The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter E

Paper Title Session ID
Early Life Circumstances, Discrete Offender Groups, and Persistence in Crime Session 450: LC4
Early Termination: Outdated Concept in Era of Punitiveness Session 439: CR17
Ecological Correlates of Urban Homicide in Four Regions of the U.S.: A Routine Activities Analysis Session 158: HO7
An Economic Analysis of a Drug-Selling Gang's Finances Session 443: DI3
Economic Deprivation, Public Assistance, and Community Crime: Examining Strain Theories Session 466: CE3
Economic Distress, Community Context and Trajectories in Violence Against Women in Intimate Relationships Session 380: VW12
The Economic Espionage Act and the Enforcement Actions in the United States Session 412: CE1
Economic Resources and Death Sentences: Preliminary Results Session 436: CA9
Economic Restructuring, Political Shifts, and Crime Rates Session 186: CC6
Educating for Peace Session 329: CC14
Educating Sensibilities: Local and Global Landscapes of Penal Practice and the Problem With Punishment in Children's Talk Session 32: SL1
The Effect of a Domestic Violence Policy Change on Police Officers' Schemata Session 312: PO20
The Effect of Alcohol and Emotional Arousal on Male Violence Session 92: DI1
The Effect of Cocaine Price on Cocaine Use Among Male Arrestees: A Multilevel Analysis Session 275: DR10
The Effect of Differential Enforcement on Violence Against Prostitutes: A Preliminary Assessment Session 72: SL5
The Effect of Gun Prevalence on Homicide Rates in the City of Pittsburgh Session 60: HO2
The Effect of Minority Population Size on Cities' Police Department Size: A Conflict Theory Perspective Session 402: RC1
Effect of Presumptive Waiver on the Transfer Process Session 369: JJ16
The Effect of Proper Names and Context on Race Recall Session 160: MP4
Effect of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm (ATF) Factoring Criteria on Homicide and Suicide Handguns Session 447: GU14
Effectiveness of a Mother-Infant Correctional Program Session 270: CR12
Effectiveness of an Aftercare Program for Drug-Involved Offenders Session 302: DR11
The Effectiveness of Educational and Vocational Programs: CDATE Meta-Analyses Session 221: EF2
Effectiveness of Expanded Criteria for Denial of Handgun Purchases Session 447: GU14
The Effectiveness of Public Appointed Attorneys in Criminal Cases Session 314: SE2
Effectiveness of Undercover Policing Session 162: PO12
The Effects Medical School Socialization on Death Penalty Opinion Session 213: CA5
Effects of Ethnicity on the Administration of Bail: Evidence Concerning Hispanics Session 216: CT3
The Effects of High Risk Environment on the Sexual Victimization of Homeless and Runaway Youth Session 485: VC7
The Effects of Life Circumstances on the Short-Term Within-Individual Variability in Adolescents' Involvement in Delinquency Session 102: LC2
The Effects of Social Reintegration on Victims' Sentencing Desires Session 167: VM6
The Effects of the Boundary Problem on the Prediction of Illegal Drug Markets Session 497: EC7
The Efficacy of Court-Mandated Counseling for Convicted Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Offenders: Conducting Experiments in Criminal Jutice Settings Session 212: SP12
The Efforts to Gain Legitimacy: The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia Session 525: GL7
Elaborating Collective Efficacy: Thick Description From a Caribbean Context Session 405: VI8
Elders, Crime and the Criminal Justice System: Policy Implications Session 198: RP7
Elementary School Children's Exposure to Community and School Violence: Prevalence, Correlates, and Mediating Factors Session 434: VW16
The Emergency Physician, Injury Prevention and the Canadian Gun Control Debate Session 447: GU14
Empathy Among College Students: Identifying Predispositional Traits and the Role of Maturation Session 505: MP11
Empathy and Sex Differences in Offending Session 189: GC4
An Empirical Review of School-Based Programs to Reduce Violence Session 318: VP4
The Empirical Status of Gottfredson and Hirschi's General Theory of Crime: A Meta-Analysis Session 45: CS1
(En)gendering Globalization: International Women's Rights and Criminology Session 278: GC7
Engagement and Therapeutic Progress in Corrections-Based Treatment Session 332: DR12
Engagement Strategies Used by Adolescent Male Sexual Offenders Against Their Victims Session 74: VM1
Entertaining Crime: Crime News and Reality Crime Programs Session 160: MP4
Environment of Juvenile Residential Custody: OJJDP's New Juvenile Residential Facility Census Session 422: JJ19
Environmental Resistance and the Legal System Session 273: CC10
Equal Protection Implications of Electronic Monitoring: Who Should Bear the Cost? Session 252: IS4
Escort Programs on Campus. A U.S. and Canadian Comparison Session 357: CP4
Estimating the Elasticity of Drug Prices With Respect to Enforcement Stringency Session 469: DI4
Estimating the Reciprocal Effects of Social Capital and Homicide Rates Session 158: HO7
Estonian Probation Service Session 420: GL5
Ethical Dilemmas Faced Undergraduate Students: The Nature, Extent, and Response to the Problem Session 413: CJ11
Ethnic Differences in Juvenile Court Outcomes: A Study of Hawaii's Courts Session 62: JJ1
Ethnicity Effects in Juvenile Justice Across Urban, Suburban and Rural Jurisdictions of Illinois Session 101: JJ2
Ethnocriminological Research on the Opinion of Inhabitants of the Ivory Coast Concerning Restorative Justice Session 401: QM1
An Ethnographic Study of the Explanation and Prevention of Soccer Violence Session 401: QM1
An Ethnographic Study of the Heterogeneity and Utilization of Social Capital Within Urban Communities and Families: Implications for the Success of Young-at-Risk African-American Males Session 67: RE1
Ethnography and Globalization: A Contradiction in Terms? Session 416: DE6
Eurogangs :Roundtable Discussion (Panel) Session 248: GA7
European Law and Policy on Capital Punishment Session 148: CA2
A European Road to the Penal State? Session 71: SL4
The European Union Campaign Against Economic Crime Session 81: WC1
Evaluating Chemical Dependency Treatment for Jail Inmates Session 187: EF1
Evaluating Community Policing in Public Housing: The South Philadelphia Initiative Session 48: CP2
Evaluating Inmate Classification: Ohio's Search for a New Model Session 516: CR22
Evaluating Juvenile Justice Programs in the States Session 444: ER5
Evaluating POPS Technology and Training Session 498: ER7
Evaluating the 1995 Canadian Firearms Legislation: Methodological Challenges and Opportunities Session 475: GU15
Evaluating the Effectiveness of the New York City Police Cadet Corps Session 453: PO34
Evaluating the Future: Prospects and Problems in the SafeFutures Program Evaluation Session 188: GA5
Evaluating the Impact of Community Oriented Policing in Larger Departments Session 105: PO8
Evaluating the Newsworthiness of African-American Homicide Victims Session 160: MP4
Evaluating the South Oxnard Challenge Project: Year Two Session 308: JJ12
Evaluation of a Comprehensive Service-Based Intervention Strategy in Public Housing Session 48: CP2
Evaluation of a Public Housing Drug Elimination Program Session 48: CP2
Evaluation of a Specialized Court for Handling Domestic Violence Cases Session 152: CT1
An Evaluation of Alternative Community-Based Treatment Programs for Youthful Offenders Session 252: IS4
Evaluation of Alternative Justice Programs: A Community-Based Action Approach Session 444: ER5
Evaluation of an Intervention Project to Reduce Bullying and Violence in Schools Session 203: VP3
Evaluation of Community Oriented Policing in Thomasville, Georgia Session 65: PO6
Evaluation of School-Based Probation in Pennsylvania Session 529: JJ23
An Evaluation of the 1977 Canadian Firearms Legislation: Homicide and Robbery Session 475: GU15
Evaluation of the Abolish Chronic Truancy (ACT) Now Program Session 280: JJ9
Evaluation of the Bridgeport Connecticut Youth Firearms Violence Initiative Session 337: JJ13
An Evaluation of the Chester County (PA) Drug Court Program Session 184: CT2
Evaluation of the High Risk Youth Education and Public Safety Program, California State Department of Education: Design and Preliminary Results Session 529: JJ23
Evaluation of the Inmate Classification System Currently in Use by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department Session 482: SE9
Evaluation of the Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP): Methodological Overview and Preliminary Data Session 367: JJ14
Evaluation of the Ounce of Prevention Program: A Youth-Led Substance Abuse Prevention Program in Ten Communities Session 367: JJ14
Evaluation of the Police Corps Program Session 257: PO17
An Evaluation of the TCU Drug Screen Session 332: DR12
Evaluation of the Truancy Reduction Program Session 48: CP2
An Evaluation of the Virginia Alcohol and Safety Action Program Habitual Offender Intervention Program Session 472: ER6
Evaluation of Treatment Programs in Prisons: The Stick, the Carrot, and the Sermon Session 472: ER6
Everyone's Police: Policing and Cultural Identity in Northern Ireland Session 506: PO38
Evidence in Support of Gradual Release: Day Parole Session 119: CR6
The Evidence-Based Society Session 238: SP13
The Evolution and Impact of Two Urban Drug Courts: The Drug Court Models in Portland and Las Vegas Session 356: CT8
"Evolution of Members" Grievance Management in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police From 1976 to the Present Session 426: PO32
Evolution of Social Responsibility: A Twin Study Session 295: BI4
Evolutionary Psychology and the Nature of Consciousness: Further Perspectives on the Causes of Crime Session 87: BI1
An Evolutionary-Based Model of the Characteristics of Sexually Aggressive Men Session 87: BI1
Ex-Con: Managing a Spoiled Identity Session 219: CC8
Examination of Adolescent Crime and Delinquency: Using the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health to Test and Extend Agnew's General Strain Theory Session 261: SA1
Examination of Court-Mandated Counseling for Perpetrators of Domestic Violence Session 131: IS2
An Examination of Legal Presentation for Indigent Offenders in the State of Texas Session 216: CT3
An Examination of Race/Ethnicity Differences in the "Cycle of Violence" Session 136: RE4
Examination of Racial Disparity in Competency to Stand Trial Between Caucasian and African American Retarded Defendants Session 327: CT6
An Examination of the Effects on Children When Their Parents Go To Prison Session 47: CR4
An Examination of the Micro-Level Effects of Firearms on the Multiple Outcomes of Violent and Potentially Violent Situations Session 501: GU16
An Examination of the Relationship Between Work-Specific Stress and Substance Use: Direct and Indirect Effects Session 362: DR13
An Examination of the State of Precedent in the U.S. Federal Cirt Court of Appeals Session 298: CT5
Examining Black Drug Offender Characteristics Within and Across Gender and Parent Status Session 445: GC12
Examining Deinstitutionalization: Reading Toronto's "Subway-Pushers" as a New Criminal "Type" Session 361: DE5
Examining Police Stress Through officers' Lifestyles Session 426: PO32
Examining Probationer Recidivism in Michigan Session 226: IS3
Examining the Acceptability of Drug Testing in Society Session 19: DR1
Examining the Childhood Victimization-Alcohol-Violence Link Session 43: AL2
Examining the Link Between Domestic Violence and Stalking: A Review of the Literature Session 408: VW14
Examining the Relationship Between Crime News Sources and Fear of Crime and Gangs Session 63: MP1
Examining the Strengths and Weaknesses of Repeat Address Mapping as a Crime Analysis Tool Session 417: EC5
Excluding Marginal Groups From the Democratic Process: Voter Disenfranchisement Among Felons Session 456: RP10
Exclusion or Inclusion? An Ethnography of Young People and Their Local Drug Culture Session 319: YO12
Existential-Phenomenological Foundations for the Understanding of Serial Homicide Session 99: HO5
Expanding the Boundaries of Experimental Criminology: Opportunities of Method and Design Session 238: SP13
The Experiences and Perceptions of Incarcerated 12-15 Year-Olds Session 183: CR9
Experiences of Childhood Abuse, Partner Violence, and Substance Abuse Among Two Samples of Women Session 407: VW13
Experimental and Non-Experimental Research in Policing: A Strategic Analysis Session 23: ED1
An Experimental Evaluation of a Long Term Prevention Program Designed to Break the Intergenerational Cycle of Delinquence and Crime Session 94: ER1
An Experimental Investigation of the Perceptual Characteristics of Dispositionally Aggressive Individuals: Street Robbers' Judgements of Point Light Displays Session 313: PS3
Explaining Lower Rates of Criminal Violence by Women: Patriarchy, Control and Self Control Session 182: CS7
Explaining Police Activities Across Urban Neighborhoods Session 196: PO14
Explaining the Gender Asymmetry in Intimate Partner Homicide Session 304: GC8
Explaining the Minority Experience Through Active Learning, Critical Thinking and Theory Building in the Classroom Session 217: CJ10
Explaining the Startling Growth in the Queensland Prisoner Population Session 326: CR14
Explanation and Approaches: Gender and Crime Session 249: GC6
Explanations of the Factors Related to Hazardous Waste Crimes Using the Organizational Field as the Level of Analysis Session 141: WC3
An Exploration of Young People's Victimisation From Crime in Northern Ireland Session 288: VM8
An Exploratory Study of the effects of Arrest, Victim Characteristics, and Community-Factors on Repeat Victimization in Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Cases Session 434: VW16
Exploring Feminist Discourse on Restorative Justice: Endangering or Empowering Women? Session 156: GC3
Exploring the Influence of Ethnicity on Traditional Strain Theory: An Examination of Latino, African American and Caucasian Youth Session 345: SA3
Exploring the Influence of Peer Group Structure on Crime Session 150: CS6
Exploring the Relationship Between Gender and Control Balance Session 118: CS4
Exploring the Relationship Between Victimization and Delinquency: An Assessment of Conditioning Influences Session 450: LC4
The Extent and Sources of the Gender Gap in Attitudes Toward Crime and Justice Session 451: MP9
The Extent of Fraud Victimization: A Comparison of Surveys Session 514: WC9

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