Session 495: DI5 -> Sentencing Decisions
Time: 9:40AM to 11:10 AM on Saturday, November 20
Place: Ballroom A
Session Chair: Anne M. Piehl, Harvard University
Federal Sentencing Guidelines and Mandatory Minimum Sentences: Do Defendants Bargain in the Shadow of the Judge?
by: Chantale LaCasse, University of Alberta
Abigail Payne, University of Illinois (Corresponding)
The Impact of Information on Sentencing Outcomes
by: Shawn D. Bushway, University of Maryland - College Park (Corresponding)
Anne M. Piehl, Harvard University
Racial, Ethnic and Gender Disparities in Sentencing: Evidence From the U.S. Federal Courts
by: David Mustard, University of Georgia (Corresponding)
Jeffrey Grogger, University of California - Los Angeles

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Updated 05/20/2006