The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter C

Paper Title Session ID
C.O.P.S. and Civilian Review Boards: A "Natural" Combination? Session 398: PO27
California's Experiment With Processes to Improve Juror Utilization Session 328: CT7
Californians Strike Back: Public Support for the Application of 'Three Strikes' in California Session 103: MP2
Calling the Police for Spouse Abuse: What do Victims Want the Police to Do? Session 289: VW7
Can a Feminist Support a Restorative Justice Approach to Battering? Session 79: VW3
Can Comprehensive Gun Control and Enforcement Keep Guns From Being Used in Crime? Session 502: GU17
Can Owning a Gun Really Triple the Owner's Chances of Being Murdered? Session 501: GU16
Can the Coping Relapse Model Enhance Successful Reintegration? An Exploratory Study Session 119: CR6
Canadian Children Under 12 Committing Offences: An Outreach Programme Session 203: VP3
The Canadian Firearm Heritage -- Demise by Legislative Design Session 250: GU8
The Canadian Firearms Reference: Are There Limits to Firearms Control? Session 250: GU8
Canadian Perspective on Theft of Confidential Information Session 412: CE1
The Canadian Police Approach to the Behavioural Sciences Session 22: EC1
Canadian Prison Education: For Whom the Bell Tolls Session 121: CJ7
Capital City Policing: Restructuring the Metropolitan Police of the District of Columbia Session 283: PO18
Capital Punishment in Huntsville, Texas: A Linguistic-Historical Approach to Examining Local Media Coverage of the Death Penalty Session 296: CA8
Capital Punishment in Poland: The Debate Continues Session 296: CA8
Capital Punishment in the United States 1973-1995: Characteristics and Legal Outcomes for Prisoners on Death Row Session 436: CA9
Career Histories of Women in Criminal Justice Session 210: SP10
Caribbean Women, Crime and Justice Session 540: GL8
The Case for Firearms Registration Session 526: GU18
A Case Study of Daytime Truancy Enforcement and Juvenile Crime Session 471: EC6
Catching Burglars in the Act Session 162: PO12
Causes and Consequences of Gang Affiliation Session 57: GA1
Causes of Delinquency II: A Full Replication Session 88: CS3
Changes in Attitudes About Crime and Punishment in the New German States (former GDR) Session 505: MP11
Changes in the Neighborhood Violence in New York City: Drug Markets, Peer Group Associations and Policing Session 537: VI13
Changing Attitudes of Women in Policing Session 229: PO15
The Changing Nature of State Crime in an Era of Globalization Session 154: CC5
Changing Patterns in the Use of Executive Clemency Session 181: CA4
Changing Policies Towards Violence Against Children: An Examination of the Implications of the Adoption and Safe Families Act Session 459: VC6
Changing the Future: The Introduction of a New Projection Model for Prisons in England and Wales Session 214: CR10
Changing Trends and Patterns in Homicide: Implications for the Development of Effective Violence Reduction Strategies Session 191: HO8
Chaotic Biography: A Postmodern Examination of Five Serial Killers Session 358: CC16
Chaotic Cellular Forecasting: Chaos Theory, Cellular Automata and Artificial Neural Networks Session 138: SM3
Characteristics and Service Needs of Women in CSAT's Criminal Justice Treatment Networks Session 123: DR6
Characterizing the Police Responses to Domestic Disputes Session 312: PO20
Cheers! A Social Constructionist Perspective on the Home Made and Beer Industry in Ontario Session 199: SL8
Child as Offender, Child as Adult: The Classification of Juveniles Waived to Criminal Court Session 395: JJ17
Child Neglect and Juvenile Delinquency: The Importance of Educational Opportunities in Deterring Criminal Outcomes Session 291: YO10
Child-Rearing, Self-Control, and Deviance: An Examination of Gottfredson and Hirschi's General Theory of Crime Session 45: CS1
Childhood Abuse, Drug Dealing, and Serious Violent Crime Involvement Among High Risk Adolescents in Residential Drug Treatment Session 377: VC2
Childhood Maltreatment and Subsequent Conduct Disorders: The Case of Female Street Prostitution Session 485: VC7
Childhood Predictors of Early Offending Session 290: YO9
Childhood Trauma and Crime Session 485: VC7
Childish Prisoners: Adolescents in Adult Jails Session 360: CC18
Children's Rights and Juvenile Justice Session 132: JJ3
Cigarette Smoking Policies in Corrections: Should Smoking Be Banned? Session 355: CR15
Cigarettes Session 236: OC4
Circumstances Surrounding Defensive Use of Guns in Crimes Measured by the National Crime Victimization Survey Session 502: GU17
Citizen Crime Prevention and Interest Decay in Urban Tanzania Session 517: CP6
Citizen Perceptions of Police Misconduct and Accountability: Race and Neighborhood Context Session 161: PO11
Citizen Response to a Community Policing Initiative: A Five Year Follow-Up Session 31: RP1
Civic Community and Juvenile Delinquency: A Study of the Regions of Italy Session 481: PS8
Civil Law Actions Which Redress the Sexual Abuse of Women in Correctional Institutions: Are They Better Legal Avenues Than Criminal Prosecution? Session 446: GC13
Clarence Norris: A Black Hobo's Survival Within a Racially Polarized Political Context Session 476: HM1
Class, Race/Ethnicity and Sexual Violence: Patterns of Villification Session 364: GC9
Classification of Criminal Offenders: Trials and Tribulations of the Data Collection Process Session 468: DM3
Classifying Female Inmates in the Federal Bureau of Prisons Session 515: CR21
The Cleansing Times Session 494: CC24
The Clubbing or Private Security: The Collective Efficacy Problem for Rich and Poor Session 517: CP6
The Clustering of Severe Behavioral, Health and Educational Deficits in Canadian Children: Preliminary Evidence From the National Longitudinal Survey of Children and Youth Session 342: PS4
Co-offending Youth Networks in Stockholm Session 170: YO5
Co-Producing Order: Are Positive Attitudes Toward the Police a Necessary or Sufficient Condition? Session 423: MP8
Coercion and Communities: Trends in the Patterns and Prevalence of Coercion in Baltimore Neighborhoods Session 242: CO3
Collaborative and Technical Arrangements Between Two Criminal Justice Programs Involed in Distance Learning Via Compressed Video Session 53: CJ5
Collaborative Coursework: Planning and Implementing a Criminal Justice Course With University Students and Youthful Offenders Session 153: CJ8
Collaborative Effort to Reduce Domestic Violence in a Southwestern City: an Assessment of the Current State of Court Processing, the Process of Inter-Agency Collaboration, and the Short-Term Effects of Police Officer Training Session 38: VW1
Collaborative Responses to Domestic Violence: Creating a System of Accountability Session 38: VW1
Collection and Management of Restitution in Large-Scale Cases Session 110: VM4
Collective Efficacy and Neighborhood Age-Crime Profiles Session 268: CO4
Collective Efficacy and Woman Abuse in Six Ottawa Public Housing Estates: Results From the Quality of Neighborhood Life Survey Session 405: VI8
Collective Efficacy, Alcohol and Drug Use: Results From a Study of a Disadvantaged Canadian Neighborhood Session 405: VI8
College Student Alcohol Use: A Social Learning Approach Session 44: AL3
Combined Expertise: Effective Utilization of Practitioners in Teaching Criminology/Criminal Justice Courses Session 17: CJ1
Comic Books and the Law: The Portrayal of the Law and Criminal Justice in American Comic Books Session 193: MP5
Commemoration and Contested Arenas: Rabin's Memorials Session 245: DE2
Commercial Passenger Vessel Casualties: Are Corporations Risking Lives for Profit or are the Casualties the Byproduct of a Hazardsous System? Session 204: WC5
Communicating (dis)order: Criminology as Communication Session 520: CC25
Communities and Violent Gang Incidents: An Application of Spatial Models Session 325: CO6
Community Alternatives to Juvenile Placement Session 503: JJ22
Community Based Intervention in Street Gang Recruitment: More Smoke and Mirrors? Session 222: GA6
Community Based Policing and Institutional Isomorphism: Examples From Toronto Session 452: PO33
Community Context and Delinquent Attitudes Session 268: CO4
Community Continuity and Change: Unraveling Social Structure, Racial Inequality and Crime Session 384: CO8
Community Corrections: New Mexico's Attempt at Minority At-Risk Youth Interventions Session 62: JJ1
Community Courts: The Hartford Experience Session 272: CT4
Community Involvement in Crime Prevention: An Argentine Experience Session 517: CP6
Community Perception of Casino Gambling's Effect on Crime in New Casino Jurisdictions Session 103: MP2
Community Policing Session 29: PO3
Community Policing and Citizen Participation Session 105: PO8
Community Policing and Community Problem-Solving: The Philadelphia Initiative Session 311: PO19
Community Policing and Policing by Objectives in Israel: Organizational Change or Organizational Changes? Session 479: PO36
Community Policing and Social Capital Session 452: PO33
Community Policing and Social Relations in Five Hollywood Neighborhoods Session 161: PO11
Community Policing and the Media: Examining the News Production: Process in a Community-Oriented Setting Session 454: PO35
Community Policing and the Quality of the Political Process Session 393: GL4
Community Policing in Finland--Building the Policing Networks Session 479: PO36
Community Policing in South Africa Session 393: GL4
Community Policing, Organizational Change and Useful Rhetoric: Levels of Acceptance and Preparedness of Chiefs and Agencies Session 65: PO6
Community Policing: An Evaluation of It's Key Assumption Session 135: PO10
Community Service in Place of Jail Session 131: IS2
Community Structure and Childhood Outcomes Among the Poor in Urban and Rural Areas Session 410: CO9
Community Violence Exposure and Aggression: Biosocial Interactions Session 37: VI3
"Community" as a Discursive Device for the Management of Youth Social Services Session 137: SL6
Community, Disorder and Contests of Place: An Examination of New York City's Midtown Community Court and Its Connection to the "Rediscovery" of Times Square Session 272: CT4
A Community-Based Assessment of the Calexico Housing Authority's Drug Elimination Program: Using Multiple Perspectives to find Sensible Solutions Session 48: CP2
A Community-Based Intervention for Homeless Crack-Using Women: Involving the African-American Church Community Session 5: SP1
Comparative Analysis at 6-Month Follow-Up of the Impact of a Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison Program Session 303: EF5
Comparative Analysis of Race, Ethnicity and Crime in the United States and United Kingdom Session 106: RE3
Comparative Assessment of the Effects of High-Rise Public Housing for Elderly and Mixed Populations on Crime, Fear of Crime, and Disorder as Related to Drug and Alcohol Use Session 48: CP2
Comparative Perspectives on Victim/Offender Mediation With Adult Offenders in Austria and Germany: Preliminary Results From an Empirical Research Project Session 100: IS1
Comparative Policing Systems Session 29: PO3
Comparative Trends in Juvenile Justice: An Israeli Perspective Session 159: JJ4
Comparing Drug Court Program Success: A Case Study in California Session 246: DR9
Comparing Stalking Victimization Using Legal and Victim Definitions: Findings From the National Violence Against Women Survey Session 76: VI4
Comparing the Attitudes of Judges and Jurors Toward Jury Reform Session 328: CT7
A Comparison of Buyback and Fatality-Related Guns Session 305: GU9
Comparison of Characteristics and Activities of Delinquent and Non-Delinquent Adolescent Victims of Crime Session 74: VM1
Comparison of Correctional Officers' Attitudes About Visitation Based on Job Assignment Session 271: CR13
A Comparison of Crime Trends in Chinese Societies and the U.S. Session 420: GL5
A Comparison of Group Counseling and Educational Interventions for Chronic Custody Litigators and Contemnors in Family Court Session 94: ER1
A Comparison of Juvenile Sexual Offender Treatment Programs in Correctional Settings Session 265: YO8
A Comparison of Police Officer and Police Applicant Opinions on Police Misconduct Session 372: PO25
A Comparison of Rural-Urban Differences in Adolescent Substance Use Session 438: CO10
A Comparison of SHR and Vital Statistics Homicide Estimates for U.S. Counties, 1980-1988 Session 76: VI4
A Comparison of the Spatial Patterning and Structural Predictors of Homicide and Suicide Session 431: VI10
Compassionate Corrections: The Impact of Ancient Wisdom Traditions on Correctional Peacemaking Session 329: CC14
Comprehensive Communities Program: Crossing Jurisdictional Boundaries Session 164: RP5
The Compstat Process: Evaluating One Police Agency's Efforts at Implementation Session 373: PO26
Compulsive Consumption of Crack Cocaine: Implications for Drug Markets and Law Enforcement Efforts Session 496: DR16
Computer Crime: Software Piracy Among College Students Session 169: WC4
The Concentration Effects of Youth Disengagement: The Link Between Social Isolation and Homicide Session 528: HO9
A Conflict Analysis of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations Session 112: WC2
Conflicting Models: The Inherent Dissonance Between Law En forcement and Military Training Within an Open Society Session 426: PO32
Confronting a Logical Problem in Control Balance Theory Session 118: CS4
Confronting High Technology Crimes: A Review of Current and Future Research Session 169: WC4
The Connection Between Gangs and Drugs: Drug-Related Analysis From the Gang Incident Tracking System Session 95: GA2
Conquering Violence Through Local Data Exchange in Colorado Springs Session 430: VI9
Consensual Sex and the Age of Consent Session 137: SL6
The Constitutionality of Juvenile Curfews: A Status Report Session 254: JJ8
Constructing 'Youth' in Bail Courts: Understanding Bail Decision-Making Session 192: JJ5
Constructing Crime in Terms of Race and Race in Terms of Crime: A Content Analysis of Televised News Session 160: MP4
Constructing Juvenile Delinquency -- Creating Civil Society, Israel 1948-1973 Session 361: DE5
Constructing Law in Early Canada: Vigilanteeism, Discrimination and Authority Session 34: SL3
Constructing the Sexual Sterilization Act in alberta: Tactics, Activities, and Ploys of Key Players Session 231: SL9
The Construction of Crime and Victimization by Victims' Rights Groups: A Qualitative Analysis Session 287: VM7
Construction of the Child Support Problem: An Examination of the Development and Implementation of the Federal Child Support Guidelines Session 392: GC10
Consuming/Purchasing Behaviors in Distressed Households : Report From the Field Session 496: DR16
Contact and Contentment: Comparing Attitudes Toward Victim Services and Victim-Provider Contact in Two Rural Sites Session 167: VM6
Containing Contradictions: The Development of Prison Drugs Policy in England 1980-1998 Session 20: DR2
Context and Crime: Modeling the Rural Environment Session 410: CO9
A Contextual Analysis of Delinquency Theories: Elaborating the Community Connection Session 438: CO10
Contextual Determinants of Female Prison Misconduct Session 445: GC12
Contextual Influences on Childhood Aggression in Canada Session 481: PS8
The Continuing Mismeasure of Man: The "Race Bias" Controversey in Hair Testing Session 19: DR1
Continuities and Discontinuities in Intimate Violence: Gender Differences in the Rules of Engagement Session 233: VW5
Contrasting Visions?: Types of Ambiguity in Penal Discourse Session 32: SL1
Control Balance: A Test of Key Hypotheses Session 251: IC2
Control Theory: Can It Explain Female Participation in Delinquency? Session 182: CS7
The Conversion of Juvenile Delinquents to Adult Criminals: Four Studies of Juvenile Transfers to Criminal Court in the 1990s Session 369: JJ16
Convict Criminology and the Mentally Ill: Prisoners of Confinement Session 219: CC8
Convicting Innocent People Does Not Prevent Crime: The Guy Paul Morin Inquiry Session 10: CA1
Cooperative Styles of Supervision and Monitoring as Protective Factors Against Delinquency and Victimization of Children in Inner-City Neighborhoods Session 242: CO3
Coping in a Gendered World: Men, Masculinities and Male Child Sexual Abuse Session 5: SP1
Corporate Criminality: Analyzing Recidivism, Multiple Offending, and the Effectiveness Fines Session 218: CC7
Corporate Deviance, Decisions and Gender Differences Session 204: WC5
Correcting Household Survey Responses of Age of First Use of Alcohol for Inaccurate Recall and Sample Selection Bias Session 9: AL1
The Correctional Continuum of Care for Elders: Prisons Versus Community-Based Alternatives Session 198: RP7
Correctional Facility Architectural Design: History, Current Trends, and Future Directions Session 13: CR1
Correctional Practice in Prisons and Jails: Best Practices, Performance-based Standards, and Expected Results Session 490: CR19
Correlates of Citizens Complaints Session 400: PO29
Correlates of Eating Disorders: A Test of Gottfredson and Hirschi's Self-Control Theory Session 524: GC16
Correlates of Inmate Crime: A Hierarchical Linear Model Session 215: CR11
Corruption Pitfalls and Managerial Discretion: A Case Study of the New York City Public School Custodial System Session 234: WC6
Corruption, Bureaucracy and Organized Crime: Federal Law Enforcement and Chinese Smuggling Syndicates in and Around San Diego, 1897-1901 Session 194: OC1
A Costly Mistake: Inadequate Police Background Investigations Session 453: PO34
County Correctional Officers' Perception of Private Prisons: The Case of the Private Prison in Youngstown Session 271: CR13
Court-Appointed Attorneys for Federal Criminal Defendants Session 314: SE2
Cracking Down on Violent Youth: Political, Discourse and the Perceived Crisis in Canadian Youth Crime in the 1990s Session 192: JJ5
Creation of a Neighborhood-Based Government in Salt Lake City Session 164: RP5
Credit Markets Session 266: OC6
Crime Analysis: Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources Requirements of Crime Analysts in Florida Session 373: PO26
Crime and Community, Who is Who? And What is What? Session 268: CO4
Crime and Economic Incentives Session 443: DI3
Crime and Its Social Context: A Micro-Environmental Analysis of Murder Session 191: HO8
Crime and Psychopathy: Implications for Correctional Treatment in Europe Session 474: GL6
Crime and Punishment in Russia and the United States: 1991-1996 Session 420: GL5
Crime and Social Change: The Case of the Republic of Ireland Session 24: GL1
Crime and the Perception of Social Stress and Solidarity: The Role of Education Session 315: SA2
Crime as a Rational Career Choice Session 206: OC2
Crime Control vs. Community Policing: False Choices in Two Countries Session 507: PO39
Crime Hot Spot Forecasting: Modeling and Comparative Evaluation Session 108: SM2
Crime in Cyberspace: Typologies, Control, and Prevention Session 463: SP20
Crime in Neighborhood Cultures Session 416: DE6
Crime is Part of the Problem: The Effects of Property Crime Rates on Lethal Violence Session 130: HO6
Crime Niches and Criminal Foraging in Patchy Environments: Anthropological Models in Crime Pattern Analysis Session 523: EC8
The Crime of the Century? An Integrative Criminological Framework for Understanding the Holocaust Session 225: IC1
Crime of the Powerful in Victimological Perspective: A Reconsideration of Existing Concepts Session 287: VM7
Crime Patterns and Impacts of Economic Reform in China Session 365: GL3
Crime Potentials, Hazards, and Risks at Every Point on the Map Session 277: EC2
Crime Prevention for Senior Citizens: A Local Program Based on a National Model Session 493: CP5
Crime Prevention Strategies in East Africa Session 49: CP3
Crime Rates and Local Labor Market Opportunities in the United States: 1979-1995 Session 443: DI3
Crime Scene Analysis and Offender Profiling Techniques of Sexual Homicide Crimes: The Australian National Study Session 99: HO5
Crime Treatment in Europe: The 80's and 90's and Future Perspectives Session 474: GL6
Crime Trends in Post-Socialist Countries: Exploring the Economic Correlates of Crime in Select Transitional Countries Session 466: CE3
Crime Victimization in Pennsylvania: Results of a Statewide Telephone Survey Session 109: VM3
Crime Waves as Constraint and Opportunity: Political Leadership, Law-making, and the Summer of Violence Session 165: SL7
Crime, Capitalism and the Risk Society: Towards the Same Olde Modernity Session 300: CC13
Crime, Control, and Cultural Space Session 414: CC21
Crime, Justice, and the Media in 1999 Session 397: MP7
Crime, Politics, and Entrepreneurialism: An Inside Look at Networks of Collusion Session 264: WC7
Crime, Punishment and Globalization: How the New Social Structure of Accumulation is Shaping American Justice Session 365: GL3
Crime, Punishment, and Global Solidarity: An Extension of Durkheim's Theory of Moral Development Session 335: GL2
The Crime-Control Effect of Incarceration: Reconsidering the Evidence Session 92: DI1
Crimes Motivated by Acts of Hate Targeting Selected Victim characteristics: An Analysis of the Criminal Events, the Offenders, and the Victims in the Federal Republic of Germany Session 404: TM5
Crimes of War; Wars on Crime Session 122: CC4
Criminal Activity Among women Mandated to Drug Treatment: A Before and After Comparison Session 470: DR15
Criminal Deterrence and Sentence Severity: An Analysis of Recent Research Session 534: RC2
Criminal History and Assault of Dating Partners by Male and Female Students Session 36: VI2
Criminal Justice and the Globalization of Crime Session 540: GL8
Criminal Justice Curriculum and Student Careers: Interpretations From an Alumni Survey Session 53: CJ5
Criminal Justice Education: Using Technology to Achieve Diversity Session 185: CJ9
Criminal Justice Policy as Social Oppression: The Prosecution of Pregnant Substance Abusers Session 231: SL9
Criminal Justice Research and the World Wide Web Session 468: DM3
Criminal Justice Response to Firearms Use in Domestic Violence Cases: The Winnipeg Family Violence Court Session 421: GU13
Criminal Justice Theory Session 134: PO9
The Criminal Label as Political Instrument: Two Cases From Ontario Session 535: RP11
The Criminal Processing of Child Sexual Abuse Cases Session 459: VC6
Criminality and the Dark Figure in Rural Communities Session 11: CO1
The Criminalization of Homelessness: A Case Study of Arrests in Montreal Session 256: PO16
Criminalization of Street Youth in Montreal Session 350: YO13
The Criminalization of U.S. Immigration Policy Session 309: MC1
Criminalizing Political Resistance: Women Political Prisoners in the United States Session 419: GC11
The Criminogenic Nature of Corporate Capitalism Session 387: CC20
Criminology, Indigenousness and Maori in Aotearoa/New Zealand Session 67: RE1
The Criminology/Criminal Justice Internship Session 17: CJ1
The Crisis of Law and Order in Mexico: A Failure of Society to Influence Social Policy? Session 260: SL10
Critical Approaches to the Study of Crime: The Limits of Legislation and the Poverty of Public Policy Session 359: CC17
Critical Criminology and Social Justice in the New Millennium: Reflections on Postmodernism, Semiotics and Deconstructionism Session 18: CC1
Critical Race Theory and Black Female Criminality: Shifting Sands of Control Session 68: RE2
Critical Race Theory, Positivism, and Criminology: Prospects for a Rational Analysis of Racism Session 509: RE5
A Critical Realist Perspective on Crime Rates Session 442: DM2
Cross-Border Crime and Legal Jurisdiction in Post-Colonial Hong Kong Session 525: GL7
Cross-Cultural Dialogue Among Police Practitioners and Researchers and Between Police and Other Disciplines Session 27: PO1
Cross-Functional Problem-Solving in the Columbus Division of Police Session 30: PO4
A Cross-National Comparison of Drug Possession and Drug Trafficking Offenses at Different Stages of the Criminal Justice System, 1990-1994 Session 275: DR10
Cross-National Public Confidence in Police: Comparisons Across Legal Systems, Police Structures and Due Process Rights Session 400: PO29
Crossing the Barriers to Interagency Cooperation Session 164: RP5
CSAT's Juvenile Justice Treatment Network Demonstration Projects: The Impact of Intake Processes on Treatment Provision Session 522: DR17
Cults, Violence, and the Year 2000 Session 301: DE3
Cultural Codes and Violence: Towards an Understanding of the Kanun in the Lives of Albanian American Youth Session 142: YO4
Cultural Evolution and the Criminal Justice System Session 251: IC2
The Culture of Firearms Among Prisoners Session 447: GU14
Culture of Individualism and Violence: Extreme Modernization or Re-Traditionalization of Society? Session 158: HO7
Culture, Institutions, and Criminal Punishment: Lessons From International Comparison Session 536: SL12
Cumulative Continuity and Injection Drug Use Among Women: A Test of the Downward Spiral Session 56: DR5
Cumulative Effects of the Differential Treatment of Minorities -- Chicago's Evidence Session 101: JJ2
A CURB to Domestic Violence: Co-Producing Safety With the Police by Use of Community Informal Social Control Mechanisms Session 162: PO12
Current World Issues of Women in Criminal Justice Session 146: SP8
CyberTerror Session 488: SP22

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