Session 123: DR6 -> Criminal Justice Treatment Networks for Substance-Abusing Female Offenders
Time: 2:50PM to 4:20 PM on Wednesday, November 17
Place: Ballroom B
Session Chair: Nicholas Demos, Systems Development & Integrations Branch
Responding to Drug-Abusing Female Offenders: Early Results of the Women's Network in Maricopa County, Arizona
by: Marie L. Griffin, Arizona State University West (Corresponding)
Trisha Sullivan, Arizona State University West
The San Francisco Criminal Justice NETWORK for Women: Preliminary Results
by: Monica Chan, University of California, San Franciso (Corresponding)
Joseph Guydish, University of California, San Francisco
Claudia Ponath, University of California, San Francisco
Erin Weltzien, University of California, San Francisco
Preliminary Findings on Criminal Justice Systems Impact From the Brooklyn Treatment Court's Women's Criminal Justice/Treatment Network
by: John Roman, The Urban Institute (Corresponding)
Adele V. Harrell, The Urban Institute
Characteristics and Service Needs of Women in CSAT's Criminal Justice Treatment Networks
by: Wendy A. Townsend, Caliber Associates (Corresponding)
Ken Burgdorf, Caliber Associates
Susan M. Jenkins, Caliber Associates
James M. Herrell, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
Getting Women Into Treatment in Philadelphia's Criminal Justice Treatment Network: Analysis of Implementation and Preliminary Impact
by: John S. Goldkamp, Temple University
Doris Weiland, Crime and Justice Research Institute (Corresponding)
Mark W. Collins, Crime and Justice Research Institute
James M. Moore, Crime and Justice Research Institute

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Updated 05/20/2006