The 1999 American Society of Criminology Conference
Tuesday, November 16, to Saturday, November 20

Paper Index for the Letter B

Paper Title Session ID
Bad Cops or Normal Accidents? An Organizational Theory Perspective on the Use of Inappropriate Deadly Force by Police Officers Session 480: PO37
Bad Kids: Race and the Transformation of the Juvenile Court (Oxford University Press, 1999) Session 211: SP11
Bad Workers or Lousy Jobs? A Conceptual Model of Workplace Deviance Session 483: SI5
Bail Agents: Adversaries or Allies of the Police? Session 532: PO41
Bait on the Network: Intrusion Detection/Deterrence and the Role of Situational Crime Prevention Session 92: DI1
Balancing Efficiency and Equity: Economics and Insider Trading Session 440: CE2
Bank Fraud or EEC Fraud Session 266: OC6
The Bar Crawl: Patron Ability to Gauge Their Own Intoxication Level, and Ability to Drive Session 44: AL3
Barriers and Obstacles to Implementing a Model Program of Nurse Home Visition: Preliminary Findings From Two Sites Session 16: CP1
The "Battered Woman" of Legal Discourse: Recognizing and Responding to Difference? Session 461: VW18
The Battered Women's Perception of the Characteristic of Her Encounter With the Police Session 289: VW7
Batterers Behind Doors: Evaluation of an In-Custody Program for Domestic Violence Offenders Session 472: ER6
Being in the Sisterhood With No Sisters Session 419: GC11
Best Practices in Juvenile Justice Education: A Review of Literature Session 90: CJ6
Better Evidence? Learning From Systematic Reviews of Randomized Experiments Session 238: SP13
Betweem Solidarity and Retaliation: Tentative Responses to Urban Violence in France Session 537: VI13
Between a ROC and a Hard Place: Reexaming the Use of ROC Analysis Within a Two-Threshold Decision Framework Session 201: SM5
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Women, Poverty, and the War on Drugs Session 376: SE5
Beyond "What Works": Opening the "Black Box" in Research on Offender Rehabilitation Session 510: SI6
Beyond Community Policing Session 359: CC17
Beyond Delinquency: Print Media Representations of the "New Breed" of Transgressing Adolescent Session 133: MP3
Beyond Grace: Criminal Lunatic Women in Victorian Canada Session 473: GC14
Beyond Law Enforcement: Peacekeeping and Community Policing Session 134: PO9
Beyond Punishment: Perpetuating Difference From the Prison Experience Session 219: CC8
Beyond the Voice of Reason Session 224: GU7
Birds of a Feather?: Criminal Versatility and Lifestyles Choices of Dating Violence and Gang Offenders Session 269: CS9
Black Eyes All of the Time: Intimate Violence, Aboriginal Women and the Justice System Session 461: VW18
Black Widows and Angels of Death: Women as Multiple Murderers Session 99: HO5
Blended Sentencing in Juvenile Court Session 396: JJ18
Body Count Criminology and Gun Control: Challenging a Current Trend in the Debate Session 97: GU3
Boot Camp Evaluation -- Findings From Self-Report Data Session 472: ER6
Born-Again? The Meaning and Significance of Religious Rebirth in Prison Session 411: CR16
Boys, Brats and Billies: Gender Violence in the Workplace Session 364: GC9
Brave New Communities: On the Production of Identities and Communities in Criminal Justice and Penology Session 34: SL3
Breaking Stereotypes: Collective Action of Men to End Violence Session 304: GC8
Breaking the Cycle: Treatment Needs of Drug-Involved Felony Defendants in Three Cities Session 389: DR14
Bridging the Great Divide: Masculinity, Violence and the Male Sex Buyer Session 460: VW17
Bringing About Change in Judicial Practice in Domestic Violence Cases: Combat in the Trenches Session 385: CT9
Bringing Interests Back In: A Feminist Analysis of Correctional (Re)Form Session 156: GC3
Building Strong Relationships With High Risk Youth: Observations of the Colorado Intensive Aftercare Project Session 82: YO2
Bullies and Victims: The Effects of Childhood Exposure to Family Violence on Adolescent Behavior Session 508: PS9
Bullying, Threatening and Intimidation in Schools: Indepth Interviews With Victims and Offenders Session 75: VM2
Business Cycle Effects on Remand and Sentenced Inmate Populations Session 536: SL12
The Business of Public Policing: The Impact and Implications of Market Theories and Practices on Public Policing Session 531: PO40
By Fair Means or Foul: Organized Criminal Enterprise and the Human Condition Session 228: OC3

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