The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter F

Paper Title Session ID
Factors Affecting Citizens' Perceptions of Policing Session 400: PO29
Factors Affecting Leadership Styles of Prison Wardens in Virginia Session 271: CR13
Factors Related to the Desistance of Crime in a Longitudinal Sample Session 530: LC6
The Failure of Criminal Courts: Illustrations From Smaller Communities Session 272: CT4
False Confessions: Causes, Consequences, and Solutions Session 10: CA1
Familial Environment, Parental Alcohol Consumption and Their Child's Externalizing Behavioural Problems Session 508: PS9
Family Group Conferencing: Justice That Empowers Communities Session 518: CP7
Family Matters: Power Control Theory and Alternate Family Forms Session 182: CS7
Family Protection From Risk of Joining Gangs: Protection as Interaction Session 57: GA1
Family-Based Crime Prevention: An Empirical Review of Efficacy Session 16: CP1
Faster Evaluation of Reconviction Outcomes Using Police Data Session 30: PO4
"The Fatal Glass of Beer": The Impact of Alcohol Involvement on the Treatment Success of Cocaine and Opiate-Involved Offenders, A Longitudinal Analysis Session 389: DR14
Fear of Crime as a Problem for Urban Communities: Toward a New Agenda for Research Session 63: MP1
Fear of Crime From a Psychosocial Perspective: Investigating the Role of Life Satisfaction and Psychological Vulnerability Session 109: VM3
Fear of Crime in Public Housing: The Exploration of Social Networks as Informal Social Control Session 242: CO3
Fear of Crime in Two Public Housing Contexts Session 48: CP2
Fear of Crime, Constructive Thinking and Well-Being Session 533: PS10
Federal and State Counterfeiting Offenses in the Computer Age Session 169: WC4
Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Mandatory Minimum Sentences: Do Defendants Bargain in the Shadow of the Judge? Session 495: DI5
Fellowships for Crime Mapping Research Session 52: CJ4
Felony Defendant Processing in Large Urban Counties: Are Black, White, and Hispanic Defendants Processed Differently? Session 403: SE6
Female Offending and the Desistance Process: Applications of Moffitt's Dual Taxonomic Theory of Offending Session 450: LC4
Female Police Officers and Job Satisfaction Session 195: PO13
Female Violence and Gang Affiliation: A Discourse Analysis Session 500: GC15
Female Youthful Offenders in the Florida Juvenile Justice System: Offense Patterns, Processing, and Program Placement Session 235: YO7
A Feminist Analysis of Hair Testing Women in Research Protocols Session 19: DR1
A Feminist Analysis of Systemic Responses to Woman Battering Session 408: VW14
The Feminization of Poverty in Rural Kentucky: Creating Crime and Excessive Social Control Session 91: CC3
Fenced in/ Fenced out: The Prison, the Gated Community, and the Decline of City Life Session 14: CR2
A Few Good Friends: Intimate Networks and the Gender-Crime Relationship Session 200: SI1
Fight or Flight: Differential Responses of Battered Women Session 408: VW14
Final Results from the Evaluation of North Carolina's Structured Sentencing Law Session 482: SE9
Financial Crime: Comprehensive and Sensitive Documentation of Loss and Recovery for Victims Session 110: VM4
Findings From the 1997 Census of Juveniles in Residential Placement Session 422: JJ19
Firearm Homicide-Suicide Events in Southern Wisconsin Session 336: GU10
Firearm-Related Attitudes and Behaviors of Female and Male Firearm Owners: Shattering the Stereotypes Session 97: GU3
Firearms Availability and Fatal Events Session 366: GU11
Firearms Incidents/Threats in Domestic Abuse: The Canadian Experience Session 421: GU13
Firearms Industry Marketing, Lethality and Death and Injury in the United States Session 305: GU9
Firearms Regulation: International Law and Jurisprudence Session 366: GU11
Firearms Storage in Quebec Homes Session 305: GU9
Firearms: Canadian Law Enforcement Apprehension in the Potential of an 'Unregulated' Border Session 526: GU18
First World Aspiration in a Second World Enclave: Relative Deprivation and Youth Crime Session 319: YO12
The First Year's Experience Under the Oregon Death With Dignity Act: Implementing the Objectives of Legal Control Session 285: SL11
First, Kill All the Professors: A Test of Crime Witnesses and the Duty to Warn Session 256: PO16
Five Ways in Which the Penal System Reinforces the Corporate Agenda Session 387: CC20
Fleecing of Medicaid: A Profile of Sentenced Medicaid Fraud Offenders in New York State Session 514: WC9
For the Sake of the Community: Concern for Neighborhood Safety and the Construction of Habitual Sex Offender Legislation Session 137: SL6
The Ford Pinto Case Twenty Years Later: The Impact on Business, Community, and Corporate Deviance Session 204: WC5
"Foreigners" in Germany: The Role of Academic Criminologists as an Interest Group Influencing Government Policy Session 8: SP4
Forget Crime: Government, Accusation and Criminology Session 300: CC13
Fostering Good Neighbors: Developmental Predictors of Prosocial Community Involvement and Cohesion Session 200: SI1
The Fractal Spread of Crime Session 138: SM3
Framing White-Collar Crime: Contrasting Claims About Upper-World Deviance in Criminology and Management Education Session 141: WC3
French and German Criminology and Criminal Justice. The History of an Antagonism and Its Development in Glogalized Sciences Communication Session 24: GL1
The French Canadian Generation X Criminals Approach Their Forties...But Are Still Going Strong Session 365: GL3
Friendship Network Coalescence, Gang Membership, and Delinquency Session 374: PS5
From Cocaine to Crack: Race and Gender in the Criminalization of Pregnancy Session 364: GC9
From Rob-Cop to Globo-Cop: Toward Master Patterns in Policing Session 507: PO39
From Shooting Fish in a Barrel to Whipping a Dead Horse: Policing, Drug Markets and the "Quality of Life" in New York City Session 341: PO23
From the "Father's" House to the "Big" House: Feminism, Prostitution, and Public Policy Session 107: RP4
From the Communications Decency Act to the Child Online Protection Act: Can Pornography on the Internet be Regulated? Session 69: RP2
From Walnut Street to Wall Street: Issues of Class, Gender, Race in Prison Privatization Session 440: CE2
Frying Daubert: The Admissibility of Scientific Evidence in the Texas Court System Session 285: SL11
Functional Role of Federal Drug Trafficking Offenders Session 344: SE4
The Future of Capital Punishment in the United States Session 241: CA6
The Future of Policing: Globalization, Privatization and Social Control in Western Democracies Session 531: PO40
The Futures of Women in Criminal Justice Session 146: SP8

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