The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter D

Paper Title Session ID
Dangerous or Disadvantaged? Juveniles Prosecuted as Adults Session 235: YO7
Dangerousness in Change? Session 521: DI6
Days of Sorrow: African American and Latina Women Standing By Their Incarcerated HIV/AIDS Men Session 509: RE5
The Death Penalty and Public Opinion in Russia Session 296: CA8
The Death Penalty in International Context: Exploring the Relationship Between Public Opinion and Legal Policies (Panel) Session 437: CA10
The Death Penalty: Arguments Pro and Con, and Why it Matters Session 181: CA4
Death Rows: What a Difference Gender Makes Session 515: CR21
The Debate on Capital Punishment in Europe Session 148: CA2
Debunking the Major Myths Regarding Distance Learning in Criminology/Criminal Justice Education Session 519: CJ12
Decision-Making in Police Encounters With the Mentally Ill Session 134: PO9
A Deductive Theory of Deviance Session 251: IC2
Defending the American Dream: Narratives of Espionage in the American Popular Press Session 93: DE1
Defiant Imagination: Consilience and the Science of Sanctions Session 174: SP9
Defining Punishment and Measuring its Prevalence: A Case Study of the Punitive City Session 14: CR2
Deindustrialization, Social Disorganization and Homicide Rates in Mid-sized Rustbelt Cities Session 191: HO8
Delinquency Among Asian-Immigrant Groups: An Exploratory Study Session 338: MC2
Delinquency and Partner Violence: A Life-Course Approach Session 304: GC8
Demo Scene Party in Israel: Collusion of Creativity or Criminality Session 169: WC4
Democratic Policing Session 393: GL4
Desaparecidos and Secuestrados: The Victim as Political Capital in Guatemala Session 287: VM7
The Descent From Fireside Chats to CNN: Hyperbole in Media Reporting Session 18: CC1
Description of the Different Components in the Municipal Program for Peaceful Coexistence in Medellin, Colombia Session 375: PS6
Destiny and Choice: Examining the Role of Rational Calculation in Criminal Offending Over the Life Course Session 402: RC1
Detection and Prediction of Geographical Changes in Crime Rates Session 108: SM2
Detectives' Decision Making in "High Profile" Cases: Examining the Effects of the Organizational Structure and the Occupational Culture Session 359: CC17
Determining the Nature of Homicides Classified as Unknown Victim-Offender Relationship Session 528: HO9
Deterrence and the Death Penalty Session 436: CA9
Deterrence or Brutalization: The Effect of Death Penalty Executions in California Session 436: CA9
Deterrent Effect of Certainty and Severity of Punishment: A Prospect Theory Interpretation Session 92: DI1
The Deterrent Effect of Incarceration on Serious Young Offenders' Intention to Recidivate Session 227: JJ6
Developing Police Leadership Session 373: PO26
Development Community Readiness for Prevention: Initial Evaluation of the Pennsylvania Communities That Care Session 168: VP2
The Development of a Juvenile Diversion Program With Multispecimen Testing Session 19: DR1
Development of a Private Prison Built "On Speculation" Session 89: CR5
The Development of Criminal Behavior Over the Life-Span Session 530: LC6
Developmental Associations Between Alcohol and Aggression During Adolescence Session 43: AL2
A Developmental Epidemiological Investigation of the Relationship Between concentration Problems and Aggressive Behavior Session 313: PS3
Developmental Needs of Children: A Measure of Youth Deviance Session 449: LC3
A Developmental Perspective of School Violence Session 240: SP14
Developmental Trajectories Leading to Delinquency and Substance Use in Adolescents Session 26: LC1
Developmental-Ecological Criminology: Findings From the Chicago Youth Development Study Session 374: PS5
Deviant Behavior and Victimization Among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents Session 288: VM8
Deviant Lifestyle and Crime Victimization Session 288: VM8
Different Kinds of Bullying: Implications for Prevention Session 16: CP1
Differential and Developing Bonds Explaining Changes in Delinquent Behavior Session 243: CS8
Differential Criminal Participation and Remuneration Across Offense Categories Session 429: SI3
Differential Responsiveness to Reintegrative Shaming Session 429: SI3
Differential Seat Belt Enforcement: A Multi-Jurisdictional Study Session 196: PO14
Differentiating Program Completers From Non-Completers: A Quantitative and Exploratory Analysis of Participant Characteristics Session 418: ER4
Differentiation of Substance Abuser Inmates on the Basis of Self-Reported Criminality Session 220: DR8
Diffusion of Juvenile Violent Crimes Session 166: SM4
Dimensions of Community Policing: Lessons From 24 Cities Session 311: PO19
Discipline in Dissent: Canadian Academic Criminology at the Millennium Session 244: CC9
Discourse and the Social Construction of Female Delinquency Session 500: GC15
Discrete Offender Groups and Partner Violence: Exploring the Linkages Session 450: LC4
Disengaging From the Haredi Religious Community: A Case Study in Deviance Role Exit Session 301: DE3
Displacing the Other: An Examination of Israeli Judicial Domination Session 67: RE1
Distance Education Session 17: CJ1
Distinguishing Crack From Powder Cocaine Use Among Arrestees Session 220: DR8
Diversion of Cannabis Possession Offenders: Mandatory Repentance in Canadian Drug Policy Session 20: DR2
Diversionary Conferencing, Procedural Justice, and Young Offenders: An Analysis From the Rise Experiments Session 425: PO31
DNA Databanks: Biological Explanations Revisited DNA Session 295: BI4
Do as I Say, Not As Do: The Pedagogical Implications of Student Conceptualizations and Behaviors Concerning Law and Morality Session 413: CJ11
Do Citizens' Police Academies Fit the Community Policing Ideal Session 135: PO10
Do Different Instruments Affect Estimates?: Comparing the Incidence of Sexual Assault From Two National-Level Studies of College Women Session 348: VW9
Do Disadvantaged Neighborhoods Cause Well-Adjusted Children to Become Adolescent Delinquents?: A Study of Male Juvenile Serious Offending, Individual Risk and Protective Factors, and Neighborhood Context Session 384: CO8
Do Inmates Speak? Session 390: EF7
Do Large Jurisdictions Have Higher Crime Rates Than Small Jurisdictions? Developing an Indicator of Covariance Between Crime Rate and Population Session 73: SM1
Do Men and Women Commit Similar Offences?: Explaining Gender Disparities in Criminal Case Outcomes Session 216: CT3
Do Neighborhoods Matter?: The Interaction Between Neighborhood Context and the Age-Crime Curve Session 438: CO10
Do People Over- or Underestimate Their Personal Risk of Becoming a Victim of Crime? Session 109: VM3
Do Public Assistance and Family Structure Influence Delinquency? A Test Among Inner-City Puerto Rican Adolescents Session 284: SC1
Do Strong Communities Increase Homicide: An Evaluation of the Nisbett-Cohen Theory Session 158: HO7
Does All That Fancy Book Learnin' Matter? A Meta-analysis of the Impact of Correctional Officer Education and Training Requirements Session 271: CR13
Does Baltimore's Drug Court Reduce Recidivism? Initial Results From a Randomized Experiment Session 184: CT2
Does One Siz Fit All? Session 307: JJ11
Does the Punishment Fit the Crime or the Country? Session 521: DI6
Doing Federal Criminal Sentencing Research: Theoretical and Methodological Issues Session 259: SE1
Domestic Homicide and Domestic Violence: Exploring the Links Session 140: VP1
Domestic Justice: A New Model of Law and Social Policy Session 152: CT1
Domestic Violence Against Women: The Case of Greece Session 80: VW4
Domestic Violence Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Romantic Relationships: ubi caritas et amor? Session 512: VI12
Domestic Violence and Repeat Victimization: A New Policing Approach Session 140: VP1
Domestic Violence in a Southern City: A Five-Year Study Session 539: VW21
Domestic Violence in Brazil Session 378: VC3
Domestic Violence Legislation and the voices of Victims: A Multi-State Study Session 197: RP6
Domestic Violence Legislation: A National Survey Session 197: RP6
Domestic Violence Paradox: Arrest of "Battered" Women Session 80: VW4
Domestic Violence, Stalking and Versatility Session 269: CS9
The Dominoes Effect: Community Integration and Family Violence Session 338: MC2
Dreams Deferred: Aspirations of Incarcerated Youth Session 227: JJ6
Dreams, Guns and Gangs: The Interplay Between Adolescent Violence and Immigration in a New York City Neighborhood Session 338: MC2
Drug Courts: A Bridge Between Criminal Justice and Health Services Session 5: SP1
Drug Courts: Process and Policy Session 356: CT8
Drug Offenders and Police Resources Session 275: DR10
Drug Robbery, Deterrence, and Informal Social Control Session 401: QM1
Drug Trafficking and Prevention Measures in West Africa--A Social Discourse Session 55: DR4
Drug Treatment Courts: The Law as a Healing Agent Session 385: CT9
Drug Use, Drug Dealing and Serious and Violent Offending Session 163: PS2
Drug-Exposed Infant Cases in Juvenile Court: Predictors of Court Outcomes Session 470: DR15
Drug-Related Homicides Session 6: SP2
Drugs and Crime in the Caribbean Session 540: GL8
Drugs and Violence in an International Comparative Study: A Secondary Analysis of the International Self-Report Delinquency Data for the 'Youth in Europe' Project Session 292: YO11
Dual Substance Use and Spouse Abuse Session 407: VW13
Dual Systems of Incapacitation for Sexual Predators: Analyzing the Necessity of Civil Commitment Session 491: CR20
Dying Outside: Women, Drugs and Post-Release Mortality Session 407: VW13
Dynamics of Juvenile Shoplifting Session 455: QM3

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