminary Findings Session 94: ER1
Implementation of International Standards in the Field of Non-Custodial Sanctions Session 226: IS3
The Implementation Quality of the Maryland After School Programs Session 418: ER4
Implementation Roadblocks, Costs and Benefits of Early Intervention Strategies Session 125: ER2
Implementing Effective Community-Based Services for Young Offenders in the "Real World" Session 333: EF6
Implementing Organizational Change in the Chicago Police Department Session 283: PO18
Implementing Organizational Change in the Washington, DC Police Department Session 283: PO18
Implementing Risk and Needs Assessment: Confronting Obstacles in a Traditional Juvenile Justice System Session 477: JJ21
Implementing the "Key-Crest" Model in Maine: Preliminary Findings Session 472: ER6
The Importance of an Evaluability Assessment for Research on Program Design Session 444: ER5
Imprisoning Girls Session 128: GC2
Improved Street Lighting: Crime Reducing Effects and Cost-Benefit Analyses Session 357: CP4
Improving the Quality and Accuracy of Hate Crime Reporting Nationally Session 404: TM5
Improving Tracing Methods in Longitudinal Studies Session 281: LD1
The Impulsiveness and Routinization of Decision Making Session 534: RC2
In it for the Money? Towards an Economic Sociology of Youth Offending Session 466: CE3
In Search of Parens Patriae: Due Process Rights and the Juvenile Court Session 132: JJ3
In Search of Transnational Policing Session 507: PO39
In Times of Need: Abused Women's Reliance on the Court Session 80: VW4
In-School Friendship Networks of Delinquent Adolescents Session 438: CO10
Incapacitation and DWI Recidivism: Towards a New Analytical Framework Session 388: DI2
Incarcerated Parents: Comparing Men's and Women's Responses to Parental Roles, Separation From Children, and Program Needs in Jail Session 270: CR12
Incarcerating the Sick: Implications of Residential Substance Abuse Treatment in Federal and State Prisons Session 456: RP10
Incivility to Violence Session 431: VI10
Incompetent Prison Doctors: Myth or Reality? Session 355: CR15
Increasing Violence by Juveniles: Moral Panic or Reality? Subtitle: Juvenile Delinquency and Treatment of Young Offenders in Japan Session 306: JJ10
Indian Gaming and PL 280: Federal/State Constitutional Issues in Indian Country Session 15: CR3
The Indiana Victim Services Assessment Project: Current Findings Session 167: VM6
The Indirect and Direct Effects of Age on Perceptions of Risk: Among Incarcerated Offenders Session 388: DI2
Individual v. Institutional Explanations for School Disorder Session 202: VI7
Individual Versus Social Responsibility for Gun Crime: The Perspective of Gun Enthusiasts Session 97: GU3
Industrial Transition, Illicit Drug Markets and Gun-Related Homicide Rates Session 268: CO4
Influence of Exposure to Family Violence on Juveniles' Psychological Adjustment Within Correctional Institutions Session 434: VW16
The Influence of Ideology in Criminal Justice Policy During Long Waves of Economic Development Session 199: SL8
The Influence of Training on Police Integrity Session 372: PO25
Influences of Interviewer Gender on Fear of Crime Response Rates Session 103: MP2
Influences on Peacemaking Criminology: Common Themes and Unique Directions Session 329: CC14
Informing Firearm Issues With Quantitative Data: Sources and Limitations Session 475: GU15
The Inherent Limits on Predicting Violent Behavior in Adolescents Session 240: SP14
Initial Findings From the Indianapolis Restorative Justice Project Session 253: JJ7
Injuries Associated With Firearms and Ammunition Session 336: GU10
Inmate Mothers and Their Children: Will the Past be Prologue? Session 445: GC12
Inmates and Officers: The Impact of Race and Age on Inmate Perceptions of Correctional Officers Session 411: CR16
Innocuous or the Mad Offender: Psychiatrists' Portrayals of Female Sex Offenders Session 473: GC14
Innovations in Community Mobilization and Service Delivery Session 164: RP5
Inside the "Black Box": Measuring the Therapeutic Integrity and Effectiveness of TC Programs Session 444: ER5
The Institutional Politics of Official Criminological Knowledge Session 258: RP9
An Integrated Theoretical Approach to Insurance Fraud Session 141: WC3
Integrating Across Multiple Levels of Risk in Predicting Early Disruptive Behavior: A Bio-Psycho- Social Perspective Session 368: JJ15
Integrating Routine Activity and Social Disorganization Theory: Multi-Level Models of Street Robbery Session 384: CO8
The Integration and Co-ordination of Actors in Local Crime Prevention: Strategies, Measures and Professional Roles Session 493: CP5
Intensive Aftercare for Substance Abusing Juvenile Delinquents: The New York Model Session 337: JJ13
The Intensive Aftercare Program for Serious Juvenile Offenders: Factors That Facilitated and Impeded Implementation and Interpreting Preliminary Outcome Findings Session 82: YO2
Intentions and Consequences of Changes in Juvenile Justice Session 159: JJ4
Intergenerational Sequelae of Abusive Experiences: Intervening Processes Session 232: SI2
Interim Outcomes in Community Corrections Programs: Examination of Program, Service, and Offender Characteristics Session 303: EF5
International Assistance in Police Training: Researching Participant Views on Effectiveness and Content of Training Programmes Session 507: PO39
International Theft of Knowledge and the Economic Espionage Act Session 412: CE1
The Internet: The Legal Issues Relating to Regulating Extremists Online Session 316: TM3
Internships Session 17: CJ1
Interracial Violence: An Analysis of Oppositional Responses to Interracial Couples Session 136: RE4
Interrupted Time Series Evaluation of Various Legal Interventions and the Effects on Traffic Fatalities in North Carolina Session 212: SP12
Intersection of Victim Rights Advocacy and Therapeutic Jurisprudence Session 492: CT10
The Intervening Processes Between Child Maltreatment and Criminal Activity Session 377: VC2
Intimacy, Gender and Justice: A Preliminary Look at the Role of Victim-Offender Relationship in Criminal Justice Decision-Making Session 457: SE8
Intimate Partner Violence Against Women: Findings From a Nationally Representative Survey Session 433: VW15
Intimate Partner Violence: Assessing the Past, Addressing the Future Session 233: VW5
Intra-Metropolitan Stratification, Opportunity Structures, and Crime: An Application of Strain Theory at the Municipality Level Session 315: SA2
Investigating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Impulsive Violence in a Population of ADHD Adults Session 533: PS10
Investigation and Prosecution of Cargo Theft in Los Angeles Session 282: OC7
Invisible Influence: A Citation Analysis of Crime and Justice Articles Published in Leading Sociology Journals Session 413: CJ11
The Invitation: An Answer to Women's Experience With Social Services, Jails, Prisons, and Community Punishments Session 219: CC8
Iranian Women Prisoners Session 445: GC12
Is Child Saving Dead? Public Support for Juvenile Rehabilitation Session 367: JJ14
Is Juvenile Justice Disposition Discriminatory? Examination of Juvenile Justice Data From Five Selected Cities of Virginia Session 62: JJ1
Is the Concept of Compulsive Crime Intellectually Useful? Session 243: CS8
Is the Sociology of Deviance 'Dead?' A Citation Analysis of Leading Journals Session 18: CC1
Is There a Comprehensive Explanation of Both Branches of the Age-Crime Curve? Session 530: LC6
Is There a Distinct Profile of Police Officers Accused of Violence? Session 398: PO27
The Islamic Criminal Code in Iran: A Study in the Revivalist Social Construction of Law (1982-1999) Session 260: SL10
Islands of Disadvantage: Employing Multi-Level Modeling Techniques to Explore the Relationship Between Race, Socioeconomic Disadvantage, and Homicide Session 166: SM4
Issues and Approaches to the History and Teaching of Criminology: An Exercise in the Sociology of Science Session 527: HM2
Issues and Approaches to the History and Teaching of Criminology: An Exercise in the Sociology of Science Session 527: HM2
Issues and Practical Problems in Delivering Criminal Justice Courses Via the Internet Session 53: CJ5
Issues of Transnational Police Corporation: The Case of Taiwan Session 525: GL7
It Takes a Village to Raise a Criminal: The Effects of Exposure to Community Violence on Juvenile Delinquency Session 538: VI14
"It's Me Against Them!" Framing the Accused Status: Defendant as Other Session 54: CC2

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