Session 386: CC19 -> 'Petit Apartheid' and Criminal Justice: Part I (Co-Sponsored by Division on People of Color and Crime and Division on Critical Criminology)
Time: 1:10PM to 2:40 PM on Friday, November 19
Place: Alberta
Session Chair: Katheryn K. Russell, University of Maryland - College Park
Race and American Drug Wars
by: Jeanette Covington, Rutgers University (Corresponding)
On the Horns of a Dilemma: Social Class Divisions and High Rates of Criminal Victimization Among African Americans
by: Darnell F. Hawkins, University of Illinois - Chicago (Corresponding)
'Petit Apartheid': An Exploratory Study of Post-Garner Police Behavior
by: Helen Taylor Greene, Old Dominion University (Corresponding)
'Petit Apartheid': The Reality of the Africa American Experience
by: Jackie Campbell, Northeastern Illinois University (Corresponding)
Bernard Headley, Northeastern Illinois University

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Updated 05/20/2006