The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter G

Paper Title Session ID
Gang and Non-Gang Adolescent Males' Acceptance of Interpersonal Violence Session 95: GA2
Gang Involvement Among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents Session 57: GA1
Gang Prevention and Intervention in a Rural Town in California: At-Risk Youths and the Community Policing-School Partnership Program Session 222: GA6
Gangs: Does Race Matter? Session 334: GA8
The Garden of Grand Contemplation: A Chinese Wartime Abandominium Session 55: DR4
Gateways Into the Social Contract: Migration and Incarceration Processes in Historical-comparative Analusis Session 536: SL12
Gender anThe period in which young people move from childhood to adulthood is a critical one in their development and often a criminogenic one. In 1992 a Spanish representative sample of 2,100 youths aged 14 to 21 responded to the Questionnaire for the I Session 474: GL6
Gender Differences in Juvenile Arrestees Substance Abuse Problems and Treatment Utilization Session 470: DR15
Gender Differences in the Structure of Homicide Situations: An Examination of Unique and Common Elements of Female Homicide Session 431: VI10
Gender Differences in Violent Encounters: The Significance of Contextual Factors Session 484: VI11
Gender Violence in Nigeria: An Issue of Social and Legal Justice Session 349: VW10
Gender, Mental Health and Criminality: Constructing the 'Mentally Ill' Defendant in Domestic Homicides Session 473: GC14
The Gendered Construction of School Violence Session 202: VI7
The Gendered Cyle of Violence: A Comparison of the Effects of Childhood Abuse and Neglect on Criminal Offending for Males and Females Session 377: VC2
Gendered Violence: Who Does What to Whom? Session 460: VW17
The Genderedness of Responsibility: Forensic and Legal Discursive Battles on Women Who Killed Their Spouse Session 473: GC14
General Strain Theory and Juvenile Crime: Test of the Cumulative Impact of Strain on Severity of Criminal Behavior Session 315: SA2
General Strain Theory and Race Session 345: SA3
General Strain Theory: An Exploration of Family and Gender Issues Session 261: SA1
General Theories: How Broad Can They Be? Session 88: CS3
The General Theory of Crime and Substance Use Session 269: CS9
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Adolescent Antisocial Behavior: Moderating Effects of Time Together Session 147: BI3
Geocoding Analysis of Crime and Incident Reports in Prison Session 215: CR11
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Measurement of Crime in Public Housing Session 391: EC4
The Georgia Cognitive Skills Experiment Session 187: EF1
Get the Lead Out: Specifying the Link Between Lead Exposure and Crime Session 218: CC7
Getting Mad, Not Even Session 35: VI1
Getting Out: Barriers to Community Reintegration for Women Offenders Session 249: GC6
Getting Women Into Treatment in Philadelphia's Criminal Justice Treatment Network: Analysis of Implementation and Preliminary Impact Session 123: DR6
The Ghost Dance: A Case Study in State Crime Session 154: CC5
The 'Girl' Problem: Investigating Gender Differences in Juvenile Corrections Session 500: GC15
Girls Talk on Juvenile Justice Session 128: GC2
The Girls' Delinquency: An Empirical Test of a General Theory of Crime and Social Learning Theory in Taiwan Session 458: SI4
Globalization and the Future of Crime Session 335: GL2
Globalization of Criminological Knowledge? Or Hegemony of Criminological Failures? Session 24: GL1
Globalization, Locality and Ethnography Session 416: DE6
The Going Rate Session 521: DI6
Gold and Arms Session 236: OC4
Good Kids in Bad Circumstances: A Longitudinal Analysis of Resilient Youth Session 530: LC6
The Good, the Bad, and the Rational: Analyzing Robber Decision-Making Session 402: RC1
Graduate Research Fellowships Session 52: CJ4
Grants to Encourage Arrest Policies Program: 1998 Survey Report Session 539: VW21
The Growing Threat of Nuclear Terrorism Session 262: TM1
Growth of Youth Gangs in Small Towns and Rural Areas: An Analysis of the 1996 NYGS Session 155: GA4
Gun Control in Canada: Explaining Public Attitudes Concerning Legislative Change Session 103: MP2
Gun Law: Legislation and Licensing Procedures in the European Union Session 394: GU12
Guns and Public Safety: Gun Crime and Self-Defense in Alexandra and Bramley (January-April 1997) Session 501: GU16
Guns, Homicide and Democide--Are We Asking the Right Questions? Session 58: GU1

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