The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter H

Paper Title Session ID
Handling the Pan: A Typology of Newark Panhandlers Session 455: QM3
Hanging Out With the Gang: Routine Activities, Gang Membership, and Problem Behavior Session 57: GA1
Haredi Violence and the Way to an Halachic State: Theocratic Political Extremism in Israel Session 301: DE3
Harm Reduction and Methadone Maintenance in BC: A Conservative Alliance Session 392: GC10
Hate Crime Laws: Are They Really Needed? Session 521: DI6
Hate Crimes Against Latinos in California Session 404: TM5
Hate Crimes: The Unidentified Evil Session 286: TM2
Hate Groups and Hate Crime Laws in America: Can Hate Crime Laws Affect Crimes Prompted by Hate Groups? Session 316: TM3
Healthcare Within the Federal Bureau of Prisons Session 219: CC8
Hedonism Versus Health?: Implications of Recreational Dance Drug Use in British Night Clubs Session 21: DR3
Helping Police to Better Understand the Victims of Domestic Violence: Synthesizing Research for Officers Session 539: VW21
Heroin Use in the 1990s: Changing Patterns and Trends in the United States Session 21: DR3
High School Students Who Work Part-Time Jobs: The Effects on Academic Performance and Delinquency Session 449: LC3
The Hiring and Retention of Police Officers Session 453: PO34
The Historical Analysis of the Discourses Related to Drug Use in Canada: A Study of Transformations in Social Control Session 199: SL8
The Historical and Contemporary Production of the Opiate User as Criminal: A Critical Geneaology Session 54: CC2
Historical Homicide Hot Spots Session 130: HO6
Historical Trends in Regional Differences in Lethal Violence Rates in the United States Session 25: HO1
The History and Future of the Division of Women and Crime Session 146: SP8
HIV Transmission in Prison and Correctional Policy Session 355: CR15
Hoboes, Tramps, and Trespassers: Policing the Rails in 19th Century America Session 476: HM1
Home Ownership and Crime: What is the Relationship? Session 325: CO6
Homicide and the Drug Connection Session 61: HO3
Homicide Decline in St. Louis: Exploring the Effects of Changes in Weapon Use and Policy Responses to Violent Events Session 60: HO2
Homicide Gun Characteristics Before and After the 1994 Crime Bill Session 502: GU17
The Homicide Incident: A Routine Activities-Based Analysis Session 60: HO2
Homicide Rates in Comparative Perspective: USA and the Other Western Countries Session 60: HO2
Homicide, is Crime Part of the Problem? Session 130: HO6
A Housing Authorities Perspective on Crime Mapping Session 391: EC4
How Could Early Interventions Have a Greater Impact on Crime Prevention? Session 381: PS7
How Did the Gun Get There? Enhancing Strategies Aimed at Preventing Firearm-Caused Homicides in a Relatively Low Gun-Owning Nation Session 394: GU12
How Illegal Markets Differ From Legal Session 206: OC2
How the State Constructs and Abets Child Neglect Session 231: SL9
How to Be a Policeman: One Woman's Attempt to Enter the Male Dominated World of Policing Session 229: PO15
How to Police One Country and Two Systems: Transformation of Law Enforcement in Hong Kong Session 506: PO38
How to Teach About Crime, Law and Justice Through Web Technology Session 50: CJ2
Human Rights and Restorative Justice: Competing or Complementary Paradigms? Session 467: CC23
Hustling for Money: The Experiences of Male Prostitutes Session 361: DE5
Hybrid Killers: A Sign of the Times Session 61: HO3

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