Session 273: CC10 -> Resist Much, Obey Little: Countering Environmental Degradation in These Heady Days of Globalization
Time: 2:50PM to 4:20 PM on Thursday, November 18
Place: Prince Edward Island
Session Chair: Gregory J. Howard, Western Michigan University
Environmental Resistance and the Legal System
by: Gregory M. Fulkerson, Western Michigan University (Corresponding)
Gregory J. Howard, Western Michigan University
Resistance and Response: Eco-Vandalism as Terrorism and as Fun
by: David E. Gamble, Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Corresponding)
Nanci Koser Wilson, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Private Property and the Commons: Environmental Resistance and the Preservation of Indigenous Lifestyles
by: Mark Seis, Fort Lewis College (Corresponding)
Martin Gottschalk, University at Albany

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Updated 05/20/2006